Strangers on a Train – Gay Erotic Fiction

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Strangers on a Train – Gay Erotic Fiction

This is an erotic fiction story inspired by a DM from a fan.

Part of Harrison’s morning routine was a secret scroll through his ‘naughty’ Twitter feed as he walked to the train station. That’s where he discovered a new podcast recommendation. 

Podcasts had become his go-to content for drowning out the crowds on the morning train to work. The train ride was an hour long and the more Harrison had to distract him from the carriage full of random bodies the better. 

The title of the podcast immediately caught Harrison’s attention. Gay Erotica by Liam Williams was basic but it told him enough that he knew what to expect when he clicked the link. Harrison had been recently discovered a whole new world of gay erotic fiction and had been secretly reading a lot. In the last week, there hadn’t been a day where he hadn’t busted a load while reading something filthy on his phone in the bathroom. Harrison had also listened to a few audiobooks but had found them to be of such varying quality that he hadn’t really gotten into them yet. But he was yet to explore the erotica podcast market and Liam Williams seemed as good a place as any to start. 

The most recent episode on the list was ‘Who Is Liam Williams?’. Harrison figured that would be a good place to start. It would allow him to get an idea of whether or not this guy could use a microphone (an issue many podcasters have) and whether his voice would be able to reflect the sexiness of the stories (an occasional issue with audiobooks). It also wouldn’t be too filthy for the packed train carriage. Harrison added the episode to the queue to play after the morning news briefing podcast and continued his walk to the train station. 

The platform looked a little emptier than usual and Harrison was relieved. It was usually a battle to get a seat on the morning train but today he felt like he stood a good chance of some comfort. As he found his usual spot on the platform, the news briefing finished and the introduction music of the Liam Williams podcast began. Again Harrison smiled to himself at the generically erotic tune but the theme music wasn’t why he had clicked the link. 

Liam’s voice entered as the music faded. His Australian accent took Harrison by surprise, but it wasn’t long until he relaxed into the easy and experienced rhythm of Liam’s speaking. From the very start, it was clear that he wasn’t just an amateur but that he was a man really making a proper go at this writing thing. That was a good sign for the quality of the stories. 

As Harrison listened he noticed an unfamiliar face wander onto the platform. This new attendee was clearly a ‘businessman’ complete with a dark suit and black laptop bag. There were always plenty that fit that mold on the train but the one now standing on Harrison’s right could have been the best-looking one that he had noticed in a while. Harrison subtly glanced in order to confirm those thoughts and, combined with the sexy voice of the newly-discovered Australian podcaster in his ears, Harrison’s mind began to wander. 

The train pulled up to the platform and the doors opened. Harrison quickly made his way to a seat and by coincidence ended up seated next to the newly discovered hottie. 

Harrison allowed his mind to wander further and his growing excitement allowed the podcasting app to continue through to the next episode of Gay Erotica. This one was an actual erotic story. Harrison hadn’t intended to consume audio porn on his morning commute but the combination of Liam’s sexy words and sexy accent quickly drew him in.
The story was good and drew him deeper as it went along. As the story reached its climax Harrison suddenly realized how obvious his erection was in his trousers. He quickly glanced around the train, grateful that most people were just as engrossed in their phones as he was. Until Harrison glanced to his left. 

It was instantly clear to Harrison that he wasn’t the only man on the train filling out their trousers. The man next to him, the young attractive businessman, quickly shifted in his seat, picking up his laptop bag.

Harrison quickly shifted his gaze up to the man’s handsome face to gauge the situation and realized that the stranger was smiling slightly, as a pink flush spread across his cheeks. He shrugged a little before placing his bag on his lap. It was clear from the bag’s placement that the cover was for the sake of everyone else on the train, Harrison was treated to an unimpeded view of the bulge. 

The man nodded at Harrison’s phone screen, clearly realizing that that was the content that had caused Harrison’s erection. Harrison quickly understood that it was his erection that had caused the stir in the stranger’s loins. He turned his phone and showed the man the podcast screen. He looked intrigued but also approving. 

Harrison subtly removed one of his earbuds and handed it to the man seated beside him. As he did so he lifted his own laptop bag onto his lap. The extra rush of such public action made his erection even suddenly more obvious, and even more difficult to hide. 

As Harrison’s handsome neighbor placed the bud in his ear Harrison scrolled through the episodes to find another hot story. Bathroom Bareback looked short enough to get right into the action, but also the public setting was a match for their current train carriage exploits. 

As the story began, the two men glanced regularly at each other’s now throbbing bulges. Harrison’s heart was racing and his head was spinning. He couldn’t believe that the handsome guy that he had just happened to sit next to was into guys, into him more particularly and was flaunting his huge erection in the seat right next to him on this busy morning train. 

Harrison became aware of the eyes that were now fixed on his cock and took the opportunity to assess the package next to him more fully. It looked big, easily over 7”, and thick. Harrison wondered if his fingers would even meet around its shaft. 

Harrison felt his neighbor’s hand sneak across his thigh, causing his cock to throb and leak precum into his briefs. 

“Shit!” Harrison thought. “Was he really doing this?” 

His eyes shot around the carriage again, working out if any attention was being directed their way. Harrison had never been more thankful about society’s dependence on technology than he was right then.

As the stranger’s hand found and began to rub the throbbing bulge in Harrison’s trousers, the podcast episode was quickly reaching its climax. Harrison thought he would cum right then and there but knew he had to hold it. Reason flashed through his mind and Harrison knew he couldn’t afford to mess up his suit trousers. 

But this new hand was very insistent, and stroked Harrison over his trousers forcefully, with all the desire and arousal that was coursing through both of these men. 

Harrison slid his hand under his neighbor’s arm and found his cock. Harrison was immediately captivated by its thickness, now fully present in his grip. Harrison rubbed with intent, determined to give his partner treatment equal to that which he was receiving.

Both men managed to hold their loads back as the characters of the story exploded all over their public bathroom setting, but neither of them removed their hands. They continued to rub each other, slowly but deliberately. 

Harrison was suddenly drawn back into the story as they both realized it wasn’t over. The story’s twist was unexpected and incredibly hot, especially in this public setting. Harrison felt the man next to him suddenly shudder. He knew exactly what that meant and gripped the shaft in his hand tight and stroked as best as he could with the fabric limitations. It was clear that the stranger had hit the point of no return and Harrison soon felt the thick cock throb as the body beside him stiffened.
Harrison’s own cock responded as expected and he was unable to hold back any longer. Feeling his neighbor’s orgasm quickly drove Harrison over the edge to his own. Harrison gave up any resistance and let his cock explode, filling his underwear with a massive load. The only thing harder than his cock at that point was how hard he bit his lip to stop him from crying out with the intensity of his unexpected pleasure. The stranger’s hand continued to massage Harrison’s cock through his pants as he shot one final time, feeling the wetness coating his shaft. 

As the almost forgotten about story podcast finally concluded, Harrison felt the last throb of the stranger’s cock beneath his hand and the last of his own cum dribble from his slowly wilting erection. 

Harrison slowly slid his hand off the stranger’s pants, working hard to regain his composure as they both realized they were entering the final stop and the rest of the passengers were preparing to alight. 

He glanced down at his crotch and was grateful to see that there was minimal leakage from his underwear through his trousers. But Harrison knew he would have to remove the briefs and would be spending the day going commando. That, together with the memory of this wild and unexpected experience, would probably lead to several unwanted erections throughout the day. Harrison glanced to his side and saw a more significant stain on his partner’s pants. Poor guy. 

As the train stopped and people started to shuffle towards the exit Harrison moved to get up. As he did so he felt a hand rest lightly on his own. Harrison paused as his hot neighbor leaned in to whisper in his ear. 

“Tell your wife you’re catching an earlier train tomorrow,” he said, tapping the wedding ring on Harrison’s hand before sidling away towards the door.