A New Kind Of Gym Buddy – gay first time erotica

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Sometimes as a writer, you start a longer work and it doesn’t work out. Then you put it in the scrapyard, hoping that something can be salvaged from it. That is the case for this gay first time story of Todd making a new acquaintance at his new gym.

It had been four days since Todd had started living in the dorm at his new university. In those four days, he had taken part in a jam-packed orientation schedule and had met several people, including his new roommate, David.

David was great but his presence was taking a bit of getting used to. It was the first time since he was 11 years old that Todd had shared a room and he had gotten used to having the privacy to take care of his ‘needs’ whenever they arose.

Privacy was becoming a real issue. David had hardly left the room and seemed to have an aversion to knocking on doors. Any time that Todd considered wrapping his hand around his demanding and more frequent erections David walked straight into the room, including when he was in the shower when he thought he might have a moment to himself. The guy had no shame and Todd thought he had seen as much of David’s cock in these four days as he had his own.

Todd’s phone buzzed to alert him to a new message. He picked up the phone and saw it was from the girl he had been seeing back home. That relationship had had the potential to become serious, but with both of them moving away they had decided to keep it casual. That was another thing Todd was missing. The casual antics between himself and Melissa had been almost as regularly as his solo sessions.

He opened the message and sighed. The pictures she had sent were hot and steamy as always and they weren’t helping his current situation. His cock instantly responded, pressing at the sweatpants he was wearing. It had been four days since he had taken care of himself but almost two weeks since he had been taken care of by anyone else. At this rate, he was willing to take any offer, as long as it came with some privacy.

“All yours mate,” David said.

Todd looked up from his phone to see David, yet again completely nude, walking from the bathroom. He moved quickly to hide the obvious erection he was sporting. His eyes were drawn to the big cock hanging between David’s legs. Yet again he was impressed and a little jealous of the size of it.

“Sorry I was in there for a while,” David said. “Needed to rub one out.”

Damn this guy had no shame. An unexpected vision of David stroking that big cock in the shower flashed into Todd’s mind and he found himself wondering just how big that thing was hard. It wasn’t a vision he necessarily wanted but it did nothing to reduce the swelling in his sweats.

“You gonna jump in?” David asked, bringing Todd back to reality.

“Oh, nah,” Todd said. “Going to go to check out the gym.”
Todd adjusted the bulge in his sweats and got up from the bed. He picked up his gym bag and quickly walked out of the room.

Todd knew his new campus would have a gym, he was just hoping it was well set up. His last university had the bare minimum and it made it so much harder to keep up with the progress he had made in building up the body he was now quite proud of. He adjusted the bag on his shoulder and walked through the doors.

“Hey there!” a chipper voice greeted Todd as he walked into the reception area.

“Uh, hi,” Todd walked up to the desk, noticing that the chipper voice had a nametag, Steve.

“First time?” Steve asked, subtly eyeing Todd from head to toe, something Todd had gotten used to the more muscle he’d packed onto his 6’2” frame.

“Yeah, just hoping to get some weights in.”

“Good timing, we’re almost closed. Jump in and get started, I’ll come and find you with the consent form OK? Weights on the ground floor, cardio on the mezzanine,” Steve was gesturing through the windows towards the equipment. “Change rooms and showers down the hall, gents on the right, ladies on the left.”

“Thanks,” Todd smiled politely. He walked towards the change rooms, knowing Steve’s eyes would be following him.

Todd pulled out his towel, and workout clothes and threw his gym bag into an empty locker. He needed this workout badly. His cock had finally gone down on the walk to the gym and he hoped the workout would distract his body from the sexual release he needed.

After quickly changing in the empty locker room he headed into the weights area. The gym was pretty well set up and by the time he was onto his fourth machine Todd had worked up a healthy sweat and his workout top was clinging to his back and outlining his abs nicely. This was the part of the gym workout he enjoyed. He liked seeing how his body looked in his workout gear. Back home he was one of the more well-built guys and he took pride in being able to show off his broad shoulders and his chiselled abs. He glanced around to see if there was anyone worth showing off to and noticed that he was the only one in the weights room. Glancing upstairs to the cardio section he noticed there seemed to be an empty floor up there too. With another glance around the workout area, he caught the eye of Steve at the desk. Steve smiled appreciatively. Todd couldn’t help but smile back, he wasn’t into guys but at least someone was noticing the work he was putting in.

Todd had worked hard for over an hour, enjoying the punishing feeling of the workout he had missed recently. He had cleared his mind of the tension caused by the start of a new school year but one thought stuck.

I’m fucking horny.

His workout finished, Todd grabbed his towel and headed back to the change room. He definitely needed a shower now and he knew that in the gym change room, David wouldn’t walk in halfway through. He stripped his workout gear off and grabbed his second towel. Not surprisingly his neglected penis responded instantly to its freedom and began to swell.

Todd entered the shower area, glad he was the only one around. His boner wouldn’t have made the best first impression on any potential gym buddies. He turned the warm water on and stepped underneath, rinsing the sweat from his body.

Todd lathered up his body and couldn’t help but admire the lean muscle he had managed to develop over the summer. He hoped that those muscles wouldn’t go unnoticed by the ladies around campus.
As he soaped up more of his body he couldn’t help but give his erection a couple of gentle tugs. It was the most attention he had given it in days and damn, it felt good. His penis throbbed as he lightly stroked it, clearly needing to be fully taken care of. But he couldn’t do it here, could he? In the open showers at the gym?

“I hope I didn’t interrupt,” Steve, the late-night gym receptionist, was standing at the opening to the showers holding a clipboard.

Shit! Steve had to know what Todd had been doing, but he decided to play it cool. Yes, he was as hard as a rock but if he didn’t make note of it maybe he would get the hint that his erection wasn’t an invitation and Steve would leave him to it.

“I’m just about done here,” Todd said as he rinsed the soap off his body. “I suppose you want to close up, sorry.”

Todd shut off the water, grabbed his towel, attempted to hide his erection and walked towards his locker.

“Yeah, just come to let you know we’re about to close. But it looks like you were about to finish in here anyway,” Steve said.

He was seemingly unfazed by Todd’s boner and followed Todd back to his locker where Todd took a seat on the bench.

“Yeah. I’m just going to get dressed and head back to the dorm.”

Despite his embarrassment, his boner refused to subside. If anything, he felt like it had grown since Steve had announced his presence and given Todd his attention. Steve sat down next to him, his leg almost touching Todd’s.

“Well, clearly you’re not ready to get dressed yet.” Steve nodded towards Todd’s obvious arousal. “I noticed you looked my way while you worked up such a nice sweat. Is this because of me?”

Todd stammered, unable to find the words to explain anything. He didn’t know what to say. His boner was certainly not because of the male receptionist. It was mostly just because of his pent-up state, but his dick had a mind of its own, somehow knowing that some form of attention was present.

“Um, I was just…” his words were cut off by Steve’s hand reaching under the towel and encircling his rod.

He was caught so much by surprise that he couldn’t manage any protest and before he knew it the towel was gone and this man’s hand was sliding up and down his hard, wet cock.

“You like that Todd?” Steve was moving closer and closer, his hand slowly and deliberately working him up and down. Todd couldn’t deny the pleasure and succumbed to Steve’s clearly experienced hands. He moaned, his eyes closed and he was momentarily lost in the feeling of another hand working his cock, forgetting that that hand was attached to a male.

Todd couldn’t deny the skills of the hand working his dick but when he opened his eyes he was struck again by the fact that a man was jerking him off. Just as he was about to put a stop to the action and assert his sexuality he felt a hand starting to caress his balls, hanging low from the hot shower, and he couldn’t help but let out another soft moan.

This new move pushed the last reluctant thoughts from his mind and Todd decided to give this new experience his full attention.

The gentle hands caressing his swollen sack worked their way around confidently, exploring many places that Todd enjoyed exploring in his own time. The combination of the roaming fingers and the tight grip on his shaft was getting him close to release.

“I’m going to cum,” he announced, rather politely.

His body tensed and his balls raised. This was it. About to happen. His breath was short, sharp and shallow.

He curled his toes, clenched his 6-pack abs, closed his eyes and grabbed Steve’s shoulder as he felt the cum stir from his balls.

What was intended as a moan of release, came out as a low roar and a surprisingly large load pumped its way out of his cock, catching Steve by surprise. Todd opened his eyes as he felt the first shot hit his chest, a new record for him. Each of the next six or seven shots of thick, hot cum worked their way progressively down his body until he could see that Steve’s hand was covered. He lay back and closed his eyes, panting.

By the time he opened his eyes again, Steve was gone. Although he was incredibly grateful for the much-needed release, Todd’s head was spinning. As he wiped the cum from his body and got dressed his mind began to process all that had just happened. By the time Todd had let himself out of the ‘after-hours exit’, he knew he now had a new reason to make sure his gym sessions were late at night.

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