Trying A New Game – Gay Bator Fiction

I know I’ve written a lot of stories about a gay guy with straight buddies, but this one might be a little different. And it’s more gay bator focused. Take that guy out in the tower bro. Clear the path for me. Matt heard Harry’s voice in his ear, the noise-cancelling headphones cutting out any background noise, increasing his focus on the game on his screen. He did as instructed by his higher-ranked teammate, taking out the sniper and allowing Harry to take out the other enemies in the area. “Nice shot bud.” That’s what she said. Or he said, …

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Bator At The Sauna – gay bator erotica

This gay bator erotica story was inspired by a post in the Proud Bators Discord Server.

A bator heads to a gay sauna with little expectations, just looking for a safe space to release a much-needed load. His afternoon goes much better than expected.

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Cole’s Hidden Talent – Straight to Gay Erotic Fiction

Cole flinched as something whacked the side of his face. He realised that Lucas had just turkey slapped his cheek! He instinctively turned away, trying to avoid another cock assault. His jaw dropped in shock as he turned and he was too late to realise that Jacob was winding up to do the same thing.

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