Unexpected Sub Night – gay dom erotica

This is a gay dom erotica story that when I started it was meant to be gay erotica set in public, based on a true travel experience I had. The story didn’t go that way.

I always hit up Grindr as soon as I get to a new city. And this week is my first trip travelling solo so there’s even more excitement when I open the app. Most people, including my parents, think I’ve headed north to visit a friend. And I have. What they don’t know is that my friend is working all weekend and I won’t see him until Monday. It’s a Friday afternoon and I’ve just checked into my accommodation. So I’ve opened Grindr. You never know. There might be someone just as horny as me staying in this hotel.

If not, there’s a gay bar a couple of blocks away so that will be a good start to the weekend.

Before I can fully unpack my bag, the phone pings. I pick it up and sit on the bed. There are three messages already. That either means three guys interested or one guy who’s sent three dick pics. At this point, considering I’m taking myself on a dirty birthday weekend, I’m happy to accept either as a conversation starter.

Opening the app it’s clear that it’s the latter. “X sent three pictures” is the notification and I click on it. The pictures load and I see a guy held to a small bed by leather straps around his wrists and ankles, tied to the bed posts. His hole is exposed and the picture was clearly taken after a long and intense session. The second shows that same hole full of thick cock. It’s clear this guy can take a dick. The picture also shows a leather jock strap type setup, limiting access to this bottom’s cock. The third picture shows the same bed, this time he’s strapped to the bed, the leather straps across his back, shoulders and legs, holding him face down on the mattress. While the image starts to stir something in my cock, I’m thinking it’s a little early in the night for such an intense kink session.

Hey sir. Door open. Anon loads accepted. Here all day.

My dick twitches in response and although the pics didn’t grab me at first I’m finding myself more and more turned on.

I check the profile. There isn’t much information. It says he’s 33, slim body, neg and on PrEP. That’s a few boxes ticked. And matched my negative, PrEP-ed status as well.

Another pic comes through.

Dude. I just loaded this guy. He’s up to 10 for the day. He asked me to send this pic.

Interesting that this guy has handed his phone over to an anonymous top. The new pic shows the bottom lying on his back with his wrists and ankles strapped together above his body. His hole is presented at the end of the bed with one of the large leather straps across his chest holding down. My first thought is that his legs must be tired but there’s a satisfied look on his face that I can see even in the low lighting of the bedroom. Another pic comes through that’s closer. It shows the tally marks across his chest. It’s up to 10 already. There’s also clearly some cum across his face, marking that satisfied look. And two tally marks on his forehead above the leather blindfold across his eyes.

This guy’s had a big day.

I’ve been left in charge of finding him as many loads as I can for the day. Two of those are already mine. Accepting all ages, all cocks, all loads. Want the room number?

The last part of that message causes me to look at the pics again. I thought there was something familiar about them at first and then I realised. The bedspread matches the bed that I’m sitting on right now. The wallpaper is the same drab attempt at floral beauty that I can see across from me. I’m momentarily distracted as I realise I’ve booked myself into a hotel that probably hasn’t been updated since the 80s.

I pick up my phone to reply. I send one of my saved dick pics, the one that looks the biggest and the thickest, and ask for the room number and a time.

The reply comes quickly. He’s gaped and ready now. Room 915.

It’s on the same level as the pool and gym, which is clever. It means anyone in the hotel can access that level. My dick twitches in response to the impending meeting and I jump up off the bed. I quickly duck into the bathroom for a piss and to check the cleanliness of my cock. Though I don’t think he’ll be checking that.

I send back a message saying I’m on my way and grab my phone and room key and head out. This dirty weekend seems to be off to a good start. I haven’t even unpacked my bag and I’m headed for my first anon, leather, dom experience.

There’s butterflies in my stomach and precum in my briefs as I get into the elevator and hit the number 9. I’ve dominated guys before. I’ve cuffed guys before. I fucked anonymous holes in dark rooms before. But this is something different. A gaped hole is waiting for me. Held in place by some heavy leather. It’s only purpose to be filled by my cock and my seed.

The more I think about it the more rigid I become. The more precum leaks into my briefs. Fuck I hope no one gets on this elevator between now and the room. I don’t think I can hide the state of my cock tenting my chinos. I can’t stop myself from giving it a little rub.

The elevator dings and I look at the numbers. Thank God it’s 9. No stranger is going to get on and see me in my current state. But the doors open and a man is standing there waiting. He smiles at me and quickly looks me up and down. His smile widens as it gets to my crotch.

“Number 12 eh?” He asks, winking.

I can’t help but smile in return. “That obvious?”

“You’ll have a great time. It’s the room at the end of the hall.”

We pass through the doors and I get a whiff of lube, cum and poppers from him as he passes. My dick twitches again, straining at the fabric. I need to get into this room and into this guy.

I walk quickly up the hall. Following the numbers to 915. I find it at the end, as suggested, and stand in front of it for a moment. I hear quiet voices on the other side of the door. I take a deep breath and turn the handle. The door opens and the smell of sex hits me.

The voices go quiet as I enter and I hear someone move across the room. There’s a short hallway. A sign on the wall offers instructions.

  • Wear what you want.
  • Use what you want where you want.
  • Finish where and when you want.
  • Have a drink and stay to watch the next guy or stay for round two.

I walk down the short hallway and turn to see the body on the bed. He is in a different position to the last picture. There are leather straps around his thin wrists, connected by chains to hooks on the wall above the bed. I wonder if the hotel owner knows about those hooks. They aren’t in my room. There is a leather hood over his face now, which I hope has an opening for his mouth, though he’s facing away from me and I can’t see at the moment. Those chains hold his slim, smooth torso up but he’s on his knees on the bed. A bar holds his ankles apart, spreading his legs and his cheeks open. His legs look stronger than his upper body, and his hamstrings are tight, leading my eyes up to his sloppy, open hole that is now pointing directly towards me as I walk further into the room.

The image takes so much of my attention that it takes me a second to notice the clothing rack and the small table beside the bed. The rack is full of leather accessories, there’s a couple of harnesses, a jock strap, a collar with a leash, and a couple of masks. The table has accessories as well. A crop, a short whip, a thing I think they call the cat o’ nine tales and a few dildos and dongs of various shapes and sizes.

I look further around the room and see the owner of the second voice I heard through the door. A man sits in a chair in the corner. He’s wearing only a leather vest and leather boots. He’s more heavy-set than the bottom, slightly heavier than myself and certainly hairier than both of us. His thick cock rests between his thighs, amongst his thick dark bush of pubic hair. I can tell straight away that it’s a dick that’s been satisfied by this guy already. Probably the guy who was sending me the messages. He has a beer in his hand and smiles at me as I appraise him. Neither of us says a word, it doesn’t feel like a time or setting for conversation.

My brain finally processes all of this information, the set-up of the sub, the accessories, the bear voyeur, and I finally settle into the situation. I begin to remove my clothes. The sign said to wear what you want and I want to wear nothing. I strip completely naked, feeling the viewer’s eyes on me as I do. My briefs are last to come off and as my six-inch dick slaps up against my belly I gasp at the feeling of release. I turn slightly to make sure this third man gets a better view. Suddenly I want to impress him as much as I want to use the holes I came here for.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him smile and I turn to give him a better view. We make eye contact again and he points at the video camera on a tripod and raises his eyebrows questioningly. I consider it for a moment and nod my head.

“No face,” I say quietly as he stands and moves the tripod. He positions it to the side of the bed, angled to point down at the sub’s hole. I know that will be a great angle.

I step towards the bed. Looking down at my dick I see the head glistening with precum, still half covered by my foreskin. I move up onto the mattress, moving closer to the waiting hole. I consider for a moment that I should try some foreplay. Get this guy to suck my cock for a bit, work myself up to things. But as I kneel behind him, his cheeks spread and the tally marks on his back becoming more obvious, I realise that 11 guys before me have done the foreplay. And I badly need to start my weekend with a nice hard breeding.

I move my legs over the bar that holds his ankles apart, placing my knees between his calves. I slide my feet back underneath the bar, assuming the position behind him.

I push my head against the hole, intending to tease it slightly, but it’s so open that I slide right inside. There’s no resistance as my entire length penetrates him but I still feel his hole grip me as I push forward. A moan escapes my lips as his warmth and wetness envelop me. A muffled moan comes from the sub as well, indicating that the hood over his head is not designed for oral use.

That confirms my decision that my time here is best spent breeding this easy hole I’m now fully inside of. I place my hands on the small of his back, ensuring the proper bottom receiving arch as I begin to fuck him slowly. He responds instantly, arching his back and working for the optimal angle of penetration. The voyeur shifts in his seat, creating the best angle for his own viewing.

I shift one hand into the crevice between his leg and his hip, holding tight to keep him in position as I pick up the pace on his hole. The sensations quickly overtake me and I start to fuck him hard and fast. He grunts a little with each penetration and my moans increase in volume as he works his skilled hole to tighten around my cock.

The bed starts to rock as I fuck him hard, sliding my entire length in and out of him with every thrust. The grunting noises from the bottom increase in volume as I begin to slam my body against his. They match the increase of the sounds of our skin slapping together as my hips ram against his ass. His body tenses for a moment but I don’t stop. I can’t stop now. This hole is here for me and I’m going to use it.

I lift my hand off his back and slap his ass, the sharp sound fills the room and is followed by a gasp from the man knelt in front of me. I spank him again, his body tenses causing his hole to tighten around me. The tighter grip sends a quick shock of pleasure through my body. So I give one more hit, harder this time. He grunts and attempts to cry out through his mask but the feeling of his ass gripping mine is all I care about right now.

I place both hands on his hips , driving his ass back onto my cock as much as I drive my cock inside him. I am consumed now, not only by the pleasure of this sub’s warm wet hole but the power. This hole was here for me. For my use. I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anyone as hard as I am slamming my cock into this guy right now. And he’s taking it. He has to take it. Every inch, every thrust, every slap.

I hit his ass again and he lets out a long, drawn-out moan this time. But the response from his hole is the same. The tightness is what will send me over the edge.

“Grab my dick,” I say, surprised by the authority in my tone.

His hole immediately tightens, but I don’t change my pace. I slam my cock deep and hard.

“Good boy.” I run a hand down his back. He responds with a soft moan and a tighter grip.

My balls begin to stir. I know I’m getting close. I wonder whether or not I should warn him but the thought only lasts a second. This man is here for cum. Here to take loads. I’m going to be number 12.

I move a hand up to his shoulder, holding him still as I drive deep into him.

“Grip it,” I grunt again and he immediately follows my order.

The tightness slides my foreskin back fully with my next thrust and my bare head slides deep inside him. The sensation sends a surge of pleasure through my body and my body tenses in response. This is it.

“You’re getting bred boy,” I say as I slam my cock in deep one more time.

My balls rise and my legs tense. The grip I have on his body becomes tighter and my cock pulses. I grunt, low and deep as my cum shoots hard and fast from my cock. I feel the warmth and the wetness around my head, deep inside this already-filled hole.

As my orgasm continues, my balls emptying quickly, I resume my thrusting, using his hole to roll my foreskin over my head as the pleasure of my climax forces more moans and grunts from my lips.

The last of my cum oozes out of me as I finally slow my thrusting. It isn’t until I slowly withdraw my dick from the depths of his hole that I realise the voyeur was standing beside me, watching over my shoulder as I fired my load.

“Nice,” he says quietly as he switches off the camera. I feel a light pat on my shoulder and I fall onto my haunches, panting and spent.

I watch as some of my cum starts to ooze from the open hole in front of me. If it didn’t look gaped before it certainly does now. I reach over to the table and pick up the butt plug I noticed earlier. I slide it quickly inside of him.

“Keep it boy,” I say, patting his ass lightly.

I slide my feet from beneath the bar and move down off the bed. I stretch my legs and let out a deep breath.

“Beer?” The gruff daddy asks me.

“Sure.” I smile.

“I’ve got to get back downstairs. It’s my turn to man the reception desk but the next guy is about five minutes away.” He offers me a cold bottle from the hotel mini bar. “You wanna stay for the show?”

“Fuck yes.” I sit back in the chair he had previously occupied and as he leaves the room the realisation that this was setup with the knowledge of the hotel staff hits me. I had planned on hitting the gay bar tonight. But suddenly, this sex hotel seems like a better offer.

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