Trying A New Game – Gay Bator Fiction

I know I’ve written a lot of stories about a gay guy with straight buddies, but this one might be a little different. And it’s more gay bator focused.

Take that guy out in the tower bro. Clear the path for me.

Matt heard Harry’s voice in his ear, the noise-cancelling headphones cutting out any background noise, increasing his focus on the game on his screen. He did as instructed by his higher-ranked teammate, taking out the sniper and allowing Harry to take out the other enemies in the area.

“Nice shot bud.”

That’s what she said. Or he said, in your case.

“Ha. Ha.” Harry’s usual response to the usual gay joke. He had to laugh when his friends made those jokes. It was a pretty good indication that he was just ‘one of the guys’ despite being the only gay one.

As they waited in the game lobby for the next tournament to begin, the boys had an opportunity to catch up.

“How’s things with Carly man?” Harry asked Fred.

No good man. Don’t think it’ll go anywhere.

“You guys not gonna get official?”

Nah. I don’t want that and turns out she isn’t into the casual sex thing. That’s why I’m on here tonight and not there.

“Unlucky mate. Thought you were onto a good one.”

Not as easy as you man. Guys are easier.

“Then why am I here with you?” Harry laughed.

Same reason you’ve been here with me every week for months man.

“Shut up.” Harry knew he was avoiding putting himself back out there since his last break-up. “I like your company OK?”

Download the apps, bro. Get yourself some dick.

“What if I’d rather spend the time with one of my best buds eh?”


“You’re here. You could easily send a couple of messages out and find someone.” Harry knew Matt’s reputation and his easy access with a long list of ladies he had ‘on call’.

Same old. Same old. I’ve been thinking I wanna try something different bro.

The game launched and the sound of gunfire meant that Harry was unable to ask Matt what he meant by ‘something different’. The game quickly descended into the mayhem of their immediate spawning and conversation halted for a little while.

“Sniper top right,” Harry shouted the instruction.

Done. Watch your six man. Matt offered his support.

After a few more frenzied instructions and most of the initial opponents taken out of the game, a relative calm descended and the guys explored the map, seeking enemies to take down.

You need to get back out there. Get yourself some man action again. I know you know it’s been too long.

“Thanks for the tip mate.” Harry rolled his eyes, it was all well and good for Matt to say it. But it didn’t make it happen.

Bro. Just curious. What app do you use?

Harry took a moment to realise the reference to their earlier conversation. He took another moment to contemplate why Matt was asking about gay dating apps.

I mean. Does it work like Tinder with the profiles and the swiping? Matt’s follow-up question came quickly.

“Grindr doesn’t work like that. It’s much more visual. Much more about the pics.” Harry was still wondering about Matt’s sudden curiosity.

Round this corner is the flag I’d say. Matt’s reply focused back on the game.

Harry halted his player’s progress. Checking his weaponry in preparation for their final assault.

So you must be pretty good at taking dick pics.

Harry’s head was suddenly spinning with the change to such personal topics.

“There’s an art to it that’s for sure. Surely you’ve sent a few in your time.”

Not as many as you’d think bro. Maybe I need some pointers.

Before Harry could reply a burst of gunfire echoed in his headset. The final assault took place, and a series of quick instructions between Matt and Harry were exchanged before Harry spotted the final enemy standing between them and their goal.

“Take it on your right mate,” Harry said quickly.

Matt took the shot, ending the game as Harry rushed forward to grab the flag.

“One more game?” Harry asked as the achievement scrolled across the screen.

Nah, mate. I’m spent. Gonna go jerk off and hit the sack.

“Alright man. Enjoy yourself.”

Harry logged out and turned off the computer. As he racked his headphones in the charger his thoughts wandered to Matt’s admission. It wasn’t unusual within his group of friends, particularly with Matt, for them to admit they were going to participate in some self-pleasure. They had been close enough for long enough that no topic was off limits. Nevertheless, whenever one of his friends talked about it, Harry couldn’t stop the thought from sticking in his mind, and occasionally he found himself imagining the action taking place.

Picturing his straight friends working their dicks was nothing new for Harry and his dick responded by growing in his pants. He looked at the clock. 10:15 pm. Enough time to play another game solo. But also a good time to jump into bed for a different solo activity.

Harry smiled at his play on words and shut the computer down. He picked up the iPad from the end of the desk and walked to his bedroom, his dick was already semi-erect in his sweatpants and he was once again thankful that he lived alone and wouldn’t have to awkwardly hide the bulge from any housemates he walked past.

As he entered the bedroom, Harry stripped himself naked. It didn’t take long, he rarely wore more than a t-shirt and sweats at home, always going commando. With the newfound freedom his dick grew a little further, knowing what was about to proceed. He propped his iPad beside him, opening the browser’s ‘private’ mode. Typing the letter x into the address bar was enough to give him a link to his favourite video site.

A moment of scrolling was long enough to find a video that he thought would inspire him sufficiently for this session. He smiled as he clicked ‘gamer bros enjoy a celebration’ and couldn’t help but think again of what Matt was up to right now. The scene on the screen moved quickly as two terrible actors put down their game controllers and reached into each other’s briefs. Harry didn’t think he would ever be in a situation where he would be sitting with a mate in just their briefs but he was happy to imagine it as he placed his hand on his own cock and lay back relaxing.

Harry’s dick responded quickly to the combination of the thoughts of Matt jerking off at the same time as he was and the video of two hot young men quickly progressing through their sexual activity. But Harry decided he was going to make this session last. He had the time and a late start at work tomorrow. Why not have a good long stroke?

He reached into his drawer and retrieved the small bottle of his favourite lube for jerking off. He had long ago decided to buy specific products for specific purposes and through extensive research had decided on this lubricant as his preferred choice for solo activities. After pouring some into his hand he settled back down, wrapping his slick fingers around his hard 6″ cut cock. His precum quickly mixed with the lube and before long his entire length was wet and gliding through his hand with ease.

Harry moaned softly as he worked his cock, savouring the time and the space to enjoy himself fully. His dick was now fully hard in his hand as he slowly worked the full length. His phone buzzed beside him and the notification appeared above the video on his iPad as well. It was a message from Matt.

Bro. Stop jerking it and get the apps happening.

Harry smiled. They knew each other too well. He reached over and typed, awkwardly with his left hand. Mate. It’s my toy and I’ll play with it when I want OK? And I could say the same to you.

Matt’s reply came quickly. Too late for that bro. Already started. This message was followed by a couple of suggestive emojis.

Harry returned his attention to his dick, a reply to Matt’s message was not required, particularly because they both knew now that the other had their hands full.

The short gamer scene had finished on the iPad but Harry found himself deeply pleasured enough by his hands alone, and the returning thoughts of his friend, that he felt no urgency to find another video. Harry decided instead to pay some attention to other areas of his body, without worrying about keeping one hand lube-free to work the screen.

Harry ran his fingers lightly over the heavy sack resting between his thighs. A shiver passed through his body and another moan escaped his lips. It had been a couple of days since Harry had had a proper stroking session. A session where he had allowed himself to get deep into the pleasure that his cock provided. Harry relaxed further, allowing himself a few minutes of slowly pleasuring himself, working his full length with one hand and fondling his full balls with the other.

These combined actions brought him close to the edge of his orgasm, a state he found himself enjoying more and more regularly and for longer periods of time since he had begun living the single life. He enjoyed the sensations that passed through his body as he slowly approached orgasm. The feeling of longing as he stopped his stroking before reaching the point of no return was something that he had recently found a new desire for. The desperation that increased with each repeated approach fuelled his bate and sent shudders of pleasure through his body.

Wrapping the fingers around the swollen head of his cock now, Harry allowed his other hand to venture further between his legs. He knew it had been too long since he had granted any proper attention to his hole, the real attention had been regularly provided by his ex but now that he worked his fingers closer to his opening he knew he needed it. His cock throbbed as his fingers worked slowly, focusing on the head and that sweet spot just beneath it. He watched as his head leaked more precum into the mix that kept his dick slick and sliding through his fingers.

Harry’s other hand soon found his opening, but he kept the pace slow, teasing the edges of his entrance and rubbing gently over the sensitive spot. The extra attention sent him closer to orgasm again, this time he had to hold his hand still. Harry knew he was close to the edge now. At any moment a few quick strokes could send him racing to his climax.

After a short pause, Harry resumed, rubbing his eager hole and now returning to stroking the length of his cock. As he re-engaged in his self-pleasure his phone buzzed again. Too enraptured in the sensations of his body he chose to ignore the message. This was more important. The message then arrived on his iPad with a ding and out of the corner of his eye he saw a picture appear following the message. That was enough to draw his attention.

With his hand still stroking his cock and his fingers placed against his hole, Harry turned to the screen to see what had been sent. Dick pics were nothing new but they were usually part of a larger conversation and rarely came without warning. The pic that was now on his screen was unexpected but not unappreciated. A long thick uncut dick sat atop two heavy smooth balls. The foreskin was peeled back to reveal a head slick with either lube or precum. A long vein ran along the shaft, highlighting the thickness and hardness of the member.

Harry’s fingers continued to work his shaft as he thought about whether or not this dick was familiar. He couldn’t think of who this belonged to. His eyes roamed the screen and as they passed over the name Matt at the top of the screen he realised that conversation was still open and his best friend had sent him a picture of his rigid cock that had to be at least 7″ long.

Harry’s body tensed, the revelation sent a shock through his body and without warning his cock pulsed and throbbed in his hand. He panted and gasped as his climax sent waves of pleasure through his body, shaking on the bed as the surprise of Matt’s dick pic sent him over the edge. Harry pressed his finger inside himself as his orgasm hit him and ropes shot over his body. The first landed on his chest, followed by his belly and before long his fingers were coated with cum.

“Holy shit,” he panted to an empty room, between gasping breaths.

From such a high crest of his pleasure, Harry fell quickly, sleep overtaking him in his post-orgasmic bliss. Glancing at the screen as his eyes drooped shut, Harry was barely able to process the words that followed the pic.

Thought I’d try something different bro. Thoughts?

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