New Year, New Men – Gay first time erotica

This story was inspired by an episode of Friends, weirdly, where Joey and Chandler try to manipulate the party so that Chandler can kiss Monica at midnight. Don’t worry. There’s not hetero action in this first time erotica.

“Remember when we used to actually party on New Year’s Eve?” Steve asked as he sat on the couch next to Glenn.

“When we’d meet up for lunch the next day from whichever chick’s house we’d go to, with no memory of midnight?” Glenn was slurring his words. “That wasn’t really a party so much as a 2-day bender compressed into one night.”

“True. Would you count this as a party though?”

The guys looked around the lounge of Glenn’s house. There were 8 people here in total. Glenn and Steve were now sitting on the couch. Ian was getting all cuddly with his girlfriend Tara on the armchair. Reggie was engaged in a deep conversation with his girlfriend Corrine and Marty was earnestly trying to hit on Tara’s sister.

“You just bitching cos there’s only one single chick here?” Glenn leant over and punched Steve playfully in the shoulder, his inebriation meant that he ended up just leaning on Steve after his efforts.

Steve didn’t care. This group of guys had been friends since they were teenagers. Their bond was strong.

“Look, I wouldn’t have minded a little midnight action. But the night with you boys is tradition isn’t it?”

The guys had hit the town for New Year’s Eve the year they had turned 18 and were finally legal to hit the bars. That night had turned into an epic one and ever since they had gotten together for an annual celebration. But now as the guys were a little bit older, their parties had changed.

“Oi. I think Reggie is going to ask Corrine to marry him,” Glenn whispered in Steve’s ear.

“At midnight?”

“Nah. She’d hate the cliche.” Glenn shrugged. “Poor guy.”

That just summed up what had changed about the group. While Glenn and Steve were still single, the other boys seemed ready to settle down. It was hard to have a drink, and occasionally drug, fuelled bender when half the group had girlfriends to either bring or go home to. Steve hadn’t settled just yet. And if Glenn’s stories were anything to go by, he was happily untethered. Steve had dated a bit, and fucked a bit more, but nothing had seemed worth settling down for. This group of mates was the most consistent part of his life and he was just coming to realise that after a shitty year, he just wanted to spend time with his buddies.

“Five minutes!” Corrine announced.

“Oh shit. Let’s head out the back. We’ll see some fireworks.” Glenn struggled a little to get up off Steve’s shoulder and off the couch, placing his hand a little too firmly near Steve’s crotch to help himself up.


“Sorry dude. Don’t get your hopes up.” Glenn patted Steve on the shoulder and led everyone outside.

Steve rolled his eyes and laughed as he stood from the couch. They each grabbed a drink from the cooler by the door and took up a spot on Glenn’s back deck, looking towards the city. Ian had his arm around Tara’s waist. Marty had clearly made some progress with Tara’s sister and was standing there with his arm around her shoulders. Corrine was sitting on Reggie’s lap on one of the lounge chairs Glenn had set up. Not the position for a proposal.

“This is it!” Tara announced. “Ten!”

They all joined in the countdown.





The fireworks shot off before they hit one.

“Fuck!” Glenn exclaimed as they all laughed.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” they all yelled in unison as the fireworks continued.

Steve watched as Corrine turned and kissed Reggie firmly, if he’d wanted to propose he missed his chance. Ian moved on Tara, her arms draped over his shoulders. Marty even made his final move and sealed the deal with Tara’s sister.

“Shit bro. We’re the odd ones out eh?” Glenn laughed.

“Yeah, mate. Kinda feel left out.”

The guys looked at each other for a moment. Glenn laughed again and shrugged.

“Come here, buddy.” Glenn stepped forward and put a hand on the back of Steve’s head.

Before Steve realised what was happening, Glenn’s lips were against his. Steve started to flinch away and laughed against the kiss. Classic Glenn, he thought. But Glenn’s lips stayed for a moment longer than necessary for the joke. Steve’s lips parted despite himself and Glenn responded by pressing his mouth a little more firmly against Steve’s.

A snort of laughter from beside them broke the guys apart as the three other couples saw Glenn’s attempt at humour.

“Couldn’t be left out eh boys?” Ian joked.

The kiss broke as the group exchanged hugs of friendship and wished each other a happy new year. Steve found himself glancing at Glenn, who was working his way around the group as if kissing his buddy was completely normal. Steve hugged everyone and then Reggie popped the bottle of champagne.

Within moments each of the group had a glass of bubbles in their hand.

“To 10 years.” Ian held up his glass.

The boys echoed his sentiment and the girls joined in. With their glasses clinked they each sipped their drinks, except for Glenn who, as usual, downed it in one gulp. The rest of them returned to their pairs, sitting or standing close and chatting. Steve could see the connection between all of them and, as much as he would have loved to party tonight, he was kind of jealous. Glenn continued to top up people’s glasses, sipping from the bottle for himself as he went.

After another bottle of champagne was polished off, Tara stood up, taking Ian’s hand.

“We’re off to bed guys. Happy New Year.” Tara smiled and quickly hugged the group again.

“First fuck of the year bro?” Steve heard Glenn quietly ask Ian.

Corrine followed suit, taking Reggie by the hand and guiding him inside.

Steve noticed Marty speaking quietly in Tara’s sister’s ear. Clearly making his final move.

She laughed and stood up. “Good night guys,” she said, allowing herself to be guided inside by Marty.

As the door closed, the couples all inside, Glenn walked to the cooler.

“One more bro?” he asked.

“Uh. Sure.”

“Let’s sit in on the couch,” Glenn suggested.

Steve followed Glenn inside and sat on the couch. Glenn closed the door behind them and sat down, a little bit closer than Steve expected.

“So… uh… bro…” Glenn started.

Steve didn’t know what to say. He felt like he could suddenly feel the heat of Glenn’s body. His heart rate was quickening.

“About before…” Glenn continued.

A ripple of goosebumps passed over Steve’s arms.

Glenn took a deep breath and Steve realised his breath had hitched in his throat.

Without any more words, Glenn moved on the couch. Before Steve could process the movement fully, Glenn’s hand was on the back of his head and Glenn’s lips were once again against his. This time, Steve didn’t even try to move away. He found he didn’t want to. Instead, his lips parted and allowed Glenn’s tongue to work its way into his mouth.

Steve moved this time, shifting to straddle Glenn on the couch. This new position left little space between them, and it was now that Steve realised how erect his dick was in his pants. Their lips remained locked as Steve’s breathing increased and he found himself panting into Glenn’s mouth. Steve couldn’t help but moan as Glenn ran his hands through Steve’s hair and their tongues battled each other for space in their mouths.

“Fuck Glenn.” Steve broke their kiss. “Are we-?”

“Don’t overthink it bro,” Glenn said, before sliding his hands around Steve’s back and turning them both so they were lying along the length of the couch.

With their bodies now pressed together, Steve felt that Glenn was just as hard as he was. In response to the stiff presence, Steve unconsciously began grinding their cocks together. Glenn’s hands began to roam Steve’s body, lifting his shirt as he went. Glenn ran his fingers over Steve’s bare skin, causing a shudder to pass through his body and a surge of precum to moisten his briefs. He forced his mind to shut off and enjoy the pleasure. He could tell Glenn was just as into it as he was.

Glenn lifted his body slightly and with one swift movement, ripped open Steve’s shirt. The rush of air against his bare skin sent another wave of goosebumps across his body and in a second his nipples were firm and erect. Glenn noticed this and reached out, tweaking one of them playfully. The attention sent another ripple of pleasure through his body and another release of precum into his briefs.

Glenn continued to play with the buds as he kissed Steve again. As he moved down to lock lips, Glenn resumed the grinding of their cocks together between the denim of their jeans.

Steve kissed Glenn hard, forcing his tongue into his mouth with a passion he had never felt before. His heart was pounding, his gasping breaths had his body shaking and his cock was throbbing in his pants.

Glenn’s hand moved away from Steve’s nipples, leaving him lost for a moment before he realised where Glenn’s hands were headed next. Steve moaned as Glenn’s fingers followed the waistband of his jeans until they found the button at the top. With a deft movement, Glenn unbuttoned Steve’s fly and Steve’s body stiffened as he felt Glenn’s fingers wrap around his cock.

Glenn’s eyes widened and a smile spread across his face. Steve searched for words but couldn’t find any. He let his body do the talking and thrust into Glenn’s fist as he pulled Glenn’s smiling face down for another kiss. Glenn met his mouth with the same eagerness and as they kissed, as intensely as their first on this couch only a few minutes ago, Glenn began to work the length of Steve’s cock in his briefs. The constricted space only worked to tighten Glenn’s grip and Steve moaned every time he felt his wet foreskin pass over his head.

“Fuck bro, you’re so wet,” Glenn muttered between kisses.

“I’m just – fuck – close.”

Glenn suddenly broke their kiss, leaving Steve open-mouthed and panting.

Glenn’s lips slowly worked their way down, away from Steve’s mouth as he stroked Steve slowly. Steve’s head fell back with pleasure as Glenn’s lips hit his neck.

“Fuuuck.” Steve moaned as his dick pumped out more precum. He didn’t know how much more he could handle.

Glenn’s shifted slightly again, picking up the pace on Steve’s dick within the confines of the now moist fabric.

“Glenn. I think I’m-“

Steve’s words were cut off as pleasure shook his body yet again. Glenn’s tongue had found Steve’s erect nipple and lightly circled it. Steve moaned. It was all he could do at this point. He felt his dick twitch each time Glenn’s tongue passed over his bud. He knew he was getting close.

“Glenn. I’m-“

A little nip of Glenn’s teeth on Steve’s nipple was the final straw. Steve’s body stiffened and his cock pulsed. He moaned, loud and low as his cock suddenly pumped his load hard and fast into his briefs. His body shook with pleasure and as quickly as his orgasm had hit him it was over, his cock quickly releasing his load to coat his briefs, his cock and Glenn’s hand.

Steve lay back panting as Glenn moved his body up and removed his hand from Steve’s pants.

“Bro. You made a mess.” Glenn laughed.

All Steve could do in response was attempt to laugh through gasping breaths.

Glenn shifted Steve’s body to provide him some space to sit on the couch. He held his cum covered hand still while his other hand fumbled with his own jeans.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Glenn managed to open his jeans and suddenly Steve was presented with a full view of Glenn’s thick hard dick.

Steve could only watch as Glenn grabbed his member with the hand that was covered in Steve’s load. Glenn began stroking, hard and fast, panting as he worked his cock.

“Bro, I’m gonna-” Glenn’s body tensed and within only a few strokes he pumped his load onto his chest, firing hard and coating his t-shirt with his thick load. Steve watched in awe as Glenn’s dick throbbed and shot.

His own orgasm concluded, Glenn fell back against the couch, his dick flopped against his jeans. Steve’s cock lay flaccid and soaked in his briefs.

“Bro. You got any plans for New Year’s Day?” Glenn asked.

Steve thought for a moment. “Uh. Nah mate. You?”

Glenn turned and smiled at Steve. “I think we do now.”

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