Cole’s Hidden Talent – Straight to Gay Erotic Fiction

Cole’s Hidden Talent – Straight to Gay Erotic Fiction.

Some day drinking with the guys and some suggestive messages from some girls leads Cole to discover a hidden talent and potentially a hidden interest.

This wasn’t the first time the guys had their dicks out while sitting around drinking in Lucas’s backyard. Chris had been chatting to a couple of girls online. He was trying to convince them to join their little party but the girls had jokingly asked to find out who had the best dick of the group. Never backing down from a challenge Jacob and Lucas stood up and quickly dropped their pants while Chris got his phone’s camera ready. It wasn’t as if he had never seen his buddy’s dicks before and so Cole just laughed as he usually did at the brazen banter of his best mates. They’d been friends for almost 20 years. They’d grown up together, showered together, gone skinny dipping, and even shared a few of their female conquests. Seeing their junk was nothing new.

But there was something different about this time. After a few seconds Cole realised what it was. He had his mates’ dicks right in line with his face! He turned from right to left with mixed feelings. He didn’t know what to do. He looked at Jacob’s junk again, noticing for the first time how smooth his big balls were and how well-kept the hair was surrounding his cut cock. Turning to face Lucas he noticed only now how thick his dick was, no wonder he made the girls scream.

“Do something funny!” Chris demanded as he snapped another pic on his phone, the plan was to impress these girls enough that the rest of their afternoon wouldn’t be a sausage fest.

Cole flinched as something whacked the side of his face. He realised that Lucas had just turkey slapped his cheek! He instinctively turned away, trying to avoid another cock assault. His jaw dropped in shock as he turned and he was too late to realise that Jacob was winding up to do the same thing. He tried to move his face in time but this was the worst possible action as Jacob’s thick, semi-erect dick, instead of hitting his cheek, landed right in his mouth, resting on his tongue.

Lucas laughed and Chris snapped some quick pictures to fire off to the girls. Jacob and Cole froze, both wondering for a moment why Cole hadn’t immediately spat his cock out. The feeling of a wet tongue on the underside of his member was having the usual effect and Jacob’s cock started swelling, filling Cole’s mouth slowly.

Cole found it difficult to resist the growth in his mouth. He looked up at Jacob to gauge his reaction.

That was enough to get Jacob’s cock to grow completely, that look had always been a turn-on. He decided that if Cole wasn’t going to resist then that was as good as giving him permission. He slowly edged his cock into Cole’s open mouth.

Cole was shocked at the intrusion his mate had initiated, but surprisingly he wasn’t averse to the presence. He somewhat instinctively closed his lips around the hot meat sliding into his mouth.

The willingness to accept his dick produced a moan from Jacob and he began slowly sliding his dick in and out of Cole’s now willing mouth.

The other boys looked on, initially with a mixture of shock and intrigue, yet they moved to get a better view of proceedings.

Cole took over from Jacob’s gentle thrusts and began working his mate’s tool with increasing eagerness. The experience of a dick in his mouth was obviously something completely foreign to him, but surprisingly he enjoyed the heat on his tongue and the salty/sweet taste of what he assumed was Jacob’s leaking precum. Above all of this, he enjoyed the giving. Hearing one of his closest friends moan with pleasure was what fuelled his desire to continue sucking his dick.

Cole increased his pace, using knowledge gained from the many girls who had pleasured him orally in the past. He began to use his tongue, letting it roam around Jacob’s shaft, particularly hitting that winning spot he knew lay just under the head. He reached one hand up, brushing the inside of Jacob’s leg until he reached his heavy balls.

Jacob knew this was it. Cole had found the spot that would drive him to orgasm. He placed his hand gently, approvingly, on the back of his friend’s head, encouraging him to continue. Cole picked up his pace yet again, sucking harder than before, rolling Jacob’s smooth balls around in his hand.

Cole felt the balls in his hand tighten. Was this it? Had he brought his friend to orgasm? These questions raced through his head and he felt a sense of pride in his pleasurable achievement. But as Jacob’s moans became more intense and it was clear he was about to unload one question wiped the others out. Am I going to swallow this guy’s cum? He knew, as a man, that Jacob would want him to but looked up into his eyes to check anyway. What he saw was a man in pure male ecstasy, feelings Cole had created with his mouth and tongue. Seeing that intense pleasure answered the big question and he resumed the pace on the throbbing cock inside his wet mouth.

Jacob’s hand rested now more firmly on the back of Cole’s head as his legs tensed and he could feel the familiar stirring in his loins. With a deep, primal groan he fired his load into this new, suddenly willing mouth.

Cole was shocked by the power with which Jacob unloaded. He swallowed quickly to avoid gagging but the taste of the cum in his mouth was undeniable. Sweet yet salty but unmistakably male and something he instantly knew he wanted to taste again.

As Cole swallowed the remaining shots of jizz which Jacob continued to fire he felt stirring in his own balls. He looked down and realised that at some point he had pulled out his own cock and had begun to jerk off. Clearly, he’d enjoyed the experience more than he thought. With a couple of quick strokes, he brought himself to possibly the most powerful orgasm of his life. His cum flew hard and fast from his throbbing cock, some shots hitting Jacob’s naked legs in front of him.

Jacob slowly removed his dick from Cole’s mouth as the boys looked down to assess the mess left by Cole’s ejaculation. They were silent for a moment as they worked out what to do or say next.

“Dude that was epic,” Lucas, watching the whole thing from behind Cole, tapped him on the shoulder. “That was a porno money shot man.”

The boys laughed and as Cole turned around he noticed the other two guys stood there with their own massive erections. Enjoying the lingering taste of Jacob’s seed in his mouth Cole knew how the rest of the night was going to play out. They weren’t going to need to invite those girls around.

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