Storage Locker Secret – gay public erotica

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This gay public erotica story was inspired by a buddy who has a fantasy about this at his workplace. I hope you like it.

I honestly hate when the company moves me to a different site for one shift. It’s just crazy inconvenient. I picked the location I work at regularly because it’s easy to get to where I live. Sending me to a suburb on the other side of the city, on the morning of the shift, isn’t really helpful. The fact that I had been sent to one of the quietest locations, and knew I would be working alone was also pretty shitty, to be honest.

It had been two hours since I had flipped the SafeSpace Storage sign to OPEN and not a single customer had come into the office. Monday was always quiet. I had seen a few access their storage units on the CCTV cameras but none had needed assistance. Keeping an eye on those cameras made me realise, however, that there was one positive thing about this location. There was no camera behind my desk in the office. So, once I had worked out how to hotspot my phone to my laptop to bypass the website blockages, I had pretty much been surfing through PornHub since 10 am.

It’s 11:30am now and I’ve just found a particularly interesting video of a few young, slim men rolling around a large bed. As a result the semi I had been sporting for most of the morning graduating to full-blown erection. So of course, someone walks through the office door. Right now. Just as the first of the row of blonde twinks in the video has a load blasted into his waiting face. I look up from the screen, flicking my browser away from the paused video to see a face that could’ve starred in what I was just watching. About 5’8″, blonde, slim, smooth face, blue eyes. Like this guy could be in the dictionary as a visual representation of twink.

“Um. Hello?” he says, and I realise I had spaced out, looking at him.

“Hey sorry. How can I help?”

“My dad sent me in to get some stuff from our storage locker but I don’t know where it is, and I don’t know the combination. But I’ve got his ID.” He looks me up and down as he smiles.

“I could definitely help you find what you need.” I flash my best smile. I’m not sure if my gaydar is pinging or if it was just that I’d watched this kind of guy fuck for 20 minutes, but I was very keen to help him out. In whatever way he wanted.

After retrieving his locker number and code, we check the map and head off. I flip the sign to “Back in 10 minutes” and we wander off down the hall. As we walk I can feel his eyes darting to the side, convincing me that he was checking me out. Or maybe I’m just being hopeful, I don’t know.

“So have you worked here long?” he asks as we turned the corner into Area B, where his unit is.

“For the company for a couple years. But I’m not usually at this site.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re on the shift today. You’ve been very helpful.”

“Happy to help.” I turn and smile again. He returns the smile with a glint in his eyes that makes it clear it isn’t just my hope that has created a little spark between us.

We walk a little further down the corridor until we come to 237, his storage unit.

“I’m Josh by the way,” he say as I twist the combination lock.

“Leo,” I smile at him as I open the lock.

I pull the door up and Josh steps inside. He smiles and I look into his eyes.

“Is that all you need Josh?” I ask, doing my best to sound suggestive.

“Hmm. I could use help just finding a couple things in here.” Josh steps back into the space of the storage locker.

I take the hint and step forward. Josh steps up to me, reaches a hand over my shoulder and pulls the roller door down.

As the door hits the ground and the automatic lights pop on, I feel Josh’s body against me. He reaches his hands into my waistband, wasting no time to find my quickly growing cock. As we kiss and our bodies grind together, he leads me until I’m leaning against a chest of drawers on the side of his storage space.

“We got 10 minutes right?” Josh says before kissing my neck.



Without a word from me, Josh moves down onto his knees. My cock is rock hard again in my shorts, but before long Josh slides them down and my thick uncut dick pops out. The drop of precum that has been building since this morning is waiting on the tip and Josh eagerly licks it up. I gasp and push my cock toward his lips.

Josh submits quickly, taking the entire length of my cock into his mouth in one swift movement. He knows we’re pressed for time and he knows what he wants. My body stiffens as the head of my cock nestles in the tightness at the back of his throat. Josh gags slightly but keeps it there. My dick pulses with the wet grip around it.

My head falls back and I stifle another moan, knowing that someone could be walking past the locker. Knowing that being found out could cost me my job. But the pleasure as Josh starts to bob up and down on my stiff pole is almost too much to hold back. I hear Josh reach for one of the drawers and feel the wood press against my thighs. I shift forward to allow him access, shoving my head again into the back of his throat as I do. He gags but takes it and holds it there while his hand rummages around in the drawer.

I look down and his deep blue eyes meet mine. A hot sight if ever there was one. Made even hotter by the fact that the entire length of my cock is hidden inside Josh’s wet mouth. Josh passes something up to me and I quickly understand how prepared this guy is. The familiar rustle of a foil package and a small plastic tube are thrust into my hand and I know what’s coming next.

With a quick movement and without a word, Josh is standing in front of me, his back turns as he undoes his jeans. As quickly as I remove the condom from its packet, Josh reveals his firm ass. Perfectly round and hairless, just as I expected. I quickly slide the sheath over my aching shaft and add a small amount of lube to my erection. I don’t want Josh walking around sticky all day, and by the way I watch him lick his fingers and slide two inside his waiting hole, I knew I didn’t need much extra assistance in sliding inside.

Josh bends over slightly, resting his hands on a pile of boxes lined up against the opposite wall. It does just enough that I get a glimpse of his smooth pink hole. It’s only a glimpse, but I have no time to admire it. I immediately step forward, sliding one hand into the fold of his right hip and placing the other on his back.

I push my cock against his hole, feeling the long-awaited release of his muscles as I begin to slide inside. He moans softly as I enter, bracing himself against the intrusion but taking it all as my hips now rest against his cheeks.

I hold my cock inside him for just a moment, allowing him to adjust. He sighs, clearly enjoying the feeling of my thickness opening his hole.

“Five minutes stud.” Josh looks back over his shoulder, and the suggestion is clear.

I slowly withdraw my length from Josh’s open hole, leaving just the head resting inside.

“You want this?” I ask, pulsing my dick against his opening.

“Fuck yes,” he replies, his voice hoarse with arousal.

I brace myself, spreading my legs as I penetrate Josh again, quickly finding a rhythm that I know will get me off. I can tell that Josh only wants one thing. After over an hour of teasing my cock in the front office, I’m ready to give it to him.

Holding Josh in place, I grunt as I slam my cock into his willing hole. I don’t hold back. I know Josh wants it and I can tell right away that he can take it. With each thrust, he grunts and I moan, both of us forgetting for a moment just how close to the public we could be.

My dick pulses inside him, the attention I had paid it already this morning meaning that I’m rapidly getting close to my release. I desperately want to make this last, the tightness and firmness of the young ass in front of me is a rare treat, but I know I can’t. Not today.

I fuck harder and faster, feeling the beginnings of my orgasm build. The familiar tinglings of a worked-up load pass through my toes and I know it won’t be long. I slam my cock deep, watching my shaft drive between the spread cheeks beneath me.

“Fuck. Cum for me,” Josh almost squeals as I fuck him.

The need in Josh’s voice pushes me over the edge. With a couple of quick final thrusts, I feel my balls rise, my cock pulse and a shudder run through my body.

“I’m cumming!” I grunt as I bury my cock deep, feeling it throb as my load shoots into the waiting condom.

Josh’s ass grips my cock, milking every drop of cum from me as the pleasure of my orgasm surges through me. I hold my cock deep, allowing every shot to fire and my dick to drain completely.

“You needed that eh?” Josh says as he slowly stands up, causing my cock to slide from his hole.

“Oh you have no idea.” I reach down and grab the condom before it can slide off and make a mess. It’s full, as expected. A morning of light edging and a beautiful twink hole is an excellent combination.

I quickly tie the end of it up and slip it into my pocket. It isn’t ideal but the closest bin is back in the front office. One that I feel confident enough to leave this in anyway.

“I better get back to the desk,” I say, smiling as I hitch my shorts back up.

Josh reaches into my pocket and for a moment I’m wondering if he wants round two already. Instead, he grabs my phone and punches in his number.

“Let me know next time you’re on shift here. I just live around the corner.” He grins, pats my bulge, and unlocks and lifts the roller door.

I wander back to the office. As usual there’s one drop of cum left that drips from my dick, moistening my briefs.

I get to the front desk to unlock the door and there’s an elderly lady waiting. I quickly apologise and open the office, pulling her key from the safe and reminding her of the direction of her locker.

As I open up my laptop and quit the browser that had entertained me this morning I look up and see a guy walking up the driveway. He’s about my height, and build, with a similar beard to mine. His tattoo sleeve is bigger than mine though. Weird.

I check the CCTV screen to make sure nothing’s gone wrong while I’ve been fucking Josh and I see him leaving his locker. A couple of boxes on a trolley. My doppelganger enters the frame and walks straight up to Josh.

Josh rests the trolley down and wraps his arms around the new man. They kiss and new guy grabs a handful of the ass I had fucked only minutes before.

At least I know why Josh wanted to wear a condom. And I can confirm I’m definitely his type.

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