Liam Williams – Gay Erotic Fiction

Liam Williams is a writer of gay erotic fiction based in Melbourne, Australia. After deciding to focus on writing gay erotica he is making the journey from ‘hobby writer’ to ‘proper author’. Thanks for checking out the journey so far.


I’ve been writing short stories for years. Over the journey, those stories have developed to the point where I’m happy for other people to read them. I hope you enjoy them.


Obviously, writers love reading. So as well as writing erotica, I enjoy reading a lot of it as well. I’ve got some reviews of what I’ve read to help you in finding more quality erotic fiction to read.


It’s quite a journey, going from a ‘day job’ and ‘hobby writer’ to ‘published author’ and ‘rich and famous’ (maybe). So I thought I’d blog about the journey and the process.

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