Cousin’s Christmas – Gay Bator Story

This gay bator story is purely fantasy. Any resemblance to my real cousin is purely coincidental… I promise… “A voucher to…?” Todd asked as he opened his card, doing his best to seem excited and thankful “That camping place you like,” I replied quickly. “Oh. Great. Thanks cuz,” Todd shook my hand, his smile doing little to hide his disappointment.  I pulled him in close for a hug, close enough to say quietly in his ear, “There’s more. Just can’t let Grandma see.” I patted Todd’s back and took my seat again in the circle around the lounge room. The …

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Best Friend In A New Light – Gay First Time Story

Title Image for Best Friend in a New light

Here’s a gay erotic first time short story that’s soon going to become a part of the novel I’m working on. I hope you enjoy this. If you’re keen to know when the novel is coming, make sure you sign up to my newsletter for all of the updates. Patrick and Tom sat next to each other on the couch, a beer in their hands. They had spent a lazy day in Patrick’s bungalow behind his parents’ house. This was the first beer of the day after slowly recovering from their outing the night before. The boys had both turned …

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My Toys 1 – The Fleshlight

I was probably in my mid-20s before I got my first one. Shocking I know! But for so long I loved my hand. It was quick and easy and really really portable. But then one day, as a treat, my partner came home and surprised me with a Fleshlight Ice.

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Gay Erotica Review – Cole Got Cucked Hard by Jack Hornwood

jack hornwood

I’ve never really been into the cuck kink. I’m not sure why. The power division never really sat well with me. But in reading Jack Hornwood’s first novella Cole Got Cucked Hard, I definitely gained a better understanding of what goes on in the cuck world. 

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Strangers on a Train – Gay Erotic Fiction

gay erotica

Strangers on a Train – Gay Erotic Fiction This is an erotic fiction story inspired by a DM from a fan. Part of Harrison’s morning routine was a secret scroll through his ‘naughty’ Twitter feed as he walked to the train station. That’s where he discovered a new podcast recommendation.  Podcasts had become his go-to content for drowning out the crowds on the morning train to work. The train ride was an hour long and the more Harrison had to distract him from the carriage full of random bodies the better.  The title of the podcast immediately caught Harrison’s attention. …

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Your First Cruise

This isn’t the first time you’ve been to this park. But it’s the first time you’ve visited since learning about what goes on behind the line of tin sheets that used to be a fence. This is step one. Well, step two really. Maybe step three. It’s come after searching up the definition of ‘cruising’ which came after the moment when your feed tipped from being mostly big-breasted women to featuring more well hung men.

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