Bathroom Bareback

Bathroom Bareback – M/M Gay Public Erotica

Fuck I need some dick!

The enforced social isolation brought about by the pandemic had meant it had been weeks since Ryan had his hole ravished. He knew plenty of people were struggling with isolation and while he was still working and most of his life was normal he was really missing cock. The need was starting to infect his day to day life. His thoughts were constantly turning back to dick. 

What probably didn’t help Ryan’s current situation was that he had recently reconnected with an old fuck buddy, Lleyton. A buddy that really knew how to get the most out of him. How to flip the ‘slut’ switch inside him and turn him completely cock hungry. Their sessions had been as hot and heavy as ever and they’d been hooking up regularly right until the lockdown order was given.

Maybe if Ryan wasn’t getting fucked so well and so often in the lead-up, he might’ve dealt with this isolation better. But he knew that Lleyton and that great dick was only a 10-minute drive from his house and that Lleyton was missing his hole as much as Ryan was missing the cock that filled it so well. 

Ryan was now sitting, alone on the couch, following a frustrating shift at work. This is when he would usually hit up Lleyton and invite himself over. They had a routine. Ryan would let himself in and find Lleyton naked on the bed. Ryan would strip and start sucking Lleyton’s cock. Once Lleyton was fully hard and fully worked up he’d throw Ryan down on the bed, lube himself up and pound Ryan’s hole. Ryan would furiously jerk himself to an intense orgasm while Lleyton pounded his prostate, filling Ryan’s ass with a hot load in the process. 

Now the routine had changed, out of unfortunate necessity. The new routine was hot but less satisfying. Ryan sent a text to Lleyton. They had a little small talk before Ryan reminded him of the secluded disabled toilet halfway between their houses that someone had forgotten to lock. Lleyton reminded them both that they shouldn’t be heading out for hookups during this time of enforced social isolation. Ryan sent a few naughty messages to try and change Lleyton’s mind but he was too well behaved. However, Lleyton would provide Ryan with enough dirty talk to get him jerking and satisfied. 

Knowing that a wank was the best he could hope for tonight Ryan fished his already hard cock out of his pants and sent a text to Lleyton. 

Hey, how you doing?

Horny as! You too I guess!

Ryan realised he had become a bit predictable. But these guys knew where they stood with each other. He decided to get straight to the point. 

I can be bent over for you, waiting in that toilet cubicle we talked about in 10 minutes.

Fuck you’re naughty.

Just need your dick and know you need my hole.

We shouldn’t.

Who’d know?

Fuck. Tempted. Lleyton sent through a pic of his hard cock, leaking in his hand.

Ryan’s hole twitched. Could Lleyton be about to fold?

I’m heading there now. I’ll be there in 5. Bent over. Ass ready. Won’t even talk. The rest is up to you.

Ryan quickly got dressed and jumped in his car. His cock was throbbing, his hole tingling. He didn’t know if Lleyton was going to follow him in but he knew this was as good a chance as any and if he was actually there and waiting it may be too hard for Lleyton to resist. 

Ryan pulled into the car park that was closest to the bathrooms and had a quick look around. The change of season and the overcast conditions meant it was dark earlier than usual and as a result, no one was wandering around. He fumbled around in the glove box for the tube of lubricant he kept there ‘just in case’ and, upon finding it, stepped out of the car and walked towards the dark corner where the unlocked bathroom was located. 

Ryan opened the door and the light automatically turned on. It seemed way too bright for a secretive hookup but he knew the angle of the building hid this door from the view of anyone walking or driving past. He quickly assessed the state of things. The bathroom was, thankfully, pretty clean. The fact that it was hidden away had meant it remained unlocked but also meant not many had used it. 

Ryan stripped completely naked, his hard cock leaving a trail of precum on his pants as he removed them. He lubed up his finger and began playing with his hole. Doing his best to reach behind him, he managed to take a picture of his open and waiting position and send it to Lleyton. He didn’t know if Lleyton had replied to his earlier message and didn’t check. That picture was Ryan’s final attempt at changing Lleyton’s mind. If it worked his fingers would be soon replaced by a thick, cut cock ready for breeding. If it didn’t he’d enjoy a naughty, risky solo session.

Ryan penetrated himself with two fingers, wanting to make sure he was ready in case Lleyton came through the door. His ass felt great, instantly relaxing around his fingers, as if it knew cock was coming. He forced himself to leave his own demanding erection alone, knowing that it wouldn’t take long for Lleyton to make him cum and not wanting to rush it any more than necessary. 

Just as he inserted a third finger into his ass he heard the door open. He moved his hand quickly away, ensuring that his hole was on display and available. Ryan felt a hand on the middle of his back. Fuck it was really happening. Feeling pressure against his hole Ryan gasped, knowing this is exactly what he’d been waiting for. 

His hole stretched as he felt the cock slide inside him. There was a purpose behind it, not the slow penetration Lleyton usually started with, but this was an unprecedented situation. Moaning as he was filled with hard cock, Ryan reached up and started stroking his own.

As the pace of the gifted top increased so did the pace of Ryan’s hand. It wasn’t long before Ryan was getting pounded from behind, exactly what he expected and exactly what he needed. 

Ryan could feel his orgasm quickly approaching. He knew he was about to spray his load all over the bathroom floor and hoped he could hang on long enough for his top to breed him as he did so well. 

As if sensing this need Ryan was gripped by the hips and slammed to the hilt. He heard grunting and felt the cock inside him spasm and he quickly knew he’d been pumped full of cum. That was enough to send him over the edge and, moaning like an animal he fired shot after shot of cum onto the floor. His cock throbbed and he felt his ass contract around the wilting dick inside him. He concluded his orgasm and reached a hand out to steady himself against the wall. 

He felt empty as the skilled top removed himself. He felt a slap on his ass before quick footsteps and the sound of the door opening. He quickly turned his head to thank Lleyton for the treatment but was too late. The door was closed. 

Ryan turned again and continued to hold himself against the wall, unable to return from his bent position just yet. He was worried his legs would give out, such was the intensity of his orgasm. Ryan breathed deeply in an effort to compose himself. He shouldn’t hang around longer than needed, especially naked standing over a floor sprayed with cum. 

Just as Ryan was beginning to get himself together he heard the door open again. Shit! Someone else was here! He was in trouble now. Ryan froze in fear as he heard footsteps approaching. Who was this guy? 

Before Ryan could turn and protest or ask any questions he felt a hand on his back, holding him firmly in position. 

“Fuck, you are ready.”


“You said you wanted me here didn’t you?” 


Ryan’s voice was cut off by Lleyton’s cock which slid inside him fully with its first stroke. 

“Plenty of lube eh? Good boy.”

Ryan’s hole was throbbing now, somewhere between pain and pleasure. He’d never been fucked back to back like this. But he knew he couldn’t stop Lleyton once he got going and he quickly realised he didn’t want to. He relaxed and arched his back, allowing Lleyton full access to his hole. 

“Fuck you feel good,” Lleyton moaned as he increased his pace. “I hope you’ve got a big load to blow.”
Ryan quickly embraced the feeling of Lleyton’s cock, his mind still reeling from the realisation that he’d just been bred by a random and was now being fucked by the fuck buddy he had been prepared for. His cock was surprisingly responsive to the quick turnaround and before too long Ryan found himself jerking his cock hard, moaning along with Lleyton. 

Lleyton fucked harder and faster, knowing that Ryan was there to be used, but unaware that he was second to the party. 

“Fuck me harder Lleyton!” Ryan moaned, eager now for Lleyton to add his own load to that which was already inside him. 

Lleyton slammed his cock into Ryan, bottoming out with each movement. Ryan felt the intense pleasure he’d come to expect from Lleyton as his cock hit his prostate with each new penetration. Amazingly, Ryan was rapidly approaching a second orgasm. 

“You need a load don’t you slut?” Lleyton asked as he continued to fuck Ryan deeply. “Haven’t taken a dick like this in so long.”
That’s what Ryan needed from Lleyton, just being used, treated like a piece of meat for his pleasure. He knew he was a slut where Lleyton was concerned and, even though he’d gotten fucked hard only minutes before, he wanted nothing more than for Lleyton to fill his hole with his seed. 

“Fuck! Cum in me!” 

Lleyton grabbed Ryan by the hips and drove his cock deep inside as he unloaded in the willing hole presented to him. Lleyton grunted and Ryan felt his cock spasm as he orgasmed. Ryan stroked himself hard as Lleyton filled him. His balls raised as Lleyton hit his prostate hard, holding his cock inside him. His legs tensed and his ass gripped Lleyton’s hard cock. Ryan tensed and fired his second load almost as hard as the first, adding to the already considerable amount of his cum on the floor. 

“Fuck that was good,” Lleyton said as he withdrew his cock. 

“Holy shit,” Ryan stood up straight, knowing that he’d be feeling the effects of this treatment for a couple of days. 

Lleyton slapped Ryan’s ass and walked out of the bathroom, leaving Ryan to redress and come to terms with what the hell had just happened. 

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