My First Wank

Part of the point of The Bator Life blog and podcast is to share my journey and experiences as a Bator.

Check out the first blog to get an idea of why I’ve started The Bator Life podcast and blog here.

But I thought I’d start with the story of my first wank. I remember it really well still to this day. 

I was 12, in Year 8 at school. We had had the introductor sex ed stuff. I knew what puberty was and what to kind of expect in the next few years. From my memory thinking back on it now I don’t remember masturbation being covered too much in the sex ed lessons. Maybe because I went to a slightly Christian school meant that the sex ed was focused around the changes of puberty and avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Interestingly we didn’t really talk about STIs until our final year of High School which was obviously kind of late for quite a few of the class but that’s a different issue altogether. 

So I don’t remember much talk about masturbation in the sex ed class. Which is an issue I think because those lessons did nothing to quash the later guilt I and I’m sure many others felt around their solo desires. But that’s something for another episode. 

Let’s get back to the main story. It’s Year 8, some sex ed classes have been and gone and from my memory I have no real idea about masturbation. But I start to overhear a few boys talking about ‘pulling’ their dicks. Particularly a bit of teasing of one particular guy, I’ll remember his name forever, David, who may have been the leading discoverer of this activity in Year 8B.
So after a few times of hearing these guys talking about ‘pulling’ their dick I thought I’d go home and give it a try. 

I remember this bit distinctly. As I’m sure a lot of bators remember their first. I got home from school one day. Went up to my bedroom to ‘study’. I sat down at my desk, took my pants down. Not all the way. Just enough to get the little guy out. 

Then I started pulling. Pulling my soft dick. I had no idea what I was doing and no idea what to expect at first. I was doing it with my left hand because that’s the hand the boys teased David about using. But then I got hard. Really hard. And it all clicked. The sex ed lessons. What an erection was and what it was for.
Despite not knowing what ‘jerking off’ was, I knew what was going to happen at the end of the pulling and the erection I had created. I quickly ripped one of my school socks off. Put the little fella inside. I’m rock hard by now so the ‘pulling’ has graduating to rubbing. 

Seemingly without warning the jolt runs through my body. You know the jolt I mean. The tinglies, then the hit. And that little grey school sock is flooded with my first orgasm. 

I don’t remember being hit by the usual post-orgasm guilt. I remember the pleasure. I remember all of those things clicking together. I already knew what an orgasm was and now I knew how to give myself one. 

I quickly balled up the sock with a towel and threw it in the washing basket, sorry mum. 

From then I was hooked. Just about every day of high school was spent the same way. Home from school, dick in hand. I moved on from the sock but still plenty of things to put through the laundry. At some point I switched from my left hand to right hand for reasons unknown. But that was the start of my journey as a bator. 

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Thanks for reading. Happy Bating.