Bator At The Sauna – gay bator erotica

This gay bator erotica story was inspired by a post in the Proud Bators Discord Server.

A bator heads to a gay sauna with little expectations, just looking for a safe space to release a much-needed load. His afternoon goes much better than expected.

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What Is Edging?

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash Edging is a pretty common term in the bator community. Actually, there are plenty of people outside the bator community who have heard of the term or might use it. We’ve talked about in on plenty of episodes of the podcast but in this article I’ll take a bit of a deeper dive into it. What it is, the reasons people do it and the benefits of it. I’ll also throw in a couple of tips towards the end.  What Is Edging? For those that don’t know, in this context edging means going to …

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I Saw My Gym Buddy’s Dick – Bator Fiction Story

gym showers

Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through my twitter feed. Yes, that kind of twitter feed and something will spark a story idea. In this little video a guy is sitting on a bench in a change room when his gym buddy drops his short. The piece of meat the flops it out is substantial and the guy sitting can’t help but hide how impressed he is. Here’s the bator fiction story that came from that little spark. Listen along while you read, or use the links to subscribe to the podcast on your favourite platform. “It’s alright, man. I’m used to …

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My Toys 1 – The Fleshlight

I was probably in my mid-20s before I got my first one. Shocking I know! But for so long I loved my hand. It was quick and easy and really really portable. But then one day, as a treat, my partner came home and surprised me with a Fleshlight Ice.

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