I Saw My Gym Buddy’s Dick – Bator Fiction Story

gym showers

Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through my twitter feed. Yes, that kind of twitter feed and something will spark a story idea. In this little video a guy is sitting on a bench in a change room when his gym buddy drops his short. The piece of meat the flops it out is substantial and the guy sitting can’t help but hide how impressed he is. Here’s the bator fiction story that came from that little spark. Listen along while you read, or use the links to subscribe to the podcast on your favourite platform. “It’s alright, man. I’m used to …

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End Of School Trip – Part 2 – Gay Teen Fiction

gay teen bedroom

This is part two of Dan’s story. Part one of this gay teen story can be read and listened to here. In this part two Dan ends up back in the boys’ hotel room and gets to see yet another side of his best mate. Listen along while you read or use the links to subscribe to the podcast. “Shit man. You’re done I reckon,” Moh put his arm around Dan as they walked away from the bar. The boys had all enjoyed an afternoon by the pool, drinking, perving and relaxing. They had seen plenty of skin and Dan …

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Laneway Will Do – Gay Erotic Fiction

I’m exploring my dom/sub fiction side a little with this gay erotic fiction story. Enjoy the written version or the audio version from the podcast is below. Why do I always meet the cute guys at the venue where I can’t fuck them? After buying him a couple of drinks and convincing him that yes he does need my load inside him tonight I lead the young guy I met tonight out of the venue. The next challenge is convincing him that because neither of us can take the other home tonight, the sauna nearby is the best option. As …

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Halloween Handjob – Straight First Time Gay Erotic Fiction

Another straight first time story taken from a fantasy I had at one of my Halloween parties. I hope you enjoy my little Halloween party fantasy. “How are you going in those heels mate?” Bobby asked as Yani walked past him to get another drink. “About as well as you’re going in that corset I’d say,” Yani laughed. His annual Halloween party had yet again resulted in several his mates presenting themselves in rather sexy costumes. “Blokes aren’t meant to wear either of them.” Bobby shifted the bodice of his outfit in an effort to get more comfortable. “And I …

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A Mouth Away From Home – Gay First Time Erotica

Jackson’s visiting Australia to play baseball. While he’s missing the ease of which he could pick up girls on his college campus, an opportunity presented itself in an unlikely place.
Enjoy this gay first time erotica story.

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