Waiting In The Alley – gay cruising fiction

The other day while getting some sneaky KFC after work, I spotted a hot tradie waiting for someone. It got me thinking…

I don’t know what it is, but the KFC carpark at about 4 pm seems to be the go-to place if you want to perv on a hot tradesman. I know I shouldn’t eat there nearly as often as I do but in the summer months, when the boys all rock up for an after-work snack in those little shorts and hi-vis vests it’s tough for me not to pull into the carpark.

I’m sitting in the car park again now, watching a guy sitting outside the restaurant, shovelling nuggets and chips into his mouth. I’ve always liked tradies. A bit rough, a bit rugged, usually fit and usually unattainable.

Oh shit! He’s caught me looking. As he crossed his legs I leaned forward to try and catch a peek up those short shorts and I definitely caught his eye.

I hope I turned my head in time. Maybe I’d be able to deny it. Not that he’d likely come up to the car anyway.


The noise on the window scares the shit out of me and I know 100% that it’s him. Come to bawl me out about perving on him. Come to claim that he’s got a girlfriend and doesn’t want a gay perv checking him out. As often as I had had fantasies about sexy tradies, I had wondered what the other side of it would be like.I turn around, reach over and wind the window down a little. Surprisingly he doesn’t look so angry.

“Hey, dude. You right?” his tone is inquisitive more than angry.

“Yeah. Was just gonna get a snack.” I’m trying my hardest to play it cool.

“Oh right. I’m waiting for my girlfriend to finish work.”

There it is. He’s making that clear.

“Cool. After work feed?”

“Yeah. I’ve got another half hour.”

He looks me directly in the eye. My heart is racing. I expected anger or at least a WTF-type interaction. But this is definitely not that.

“I’ve got half an hour more to wait.” The sides of his lips turn up as he leaves the words hanging.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” He winks and walks away from the car, heading behind the store. There’s a laneway that runs down there. A laneway I may have frequented before.

Shit! Is this happening? I reach for the door handle before I pause, thinking twice. I mean. He could be leading me back there so we’re hidden away when he lets his aggression out on me. It’s risky.

My hand drops off the door handle as he turns back to face me. I see him adjust himself in his little shorts and wink at me again.

OK. That’s not the sign of someone who’s about to do a gay bashing, is it?

My hand is back on the door handle and with a quick check of my surroundings, I’m out and walking briskly over to the corner of the building. My dick is already swelling. I adjust quickly so that anyone that’s around won’t see it. Not that they will, it’s hardly causing a huge swelling in my shorts.

I turn the corner into the laneway and my heart almost leaps out of my chest when I see him leaning against the wall, waiting. His hand is in his shorts and there’s no doubt he’s working on his erect cock.

Without a word, I walk over and stand in front of him. I reach out my hand towards his bulge but before I have a chance to make contact he drops to his knees.

My heart skips a beat. I was not prepared for this. I’m usually the one doing the servicing, for reasons that are about to become obvious to my new workman buddy. I go to turn away but his hands firmly grip my hips. I look down and he’s smiling up at me.

“Let me,” he says, smiling. “It’s been too long.”

I sigh and try to quiet the usual anxiety that surges through me when the moment of revelation of my size is imminent. His hands reach for my button and my fly and both are undone at once. It might have been a while, but it’s clear this guy has experience. He slides my shorts and my briefs down in one motion and I wait for the moment he realises he’s taken a guy with a 4.5-inch dick into an alleyway.

“Perfect,” I hear him murmur and my dick twitches.

He looks up at me smiling and I see that his own dick is pointing out of the leg of his short shorts. “Perfect fit I mean.”

All of the pent-up tension releases. I’ve found the rare breed of guys who are into what most consider ‘small’ dicks. Without another sound, his mouth is wrapped around me as he takes the entire length in one movement. I gasp as his lips peel back my foreskin and my cockhead hits the back of his throat. He moans in response and quickly begins working my cock in and out of his mouth.

With each movement, my head fits snugly into his throat and sends a surge of pleasure through my body.

I don’t know what’s turning me on more. The fact that a tradie is sucking me, the fact that it’s happening in an alleyway or that he loves the size of my cock. Whatever it is, his bobbing head is quickly bringing me to the edge of my climax.

I look down and can tell from his movements that he’s missed this type of manly action. The girlfriend definitely isn’t enough for this guy. I tilt my head slightly and see him furiously rubbing the head of his cock with one hand, using the other to prop himself up while he works my cock.

He begins to moan and I realise he is just as close as I am. I don’t want to wait any longer and let myself get swept away with the pleasure of his mouth.“I’m gonna cum,” I announce, unable to temper my voice for the public setting.

I feel the vibrations of his moan coarse over my cock and can see his body tense. I look quickly and watch as his load fires from his cock, landing on the ground between both of our feet.

I can’t hold back any longer and feel my balls rise. He’s still sucking hard and I know he wants this reward.

I grunt deeply as the first shot fires from my cock. He takes the entire length in his mouth again and my quick but intense orgasm fires directly down his open throat. I shake and shudder as his throat works my head and as my climax concludes I allow my legs to relax.

He pulls his mouth from my cock, panting as he leans back against the wall of the restaurant.

“Fuck man. I needed that.”

I reach down and pull my pants up. “You and me both.”

“Great dick man.” He stands up slowly, smiling and licking his lips.

“Uh. Thanks.” I’m definitely not used to those compliments.

He reaches into his pocket and hands me a business card.“If you ever need someone to work on your pipes, you let me know OK?” He turns and quickly walks away, checking the coast is clear before heading back into the KFC carpark.

I look down at the card.

KJ Plumbing Solutions.

Ha! Pipes. Nice one.

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