I Saw My Gym Buddy’s Dick – Bator Fiction Story

gym showers

Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through my twitter feed. Yes, that kind of twitter feed and something will spark a story idea. In this little video a guy is sitting on a bench in a change room when his gym buddy drops his short. The piece of meat the flops it out is substantial and the guy sitting can’t help but hide how impressed he is. Here’s the bator fiction story that came from that little spark.

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“It’s alright, man. I’m used to the stares.”

I didn’t realise I was staring but fuck, how could I not when I just saw what I saw. My buddy Marcus is hung!

I’d known Marcus for years. We had been good friends in primary school and had been acquaintances in high school. But we had reconnected recently when we bumped into each other at the gym. It had been pretty lucky. I’d been looking for a gym buddy and Marcus was, to be blunt, ripped. He’d been kind of a chubby kid so I wasn’t really sure it was him when I first saw this tall muscle dude walking straight towards me. To be honest I was kind of intimidated. I thought I’d taken his machine or something. Until he had introduced himself.

“Mate. It’s me Marcus!” he said, sticking his hand out to shake mine.

My look of sudden recognition was met with a smile from Marcus and we shook hands.

“I know, man. A bit different to the chubby little dude in grade 4 eh?” Marcus laughed.

“Yeah. You look great.”

“Thanks man. I owe it all to this place. Chucked some money in with my cousins. They sent me to do my personal trainer course and, well, here we are.” He gestured to the space full of equipment and full of people.

“You own this place?” I looked around. “Great work man. It’s busy as.”

“Well, yeah, co-own. And I’m the head trainer. Actually, I’m your trainer so let’s get into it.”

We got into training then and I quickly understood the reason for the success of Marcus’s gym. As a trainer he had the trifecta. He knew his stuff and took me through every exercise I needed. He was motivating and pushed me right when I needed it. And he was hot. Everyone likes being trained by someone that looked how they aspired to look didn’t they?

An hour later I was a sweaty wobbly-legged mess.

“Great work man. You really went hard for your first session,” Marcus said, walking with me towards the water fountain.

“Thanks. I want to get back into the shape I used to be.”

“Before you quit all your school sports in the matter of a week?” Marcus raised an eyebrow.

“Uh. Yeah.” I didn’t really want to get into that. “Thanks for the session though. It felt good to be back.”

“Sure thing man. I’m looking forward to working together.” Marcus took a drink himself. I took another chance to check out his muscular legs leading up to his firm muscular ass. That was goals right there, in more ways than one.

Marcus stood up and I quickly diverted my eyes. “My shift’s done now. Time to hit the showers. And you look like you need one.”

Oh shit.

“Yeah. Good idea.”

I followed Marcus into the change rooms, suddenly anxious. It was one thing to see your old school buddy as a muscle stud. Another thing to be constantly fighting the urge to check out his muslces. But now we were heading into the change rooms, where I knew an open shower room awaited.

I walked up to my locker and opened it, pulling my towel and body wash out. I slowly pulled my sweaty tshirt over my head and stuffed it into my locker. As I sat down to untie my shoelaces, I lifted my head to try and spot Marcus. Yes I’ll admit, it was to see him take his shirt off. But instead, I looked directly as him as he removed his shorts and the biggest piece of meat I’ve ever seen outside of a screen flopped out in front of me. It was all I could do not to gasp at the size of the thing.

“It’s alright, man. I’m used to the stares,” Marcus said.

I immediately averted my eyes and looked up. Marcus was grinning widely. Probably from having caught another guy impressed by his dick. At least I hoped I came across as more impressed than desiring.

“Don’t be shy man. I’m sure you’re doing fine.” Marcus grabbed his towel and headed to the shower room.

I took a deep breath. Thankfully I had managed so far to keep my cock from rising. (put in that it’s last shift of the day. empty gym). Standing up, I dropped my shorts. My dick, which up until now I hadn’t had an issue with, flopped out and hung over my balls. It wasn’t small by any means but that didn’t stop me from being slightly hesitant to present it to Marcus for comparison. Not that I thought Marcus’s intentions were anything other than showering after a workout. But all guys look at what’s around them right?

I heard the water turn on from the shower and I knew I had waited long enough. Any longer and Marcus would definitely know I was nervous about entering the shower with him. I stood up, grabbed my stuff and walked in.

“Take a while to get those legs going eh?” Marcus said as I turned into the room. “Those leg exercises are killer aren’t they?”

I nodded and laughed as naturally as I could manage as I saw Marcus’s tall, muscular body and the water cascading over it and running off the end of his long cock. I quickly looked away, choosing the showerhead that was opposite him, Marcus’s conversation gave me a reason for that choice other than the view.

“So this is weird right?” Marcus asked.


“I mean. Bumping into each other after all these years.”

“Oh yeah. Totally.”

“And we’ve both done pretty well for ourselves (add MY job earlier).” Marcus added, filling his hands with body wash.

“Yeah. Plenty has changed that’s for sure.” I couldn’t stop myself from looking up and down his body as he began to lather up.

“Don’t worry mate. Stick with me and our program and we’ll get you back into that ripped body you had in high school.” Marcus’s eyes darted away as he finished that sentence. And was that a slight blush on his cheeks?

I grabbed my own body wash and began to wash my body. I deliberately avoided my junk, knowing that any attention was risky. Marcus however, had no such issues as he grabbed some more shower gel and his hands dove down below his waist. He quickly lathered up his dick and balls. I guess when you’re that big you’ve got nothing to be shy about.

“We’re both a long way from our high school bodies man. I don’t remember you being that big,” I said, intending it to be a compliment on his physique. Instead, my deeper thoughts betrayed me and I looked right at his cock as I said that last word.

“Oh yeah. I was a late bloomer in that department mate. I remember being nervous at the start. A couple of you guys seemed miles ahead of me.” Now it was Marcus’s turn to glance downwards.

My dick responded at the extra interest and the topic of conversation. I was now powerless to stop it from growing further.

“You looked?” I asked, nervously trying to confirm whether Marcus was genuinely interested, just curious or only making conversation.

“Everyone looked right?” Marcus said confidently, continuing to soap up his package. “Just it seems some of us were a little more interested…?”

“You knew?”

“Not really then. I mean when you suddenly quit every sporting endeavour I suspected. I came pretty close to doing the same thing.” Marcus’s cock began to grow. “But I mean it’s pretty obvious now right?”

My heart was thumping now and my head was spinning. Marcus had pretty much confirmed he was into guys, had confirmed that he knew I was. My mind raced with the possibilities of what could happen from here. Marcus’s cock was now almost fully hard in his hand now. And it was big. Mine was rock hard as well and I found myself in one of the rare occurrences where my endowment came in second place.

“You really thought I was big back then?” I asked. If Marcus was going to be so open about it, I decided I was going to take the opportunity and make the most of it.

“Oh yeah. It’s still a good one mate.” Marcus began stroking now. I had never jerked off in a gym shower before, while I was worried about someone walking in, it was Marcus’s gym, so I figured if he was doing it then it must be OK.

I took my cock in hand and began stroking, feeling an immediate stirring in my balls.

“You’ve got me covered now though.” I belatedly replied.

Marcus took a step forward. “Yeah but I reckon you’re thicker.”

My heart rate increased again and my balls tightened against my body. In the space of five minutes, I had gone from catching a glimpse of my old school buddy’s massive cock to jerking off as that big dick walked towards me. Not only was it my old school buddy, the guy I had checked out in the school’s showers, the guy I had had secret thoughts about, he was now my personal trainer. A personal trainer with the best body and the biggest cock I had ever seen in a gym.

I had thought about this happening in our school’s showers so many times. Now that it was happening my body responded instantly. I could feel my orgasm approaching and forced myself to slow my stroking and my breathing in an effort to delay it.

“You wanna compare?” Marcus asked.

I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that I had thought about doing exactly that every time we had showered together. Judging by the look on Marcus’s face, I assumed he had thought the same thing back in the day.

“Sure.” I stepped forward now, meeting Marcus in the middle of the shower room.

Marcus’s hand reached out and his fingers wrapped around my shaft. Before I could respond, I felt his cock slide against mine, the slick sensation sent a jolt of pleasure through my body. A moan escaped my lips but I quickly stifled it.

“Don’t worry,” Marcus encouraged as he slid our cocks against each other in his hand. “The gym’s closed now.”

I let out a deep moan as a shudder passed through my body. My dicked dribbled precum into Marcus’s fingers, adding to the slickness of his movements.

“See,” Marcus said softly. “You are thicker.”

I looked down to confirm, my head rested against Marcus’s solid pec muscle. The sight of Marcus’s long piece of meat sliding against mine was captivating. All other thoughts were driven from my by the sight of our rock hard cock’s fighting for space in Marcus’s fist.

“Feeling good mate?” Marcus asked, his voice soft in my ear as I leant against him.

“Yeahhhhhh.” My reply was drawn out and morphed into a deep moan as Marcus’s fingers rubbed around the ridge of my exposed head.

Sensing my intense pleasure Marcus responded by picking up the pace on our dicks. I knew I was close but was still working to fight back the impending climax. Marcus continued, jerking hard and fast now. I could feel his dick pulsing against mine. I could hear his heart beating in his chest.

“Don’t wait,” he grunted. “Cum for me.”

That was it. That was all I needed to hear. As soon as Marcus finished that sentence my climax began. My legs tensed and the pleasure quickly overtook me. My dick throbbed and the first shot of cum fired hard against Marcus’s abs. I grunted, loud and low, reaching out and grabbing Marcus’s strong arm to brace myself as the pleasure coursed through my body. I shot again and again, painting Marcus’s smooth body with my pent up seed.

“Fuck yeah.” Marcus panted as he continued to stroke.

As the crest of my climax passed and I worked to regain control of my body while Marcus continued to stroke. The aftershocks of my orgasm rippled through me and as my cock’s sensitivity increased in it’s post-orgasmic state I found myself reaching out again to hold myself up. But there was no way I was removing my cock from the slickness of Marcus’s hand or from the feel of his hardness next to me.

Marcus groaned as he stroked. I could tell he was close. I reached down and gripped his smooth balls, hoping to push him over the edge. I wanted Marcus to cum, just as hard as I had.


I felt Marcus’s body go rigid against mine. His hand fell from my shoulder, grabbing onto my hip to brace himself as he hit his point of no return.

“Fuck yeah,” I encouraged.

Marcus’s deep grunt echoed off the shower walls as I felt the first blast of cum against my body. As his body shook and his cum fired his hand slipped further, gripping his fingers into my cheeks as he continued stroking through his orgasm. I felt his load dripping down his body as he moaned and panted through the pleasure.

My dick, now mostly flaccid, fell from his fingers as he slowed his pace and he tried to get his breathing under control.

“Mate, I’ve been thinking about that since Year 9.” Marcus slowly stepped back and I took a long look at his incredible body, his long wilting dick and the load of my cum splashed over his abs.

“You and me both.” I stepped back and rinsed my body.

“So we should book in your gym sessions late in the day I think.”

“I agree. I think that will certainly make me more motivated to workout.”

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