PBA Podcast – Season 3, Episode 1 – The New Format!

Welcome to Proud Bators Anonymous Season 3!

In this episode, we’re launching our new format, with a couple of new segments and a new cohost. Liam started the PBA podcast just over a year ago now with the aim of increasing the open conversation around what is a far too secretive topic. After seeing the interest in the podcast and the associated groups, he saw that it was time to change things up. The conversation was a little one-sided with just Liam behind the microphone. 

So he put the call out for others to join the team, including a cohost. Quite a few people got in touch, and now we have Sean Gordon sitting opposite Liam for a good chat about bating on the podcast. Sean is relatively new to identifying as a ‘Bator’ but is keen to keep the chat going. He knows which end of a microphone to speak in and, very conveniently lives only about 20 minutes from Liam, which is what set him apart from some of the others that showed an interest in joining. Sorry folks, time zones are always a challenge for us Aussies. 

We hope you welcome Sean with open arms, and hands, onto the podcast and enjoy the different perspectives that he’s going to add. The guys had a good chat in their first episode about how they have different experiences and are at different points on their bator journey. It’s going to make for some great chats along the way. 

The first of our new segments was brought in by Sean (Liam wasn’t going to let him just skate through his first episode) and it was a technique he tried thanks to the BateWorld BateOff which was part of BW’s celebration of Masturbation May. 

For the first time, Sean tried ‘self-milking’. He talked about his own experiences with trying it in detail in the episode but here’s the link to the BateOff video which inspired his attempts and his session. 

As we go along with our new format, Liam’s going to be helping to inform Sean’s bator journey a little and hopefully, you folks listening learn something as well. In this episode, he brought us a story about Kellog’s Cornflakes and Graham Crackers and how they relate to masturbation. Here’s an article about the cornflakes connection, but the boys’ chat in the episode has some fun ideas about it as well. 

We asked our Facebook group members during the week if there was anything they had used in a bate session that wasn’t intended for that purpose and it seems that baby oil is a common item for a bit of experimentation. Sean admitted he hadn’t tried it. Liam has but wasn’t a huge fan of the cleanup, which is his issue with lube generally anyway so that’s not surprising. 

For this week’s question we combined that with Liam’s breakfast food topic to come up with the following: Have you ever eaten your own product? Comment below if you want to share. 

Enjoy the episode and make sure you subscribe on your podcast platform to make sure you don’t miss any future episodes. 

We’d also love to hear what you think of the new format. It will be out every two weeks, with some Bator Profile interviews sprinkled in as well, because we know you enjoy those. Have any thoughts? Get in touch with Liam or comment below.

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