Bator At The Sauna – gay bator erotica

This gay bator erotica story was inspired by a post in the Proud Bators Discord Server.

A bator heads to a gay sauna with little expectations, just looking for a safe space to release a much-needed load. His afternoon goes much better than expected.

I don’t often go to gay bathhouses, or saunas, whatever you call them. Although I am gay and do enjoy sex with men, the whole experience isn’t really the kind of thing I enjoy. The dark dingy hallways, the unwanted advances, the inability to communicate what you want. All of these don’t really make for a great experience for me.

The other thing that means that I don’t enjoy a bathhouse is that I’m definitely more on the gay bator side in terms of sexual interests. I’m not a solosexual, but sitting back with my dick in hand is right up at the top of my list of chosen activities.

So now that you know those two things I can explain the situation I found myself in this afternoon. I was in the city, with some time to kill on a Saturday afternoon, between work and meeting up with friends. After oversleeping and rushing out of the house this morning I didn’t have time for my usual long stroking session, a staple of my Saturday morning. Because of this, I found myself distractedly horny all day. Not the kind of horny where you’re hard in your chinos and leaking into your briefs, but the kind of horny where conversations about everyday topics take on a different meaning, or are really difficult to tune into.

So, in the time between work and socialising, I knew I needed to take care of myself and my urge. I considered cruising somewhere, but they’re so hit-and-miss and to be honest, the public vibe hasn’t been doing it for me lately. I considered Grindr, but we all know that ‘now’ never means now on that app and it could take me hours just to get a reply from someone. The sauna was the best bet for me right now. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a partner for penetration, but I knew I could sit down with my dick out and watch some porn. There’s always guys around, always a horny vibe and less risk of legal outcomes compared to blowing my load in a public toilet.

I pay my entry fee and walk in. There are quite a few guys around, considering it’s a Saturday afternoon, not traditionally a busy time. I head straight to my locker to disrobe and my dick starts to harden as soon as it’s free. A sure indication that I wouldn’t have been able to get through my social engagement without seeming like my mind was elsewhere.

I wrap the towel around my waist and begin to wander around. I always start by doing a lap. Getting the lay of the land and check out any potential talent early.

I head upstairs to the cruising area and walk past one porn theatre which is empty. A group of twinks roll around on a bed on the screen. Not my usual scene.

I head down a corridor with little rooms off it. I hear moans and the sound of skin on skin as I pass the locked doors. As I turn a corner, one of the rooms is open and there’s a guy, ass up, poppers beside him, waiting for any and all entrants. My dick twitches at the sight but it’s early on in proceedings and I don’t want to go all in just yet.

I head back downstairs to where the spa and the steam room are. I decide to relax a bit first before getting into any real action. As I walk I notice a couple of guys look me up and down. A tall, beefy, hairy guy with a few tats catches my eye, but he’s headed upstairs, walking with a purpose. He’s clearly after something, and soon.

I turn to the corner to the spa, hang up my towel and step into the water. All of the eyes in the spa dart to my cock, as always happens with a new entrant. They catch a glimpse before it descends under the water. I’m glad I’m a little chubbed up at this point. It’s a bit more impressive than if I was fully soft and although I’m not necessarily here to find a partner, it never hurts to see who’s around and who’s interested.

I slide into the water and feel myself relax in the heat. My hands quickly find my cock under the water and as I look around I see most of the guys in the spa have their hands under the water too, which is pretty standard. My dick quickly responds to the attention and I’m rock hard before too long.

I take the time to survey the other occupants. As usual, there is a good variety. A tall, slim guy, probably in his 20s has his arms splayed out over the walls of the spa. His eyes are closed and I’m pretty sure the shorter, dark-haired guy next to him is jerking him off under the water, judging by how close they’re sitting and the shuffling of the short guy’s shoulder. A couple of older guys are having a chat in one of the other corners, one hand holding their drinks on the edge and the other no doubt grappling with something more fun beneath the surface.

It’s the guy with the shaved head and the beard, sitting along the long side of the spa that catches my attention. He looks to be about my age and also looks like he’s chosen his own spot deliberately distancing himself from the other people in the water. Both of his hands are beneath the water and I can tell by the movement of his upper arm that he’s masturbating. His eyes are closed and it’s clear he has no interest in anyone in the spa. He’s enjoying himself and doesn’t need anything from anyone else.

I follow suit and settle into my corner of the spa, toying with my hard dick as I feel myself relax. I let my head fall back and close my eyes. My dick twitches, responding quickly to the overdue attention. After a few minutes I hear the sloshing of water moving and open my eyes to see the bearded guy that inspired me leave. His body has a bit of hair on it and a bit of body about it. Like he’s definitely worked out but he’s not a gym junkie. He’s also not afraid of a Quarter Pounder. The thick piece of meat hanging semi-erect between his legs is also impressive, his foreskin hiding only half of the head in its current state. I take note of his features, knowing I’m keen to see a little more of him later.

I close my eyes again, stroking my dick slowly beneath the water now. I hear a couple of short, sharp moans and open my eyes again. I see the slim guy’s body stiffen. I’m fairly certain his darker featured offsider has succeeded in getting him off. He opens his eyes and stands up, a long wilting dick hangs between his smooth slim legs and everyone’s eyes follow it as he leaves the spa. The shorter guy moves not long after, his thick uncut dick is still rock hard. Clearly, the tall guy had one-way thinking about that connection.

I decide I’ve been in the water long enough. My dick is primed to see what’s going on upstairs. I’m still fairly sure I’m not after too much. But the porn screens are upstairs. At minimum watching some porn and some live-action will be a great way to release the load that I didn’t get to shoot this morning. Walking up the hallway I hear some moaning and grunting again. Almost half the rooms are full. It’s quite a busy afternoon it seems. Ignoring a couple of hopeful glances from guys that aren’t really my type I head deeper into the building, towards the larger of the two porn screens. I turn the corner into the room and he’s there. The guy from the spa. His thick uncut dick is in his hand and he’s stroking slowly.

I loiter by the entrance for a moment, taking in the sight of what most guys would call his ‘dad bod’ and the pleasure he’s clearly taking from his own cock. His eyes alternate between the action on the screen and the action of his own hand as he slowly pleasures himself. His eyes aren’t darting around the room to inspect the others, which is unusual for this space. The other two guys in the room are sitting side by side and stroking each other. One of them moves now onto his knees, taking the other’s cock into his mouth. My eyes remain mostly on the guy I like, sitting on the end of the couch stroking himself.

I decide to sit down, realising that just standing and watching could give the wrong impression. I take a seat, near him but not too close. I don’t want to appear too forward. As my eyes dart between the screen and the man my dick starts to leak in my hand. It’s like he’s barely noticed I’m here, or that anyone’s here for that matter. He moans softly and rubs his balls as he slowly strokes.

Another guy enters the room, assessing the four of us who are already there. He moves over to my interest, quickly falling to his knees in front of him. The guy covers his cock and looks down at the new guy, shaking his head firmly. The expectant sucker shifts forward slightly and places a hand on the guy’s thigh.

“Dude. I’m just here to stroke,” the guy says softly.

The kneeler gets up from his position and looks towards me. I shake my head and he quickly departs the room.

My cock is leaking more in my hand now. It’s rare that I find a potential bate buddy in the sauna, but he’s confirmed it by quickly sending away the offer of a blow job. I don’t usually make the first move in places like this but this opportunity is rare enough that I feel inspired.

I slide down the bench. The guy’s eyes dart suspiciously towards me. He probably wonders why I’ve decided to make a move on him, after he clearly declined that offer. I stop just next to him, not close enough that our thighs touch, but close enough that I can lean over slightly and speak softly.

“Good to find another bate bro here bud,” I say, making my intentions clear. He immediately softens and relaxes. He smiles slightly, his legs part a little bit and I feel welcomed.

We sit side by side and stroke slowly. Our eyes look between the screen, our own and each other’s cocks. It’s been a while since I had a good bate with a bud and this guy clearly gets it. He opens his legs a little more and a shudder passes through my body as our knees touch. My dick drops a little more precum and he reaches across, taking it from my slit and using it to slick up his own head. I watch as he slicks his cock up with my juice and when I look up again I see the pair of guys on the other couch now watching us.

We continue to stroke, matching each other’s pace. Another guy enters the room and stands beside me. His long, cut dick is in his hand and it’s clear he’s not going to make a move. He’s enjoying the show and is quick to match pace with our stroking.

Before long the pair who were exchanging head in the corner stand up and approach us. We must be giving off gay bator vibes now as none of the new entrants make a move to initiate anything. Our arousal is obvious as each of us moans and grunts as we stroke, the pace and volume of our sounds matching those of the porn on the screen. But the screen is now obscured by bodies, all any of us can see are each other’s cocks, throbbing and leaking in our hands.

Another guy enters, the tall, slim guy from the spa, clearly ready for round two. He slides his way between a couple of the other guys standing.

“Nice circle guys,” he says and starts stroking his dick quickly.

Now the six of us are stroking with intent. With unspoken agreement, we’ve all decided that the time for edging has passed. The room is filling with moans and grunts and the sounds of slick cocks being worked in experienced hands.

With little warning, other than a grunt and sharp tensing of legs, the last guy to join us, the tall, slim blonde fires his load, the first rope landing across the first guy’s thigh.

“Fuck yeah,” one of the guys moans as he beats his dick furiously now.

What comes next is exactly what I expect to happen from this hot circle jerk. With the first load fired it starts a chain reaction and soon loud moans and shots of cum are flying between us. My legs are painted, by whom I couldn’t say. My dick throbs and my load fires over my hand and my belly. The stench of cum is strong and I look around to see that everyone has some on their bodies somewhere. I don’t know whose is whose but no one cares.

My head falls back and I hear the panting of six guys coming down from intense bator orgasms.

The bald guy leans over to me. “Thanks bro. I hope to see you again sometime,” he says before standing up and leaving.

I take a moment to catch my breath before standing up. As I head to the showers I regret not getting his name and number.

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