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This story is a true story. Unfortunately it’s not one of mine. A Bator Buddy in the Proud Bators Discord server relayed this to us after some reminiscing about early bate buddy experiences.

I hope you enjoy this bate buddy erotica as much as I enjoyed hearing it from him.

Well. I think I fucked that one up.

I fired the text off to my classmate as I walked back to the dorm. Today was my last exam, followed by my last shift at the shitty campus coffee shop. What I think I fucked up was both of those things. The exam was the classic situation of the professor forgetting what they had taught us this semester but writing the exam anyway. The coffee shop was madness because, well, it was the last day of the exam period and it seemed like everyone had just remembered that we also sold beer.

Bro. It’s only first semester, second year. You got time to make it up.

My buddy replied to my message with his usual positivity. I shrugged. He was right. It was only the first exam of a subject that wasn’t even a part of my major. I had chosen Marketing 201 because I had noticed, on enrolment day, that most of the soccer players that lived in my dorm were choosing it as well. If I had to sit through a boring business subject, at least I’d have some eye candy to look at. It was certainly much less suspicious when I considered studying on the lawn beside their training pitch instead of the library. It also helped my decision that my gross roommate hadn’t chosen it, the less our timetables aligned the better. I was very quickly becoming sick of his slovenly presence in the room. Not only was he a really shitty roommate, messy, boring, stinky and loud, but his constant presence whenever he didn’t have class made it really hard to jerk off as much as I needed to as a closeted 19 year old living in a dorm full of jock boys.

I walked into the building and up to the second floor. Being late, the hall was fairly empty but I could hear voices and noises from people’s rooms as I walked past, as usual. A couple of rooms even featured the occasional high-pitched gasp or moan and I knew that some of my dormmates were celebrating the end of exams in a better way than I would be. My dick twitched at the thought of what was happening in those rooms, especially when I visualise who it was that was celebrating in that manner. My celebration would likely be laying in bed until my roomie went to sleep, then trying to subtly shoot my load under the sheets. At least it wouldn’t take me long, the visions of the fit jocks wandering around the dorm room, together with the knowledge that some of them were fucking tonight, would certainly help. My dick began to rise at the thought of finally releasing the tension that can only be created by exam week.

I got to my room and entered. The scent of my roommate struck me immediately. He and I seemed to be the only non-athletes on the floor but while I was working to remain fit, he certainly wasn’t. He lay back on his bed, his laptop on his knees and a hand thrust into his pants. This might sound like a hot sight for a college boy, but it was more like that old sitcom Married, With Children and so not a turn on at all. Not when I was also convinced he hadn’t showered this week. I certainly hadn’t seen him in the showers, and I noticed who was in the showers. I had perfected the art of checking the shower stalls without the occupant noticing.

My roommate grunted his greeting and I grabbed my towel and shower caddy from my wardrobe. I wasn’t going to sit around with him like this. I needed some space. And if I was lucky, at this time of night, the bathroom might be empty enough to take a little longer and have a decent wank.

I walked into the bathroom and it was thankfully empty. The shower stalls had an interesting setup: a long room with six shower stalls lined up along the left side. The stalls were separated only by the normal wooden dividers that would separate toilet stalls, leaving a gap at the bottom and only just reaching high enough to cover the shower head. They also had no doors or curtains to fully enclose them. So, as luck would have it, some mornings the only stall open was the very last one. This meant I had to walk past five of my floor mates showering fully exposed until I got to my shower, usually with at least a semi if not a fully torqued boner.

These mornings were interesting eye candy, but nothing more for me. I wasn’t quite at the point where I was open to the idea of messing around with a guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got hundreds, okay, maybe thousands, of pics of naked guys saved on my computer in a file far in the depths of the hard drive and out of my search history, but I guess I’ve just tipped over from thinking that I wanted to be those guys to wanting to be with those guys. So the shower parade was just for the spank bank. With the population of athletes living on the floor, the views could be really impressive. But the “alpha male” energy was strong and I certainly wasn’t in a confident enough position to brave showing any sign of interest. So the morning was nothing beyond the utilitarian purpose of showering up to get on with my day.

But tonight the room was empty, thank goodness. I could shower off the stress of the day and hopefully blow off some steam in peace. I went down to the stall at the far end of the room. After stripping off my boxers and hanging them and my towel on the hook on the wall opposite the stall, I turned on the shower all the way to the hot setting. Eventually the shower room started to fill with steam until I backed off the heat a bit and stepped under the shower head. Instantly the heat relaxed me and I half-heartedly rubbed the brick of soap from my basket over the front of my body. When I reached my crotch I felt the all too familiar feeling of my dick hardening just from the constant flow of warm water over it.

I set the soap aside and, facing the stream of steamy water started slowly stroking my now rock-hard cock. It felt so good finally giving in to what I had needed for days. My dick responded quickly, twitching slightly as I slowly stroked it. I couldn’t help but moan softly as I ran my fist over my thick member.

“Fuck,” I whispered. My body shuddering slightly and another moan escaped my lips.

The water suddenly turned on in another stall and I froze. I stopped the slow movement of my hand and glanced up and to the left. There was steam coming from the stall right next to mine. I glanced down and saw a pair of feet under the partition.

“Fuck,” I thought to myself. “Five other open stalls and this asshole took the one next door.”

I abandoned my ulterior motive for this shower session and picked the soap up from the tray and lathered up to continue down my legs. I took my time, glancing occasionally to the side to see if my neighbour was in for a quick rinse and I could maybe get back to my more important reason for being here. At one glance however, I saw that the feet in the stall next door were oddly spread. Probably wider than you’d normally stand for a shower, and they were planted still. No movement. I bent down slightly to try and see what was going on over there. I could faintly make out the reflection of my shower buddy in the wet tile floor and as I focused I noticed a bit of repetitive back-and-forth motion.

“Holy shit, is he jerking off over there?” The realisation of that possibility hit me and my dick twitched in response.

As if to confirm my suspicions I heard a slight moan just a little louder than the one I must have made just as my newfound neighbor was starting his shower. I looked down and my dick was again fully rigid and ready to go. I now knew the reason why this guy had chosen the shower stall next to mine and he wasn’t hiding the fact. So, in a rare moment of confidence I started stroking again. My cock felt so good that I let out a couple more moans, and perhaps exaggerated them a bit, figuring I had a willing partner separated by a thin wall. Almost instantly my moans were returned with more from the other side. My body shuddered, this was happening.

I cautiously stepped away from the shower stream and peeked around the edge of the divider. On the other side was not what I expected at all. It was Nate, one of the guys who lived in the room next to me. I didn’t know much about him. I was pretty sure he was in my year, or maybe a year ahead of me. I did know that he was one of the soccer players. I had often seen him heading off to training, or returning all sweaty and energised from the physical exertion. But I didn’t know much more about him really. I only knew his name because it was posted on his door at the beginning of the term. We had been friendly saying “hey” in the hallways but that was the extent of our interaction up until this point now. I had noticed his compact, slim muscular body when he was walking in sweaty from practice and had had more than a few jerk off fantasies imagining what he looked like naked. But now here he was, naked and wet, with his somewhat short but really fat hard dick right in front of me. The polite ‘hi’ was gone, the fantasies were gone. Now we stood in front of each other, completely naked and completely hard. 

Our eyes met and Nate immediately stepped back to lean against the wall of his stall. He didn’t give the impression that he was inviting me in, more that he wanted to be watched. This wasn’t going further than hands on dicks, but I was more than happy at the view he was presenting. The way his eyes trailed over me, I could tell that he wasn’t opposed to my slim smooth body either.

I stood there in front of his shower stall stroking my cock and watched him expertly tug on his. He looked amazing under the flow of the water, which enhanced his muscles, outlining each of his smooth abs as the droplets ran down towards his thick treasure trail and then to his impressively thick cock. I started stroking my dick along with him, matching his strokes. He looked down at my dick and seemed focused on it. Nate didn’t want to just show off tonight. He was enjoying the show I was giving as much as I was enjoying his.

We stroked facing each other for a minute or two and then our eyes locked. He bit his lower lip as I noticed him stroke faster and harder on his fat dick. He looked down at his throbbing cock and I noticed his legs tense before he looked back up at me. Almost inaudibly he mouthed “I’m gonna….” and instantly his cock swelled up and thick white cum erupted from the tip. His thick load fell and flowed from his swollen head, coating the floor of the shower before being washed down the drain. He gasped as he pumped his dick into his fist with short, sharp strokes, his finishing technique different to my own.

The sight of his muscular body tensing and his dick firing its load was enough to make me cum instantly. I shot hard. Harder than I expected. My first shot hit the wall only inches from Nate’s left hip. He smiled as he watched me erupt, adding to his load being washed down the dorm shower drain.

For a second we both stood there with our still hard cocks in our hands. Nate released the grip from his dick and turned around to rinse the cum that was still clinging to his cock and balls. I stepped back into my shower and rinsed myself off as well. As quick as I was to rinse, Nate was quicker and I heard the water turn off in the stall next to me. By the time I shut my water off and grabbed my boxers and towel from the hook, I peeked around the divider and Nate was gone.

As I walked back to my room, I decided that late-night showering might have to become a new part of my routine. 

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