Waiting For Luca – gay dom erotica

An unexpected find on Grindr, Brodie dominates a new willing bottom in this gay dom erotic fiction story.

Brodie walked into the bathroom to find his roommate in the exact position he’d asked for in the online ad.

Brodie had found recently through a reliable source that, despite the girls he fucked on a regular basis, what Luca really loved was a good hard dicking. Brodie hadn’t yet revealed to Luca that he knew his dirty little bisexual secret, because Brodie hadn’t even revealed his own secret. Brodie had kept to himself the fact that Luca believed was his ‘girlfriend’ was really a guy from their Economics class who had recognised Luca from a past encounter and had spilled the beans.

Brodie’s mind had been spinning since he found out. He had secretly fantasised about his jock roommate since the day they met. Brodie had often tried to take the opportunities to see a little more of Luca and he was lucky enough that the sportsman’s athletic gear often gave glimpses of smooth tanned skin and strong muscles.

Brodie knew that Luca would never admit to his sexual proclivities, and so he had spent the last week devising a way of getting him to reveal it. He had dropped hints while sitting around having a drink earlier in the week. Those had fallen on deaf ears. Whether Luca was oblivious or still unwilling to admit it was unknown. Brodie’s last ditch effort had been to place an ad online.

“Bi dom top seeks anon bottom” was the title Brodie had chosen. He had worded the ad and the email exchange that followed to ensure that Luca had no idea it was Brodie who was the ‘anon top’ that Luca was inviting over.

Now Brodie stood at the door, admiring the view of Luca’s perfectly formed ass. It looked just as he had imagined it during his regular fantasy session. He took a moment to admire the presentation before stepping forward.

“Come on in dude,” Luca kept his head down and eyes closed as the ad had ordered him.

Brodie walked up slowly behind him, dropping to his knees, ensuring he wouldn’t reveal his identity. He was painfully hard in his pants and he hastily unzipped, accepting the condom and lube Luca passed to him. Brodie quickly prepared his member to finally enter his jock roommate’s hole.

He lined himself up with the smooth hole Luca had made available. Knowing Luca liked it quick and rough, Brodie slid his entire, not unimpressive, length inside.

Both men groaned as Brodie’s dick entered and Luca’s hole tightened around his shaft. Brodie slowly thrust deeper inside of Luca, ensuring that Luca felt every inch penetrate him. He held Luca by the hips and he pushed his full length in, feeling their hips meet. Brodie paused for a moment, smiling to himself.

Now that he was deep inside, with his hands firmly holding Luca’s hips, Brodie decided now was the perfect time to reveal himself.

“Damn you feel good dude!” Brodie said, pushing inside once again.

Beneath him Luca bucked with shock, his ass clenching even tighter with the realisation that he was being impaled by his roommate’s dick. Brodie held him in place, gripping his hips firmly.

“Fuck!” Luca moaned, a mixture of pleasure and shock as Brodie picked up the pace on his slick hole.

Brodie moved one hand to the back of Luca’s head, keeping him facing away from Brodie and holding him in the right position for Brodie to begin thrusting hard and deep.

“I have wanted this since the day you walked in as my new roommate.” Brodie timed his deep thrusts with his words to emphasise just how much he was enjoying finally getting to use his mate as his fucktoy. “I wanted to see what you’d look like in just this position.”

Beneath him Luca moaned, unable to deny that despite the shock of who this supposedly random master had turned out to be, he knew what to do with the tool he possessed. Luca had also fantasised about finding out what Brodie had lurking in his pants and had enjoyed many solo pleasures fuelled by occasional glimpses or clues as to his endowment. Now here he was, impaled on a shaft that felt like it could be the biggest Luca had ever taken.

“How’s that Luca?” Brodie asked, somehow holding off his own orgasm despite the intensity of both the pleasure and the situation. “Is this the dicking you expected?”

All Luca could do was moan loudly and deeply. He was so overcome with pleasure. The pace and power with which Brodie was hitting his sweet spot was sending waves of pleasure through his body that he knew would quickly lead to orgasm.

Brodie let go of Luca’s head, using both hands to improve the angle of his penetration. This caused a shudder to course through both of their bodies and it was clear there was little time before their climax would be reached.

Luca was now finally able to turn his head to glimpse Brodie thrusting his cock in deep and hard. He could see the raw pleasure taking hold of his housemate as he neared his release.
Their eyes locked, a grunt escaping Brodie as he thrust into the hilt, powerfully sliding across Luca’s prostate.

That final thrust was enough to send them both flying over the edge. Luca’s cock pulsed and his ass clenched as he fired his seed all over the bathroom floor, creating a mess unlike any he had experienced before. As his body went limp from the pure pleasure shooting through him, Brodie tightened his grip, slamming his cock in as it throbbed and spasmed and Luca regretted insisting his supposedly anonymous top wear a condom.

Panting and spent, his orgasm concluded, Brodie let Luca slide to the floor, his naked body landing in the mess he had produced.

“Well,” Luca managed to speak between panting breaths. “That was unexpected.”

“You know where to find me for next time.” Brodie slapped Luca’s well-used ass and stood slowly, leaving his new fuck buddy alone with his pleasure.

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