Your First Cruise

Your First Cruise – m/m gay cruising erotica

This isn’t the first time you’ve been to this park. But it’s the first time you’ve visited since learning about what goes on behind the line of tin sheets that used to be a fence. This is step one. Well, step two really. Maybe step three. It’s come after searching up the definition of ‘cruising’ and that came after seeing ‘cruising’ videos on your Twitter feed, which came after the moment when your feed tipped from being mostly big-breasted women to featuring more and more videos of well-hung males. Whatever stage you’re at, this is the first step you’re towards making it real.

Your heart is pounding, partly with anticipation, partly with anxiety, partly because the walk to this secluded spot is a little steep. You stop for a moment by the corner of the fence. “The panel between the large tree and the power pole lifts…” that’s all the information you have about how to enter. You glance around, hoping to find that power pole but also hoping you don’t spot anyone who might see where you’re standing. A gust of wind blows and you hear the clatter of a loose sheet. Turning, you notice the sheet flapping in the wind. ‘Large tree’ is a generous description but now you’ve at least spotted what must be the entrance. You approach slowly. This is your last chance to change your mind. To stop yourself from taking this step. Once you’re through the fence you know it’s happening. The moment you’ve been thinking about and wanking over is just on the other side.

You take one last glance around. You don’t want anyone to see you entering. Definitely not someone you might know. That would be hard to explain. If someone already in there is someone you know that’s a little easier. They’re there for the same reason after all.

Taking a deep breath, you pull the sheet to the side. It moves more easily than you expected and before you know it you’re through. Like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Now what? While you’re not too sure of what you expected to see on the other side, an empty, cold, dark space isn’t it. But that’s where you are. An empty tin cave. Empty. After all this effort and courage there’s not even a single guy here.

You give your eyes and ears time to adjust to the new environment and that’s when you hear the faint crunch of footsteps. Peering around you realise there are two corridors that lead off each side of this entryway. You smile to yourself, realising that you’re in the ‘lobby’ of the cruising space. Without even a concierge to greet you.

Your heart starts pounding again, realising that entering the space took courage but heading down one of these corridors to hunt down some actual action is another big step to take. Left or right? Does it matter? After another sigh, another attempt to calm yourself, you start to walk towards the corridor on the right. Your footsteps seem incredibly loud, echoing off the sheets of tin around you. At least they might drown out your heartbeat.

As you approach the entrance to your chosen corridor you hear new sounds. Some intense whispering and even the occasional moan. This is it. There’s action happening and you’re about to step into it. Your cock responds quickly now, replacing most of the nervous tension you had carried through the ‘lobby’.

Walking down the corridor your jeans are tightening around your erection. The path isn’t quite as straight as you expected. Neither are you remember. You smile at your sudden self-awareness and take a step around the next bend into a small cul-de-sac.

Leaning against the wall is a 9” cut cock. At least that’s what catches your eye first. As you process what you’re seeing you realise the massive erection is attached to a man. A tall, strong man. As your eyes work your way up his body you take in the tight fit of his t-shirt over strong muscles, his right pec clenching as he strokes his cock. You glance at his face and realise he’s appraising you in a similar way. You smile nervously, seeing the appreciation in his eyes.

Your cock, already straining at your jeans begins leaking. You are immediately glad that you didn’t wimp out at the entrance. You are immediately glad that the muscular stud has dropped his hand off his own cock. Without speaking a word you know that movement is an invitation. With seemingly unconscious movement you find yourself edging closer, your hand reaching out. This is the exact reason you came here and this cock is the exact cock you’ve had in mind whenever you fantasised about this exact moment.

Your fingers encircle the shaft of the beautiful organ in front of you. A soft sigh escapes from the mystery man. You pause now, savouring the moment you finally get to take another hard cock in your hand.

You feel his strong hand encircle your wrist and realise how long you’ve been frozen in awe.“You’re here now,” he says, his voice higher than his physique suggests. “You should do it properly.”

His hand slowly encourages yours, sliding it over his thick shaft and mushroom head. The head quickly slicks with precum and you focus your attention there, eliciting more sighs of pleasure. Your other hand grips his shaft and, while your fingers slick precum over his leaking head your other hand strokes his shaft slowly, enjoying the warmth of rigid muscle.

He drops his hand now, knowing that you’re no longer in need of his guidance. His free hands begin to roam his body, lifting his shirt and exposing the smooth musculature beneath. You watch in awe as he exposes his hot body to you, thrilled at the vision presented and the massive cock in your hands. His nipples are fully erect, tempting you.

You take some of the slick precum from his swollen cock and reach up and tweak one of the hard buds. A moan escapes his lips and you know that you’ve found a trigger. Your fingers rub and tweak as his breathing increases and his cock throbs.

You stroke his member with increased pace, surprising yourself with your skills with such a huge cock.

“Fuck. I’m gonna-”

His words are cut short and replaced with grunts. Each grunt is matched by a spasm from his body and a surge through his cock. He fires hard, his cum flying from the pulsating head. His body bucks as the first shot flies, landing on the floor near the opposite wall.

Your close up view of his shuddering body and his firing cock is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The combination turns you on so much that before you’re able to stop yourself you feel your own cock pulse, filling your jeans with your own orgasm. You grunt along with him, the noise echoing off the wall as you both cum hard together.

You slow the pace on his cock as he concludes his orgasm. You both lean against the wall panting, admiring the load sprayed across the floor. It’s only then that you notice the audience of three or four guys that have joined you in your little alcove.

“Thanks,” the stud smiles as he shakes his cock, sliding it back into his pants before walking past you toward the exit.

The crowd disperses, except for one guy, a young, slim blonde.

“First time?” he asks.

“You can tell?” you reply.

“I stained my jeans on my first time too.” He nods at the wet patch spreading across the denim.

You look away, sheepish.

“I hope you’re back soon,” the blonde says, running a hand along your arm as he disappears back into the darkness.

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    I love your stories i fuck my younger dude to the sound of your voice every day and late night can you tell me a story privately via webcam

    1. liamwilliams says:

      Hey Daniel,
      That sounds hot. Glad I’m vicariously a part of the action.
      Feel free to send me an email with some more info.

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