Brandon Meets Eric In The Park – gay public sex story

Remember Brandon from The Furniture Salesman? Here’s some more of his post-lockdown shenanigans in this gay public sex story.

Brandon wouldn’t normally respond to a blank profile on Grindr, but after months without any sexual attention due to lockdown, he was broadening his prerequisites. The lockdown had lifted a little bit. Enough that public meets were back on the table. After so long without any action, Brandon was willing to go back to his old ways.

The profile name DLTop had first caught his eye, the age and limited stats that were in the profile helped slightly. Just older than him, just bigger than him, a top. That was three big ticks. The DL part meant there was a pretty good chance that he was going to get used and bred in the way he had been aching for since lockdown had broken a couple of weeks ago. This guy was likely married, had been stuck at home with his wife for months and either wasn’t getting enough sex or hadn’t managed to sneak in some man action in a while.

Hey. The first message was simple, as expected. Brandon sent the same in reply.

Can I be blunt mate? This mystery man asked.

Brandon quickly agreed. He wasn’t on the app because he had nothing better to do.

The missus left me during lockdown. Sick of my hand. Wanna get back into my bi side.

Brandon took a moment to consider the offer. He was a fan of the direct approach. And he was not unfamiliar with a previously straight guy needing a release.

Pics? Brandon sent back, keen to get to the point.

Instead of receiving some photos a few messages pinged back and forth. The other guy told Brandon about his newness to the app scene and Brandon explained the general expectations of pics on this app in particular.

Something like this? He asked after Brandon’s explanation.

This message was followed by a series of three pictures. The first was the typical torso shot in the bathroom mirror. A bit of dad bod about it. A bit of hair. The kind of body that had played some kind of sport but was now in their 30s. The second was the standard hard dick being held up in bed shot. An uncut cock. Not too long. But plenty thick enough to enjoy. The third pic was a face pic. Unexpected but appreciated. A strong jawline with a bit of stubble. Brandon decided that this man was definitely fuckable.

You know the old soccer field? Brandon asked.

The plan came together quickly. The curfew had been lifted so the guys could get out at night. To anyone around the neighbourhood, each of them would just look like they were out for an evening walk. Until they turned behind the old soccer clubrooms. The guys discussed the need for protection. Brandon had been tested prior to lockdown so he was still all clear. The other guy had only fucked his wife or his hand for the last ten years so that was a good guarantee.

Brandon did what he needed to do to prepare for the meeting. A little extra time in the shower. He didn’t want this guy’s move back into man-on-man action to be messy. After checking the time and sending a confirmation message, Brandon slid a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt on and walked out the door.

The walk didn’t take long and as he strode across the rugby field he saw another solitary figure heading in the same direction. He was taller than he had expected from the pictures. They reached the corner of the darkened building at the same time.

“Brandon?” the guy asked. He was clearly nervous, but also clearly horny.

“Yeah.” Brandon smiled and stepped a little closer, hoping both to calm and arouse the other man.

“Um, I guess I should’ve introduced myself. It’s Eric.”

“Nice to meet you, Eric. Shall we?” Brandon gestured towards the space between the buildings.

Eric could only nod. He followed Brandon into the space. They didn’t go too far. There was a sweet spot between discretion and darkness.

Brandon turned around and Eric was only a step behind him. He could feel the heat from his body. Brandon immediately took his position on his knees. He reached out and rubbed the already-pronounced bulge in Eric’s pants. The direct approach in action.

Eric sighed, clearly grateful for any attention. Brandon felt the cock against his fingers respond and grow beneath the fabric. He quickly moved up and grabbed the waistband of Eric’s pants. He didn’t want to waste any time.

Brandon slipped his fingers into the band and pulled the pants down over the already hard cock inside. Like Brandon, Eric wasn’t wearing any underwear and his hard thick dick was quickly presented. It flicked up as the pants slid lower and the wet head waited in front of Brandon’s waiting lips. He leant forward, taking the head into his mouth and sliding his tongue around the slick foreskin. Eric stifled a moan. Feeling the thickness of this new ‘straight’ guy in his mouth, Brandon had already decided that he didn’t want this to be the only time he got to experience this cock. He wanted to make sure Eric enjoyed his first experience back on his ‘bi side’.

Brandon shifted forward slightly, allowing him a better position to start to work more of Eric’s cock into his mouth. He took it deep, inching forward until the head hit the back of his throat.

“Shit!” Eric gasped, unable to hold back the sound of his pleasure this time.

Brandon started bobbing on Eric’s length, ensuring he had him wet and rock hard. He needed him ready. Eric leaned back against the wall of the building as Brandon sucked, savouring the attention of the expert lips.

“Holy shit. That’s – so – good,” Eric said between gasping breaths.

Brandon made one more quick move to take Eric deep into his throat before standing up. Eric gasped at the tightness before sighing with disappointment at the release.

“I need more,” Brandon said, before turning his back on Eric and lowering his pants. He placed his hands against the opposite wall and presented his ass. He had already told Eric that he would be prepared and would be lubed up and ready.

Eric gave Brandon’s ass a light slap before stepping forward. Brandon felt the pressure of Eric’s thick piece against his hole and a shudder ran through his body. It had been far too long.

“You ready?” Eric asked.

“Fuck yes,” Brandon replied.

“It’s been a while.”

Brandon knew he wasn’t referring to the sex, but to the fact that it had been a long time between times with a guy for Eric.

“Just use me.” Brandon insisted, putting a little more pressure on Eric’s wet head.

Eric moaned and pushed forward, Brandon felt his entrance open for the intrusion. Eric continued his thrust forward and Brandon’s hole stretched around the thickness. That was a feeling he had sorely missed and he released his breath to relax his hole and submit to Eric’s entire length.

“Fuuuuuck,” Eric muttered under his breath as their hips met.

As Eric paused for a moment, Brandon clenched, gripping Eric’s cock tightly with his well-trained hole. He felt the shudder of pleasure pass through Eric’s body and the throb of arousal from his cock.

“Fuck me, Eric.”

Eric responded quickly, sliding his length from Brandon’s opening before slamming it deep again. Brandon gasped and his body tensed. The new top halted his thrusts for a moment. Brandon realised that, as horny as this man was, he had responded to Brandon’s tension. He released his held breath and allowed his hole to relax. Eric felt the change and resumed his movements. Brandon was a little out of practice but the feeling of his hole spreading around the intrusion elicited a deep moan from him as Eric repeated his full-length thrusts. The moan was the signal of permission for Eric and from there it was a hard and fast onslaught.

Eric knew that Brandon was eager to take his dick now and Brandon fell back on all of his old tricks to allow himself to receive it. Each movement sent a wave of pleasure through Brandon’s body, a pleasure he hadn’t felt in months. But it also sent a jolt of discomfort through him as his hole adjusted to being used again. Brandon braced himself as Eric continued to thrust into him. Now that this new top had started Brandon knew he wasn’t going to stop until he got the release he needed. Brandon needed that deep inside him and relished the urgency with which Eric was now pounding his hole.

Neither spoke a word as Eric slammed his cock into Brandon’s open hole. The only noises were the top’s grunts, the bottom’s gasping and the slap of skin on skin. Brandon’s body shook with each of Eric’s entries, both with the pleasure his cock was causing and with the force of their bodies slamming together.

Brandon winced as Eric’s hand slapped his ass hard. He was really getting into this. Brandon clenched his hole in response, squeezing Eric’s thick dick and urging more from him. More was what he got.

Eric’s hands ran across his body to hold Brandon in place. One gripped his shoulder, the other gripped his hip as Eric continued the steady assault on his hole. With each thrust, Eric slammed his cock deep inside Brandon.

He wasn’t making any effort to pleasure Brandon but that was OK. Brandon had presented his hole to be used and he was glad that Eric was making the most of it. His cock was leaking beneath him, throbbing with each of Eric’s entries. Eric’s cock matched the throbbing and Brandon knew this wasn’t going to take much longer.

The new top grunted as he fucked with short sharp strokes. He felt Eric’s cock using just his entrance, the deep strokes gone in favour of Eric passing his swollen head through Brandon’s tight opening. They moaned in unison and Brandon felt the shiver pass through Eric’s body.

“Give it to me!” Brandon demanded, reaching back and slapping Eric’s ass.

“Fuck.” Eric slammed his entire length in deep, sending a shock of pleasure through Brandon and pushing him further against the wall.

Eric tightened his grip on Brandon as their bodies slammed together. Brandon felt the thick cock pulsing deep inside him as Eric gasped and grunted through his orgasm. The new top’s thick load filled Brandon’s hole as he was held in place to take every drop.

With one more shudder and a deep sigh, Brandon knew Eric was spent. He shifted slightly, hinting to Eric that it was time to withdraw. Eric did so, slowly removing his wilting cock from Brandon’s open hole and leaning back against the wall behind him.

“Fucking hell,” Eric panted.

“I needed that.” Brandon slid his pants over his wet ass.

“Me too.”

“See you next time?” Brandon smiled.

“Uh. Sure.”

Brandon peeked his head around the corner of the building. Seeing no one, he walked away, knowing it best to leave a not-so-gay guy with his own thoughts for a while after their first time. As he walked home he pulled out his phone, found Eric’s profile and hit the ‘favourite’ button. He wanted that dick again.  

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