I Heard My Buddy Jerking – Gay Bator Fiction

I let my buddy crash at my place, poor guy was kicked out of home. I didn’t think I’d hear what I heard on that first night though. Enjoy this Gay Bator story

“Thanks again bro,” Devin puts his arm around me, we’ve had a few beers or he wouldn’t be so affectionate. 

“Like I said man. I’m always here to help you out. Now if there’s anything you need you just let me know, otherwise, this couch tonight is all yours.”

I grab the blanket from the shelf and lay it out over the couch, Devin brought his own pillows. He left his house hastily after his wife kicked him out, but these are pretty special pillows, apparently.  

“Um, just the wifi password man.”

“Sure,” I replied, passing him a card with the network details on it. 

“Thanks, man.”

“No worries. Night mate.” 

I grabbed the beer bottles off the coffee table and headed out of the living room. As sad as it was that my buddy had been kicked out of home, I wasn’t disappointed to have some company. Living alone was great. But being the only single guy left in the friendship group kind of meant there were plenty of nights where there weren’t too many social options. Not with the old crew anyway, who usually felt obligated to stay home with the wife. 

It had been a long time since I had just sat on the couch and had a couple of beers with one of my oldest mates. 

I walked into the bedroom and switched on the bedside lamp. I could hear my buddy getting ready for bed in the lounge room. I felt bad that he was stuck on the couch, but he hadn’t given me much notice. 

I stripped my clothes off and slid under the covers, keeping my briefs on for a bit of modesty. Having a temporary housemate might change a couple of things unfortunately. 

I lay back and relaxed into my pillow. The pavlovian reaction of my cock was almost instantaneous, it knew the usual nightly routine. A wank before I nodded off was a ritual after so long living alone. But tonight I didn’t think I should. I wasn’t a teenager anymore. Wanking with your buddy in the next room could be awkward. 

In an effort to reduce the swelling under the blankets I picked up a book from the bedside table. I decided that Sell Anything Online would be sufficiently dry and boring enough to kill this demanding boner. 

After a couple of pages, I was less distracted by my cock and was relieved. But suddenly my attention was drawn to the lounge room by the faint noises of what must’ve been a video Devin was watching. Sometimes you just have to get back to that show you were watching. That must have been why he wanted the wifi password. 

I found myself drawn to the sound, trying to work out what he was watching. I lowered the book slightly, allowing myself to focus on the noises of the video. 

A couple of female voices. One male voice. Some background music. A moan. A grunt.

A moan?! A grunt?! 

I let the book fall to my chest, and sat up slightly. Those noises took my full attention. 

The sound was unmistakable now. My mate was in my lounge room watching porn. 

Shit. My buddy was jacking off in my lounge room. After I’d forced my dick down out of courtesy. I thought back to some of the conversations we had had over the years and wasn’t surprised that he was horny enough to bash one out with just a single wall between us. 

I lay back and smiled, only half trying to avoid listening. I expected my cock to begin to swell, the situation was kinda hot after all. Instead, my cock’s demands were in a different realm as I realised the beers we had drunk in rapid succession were now making my bladder more insistent. 

I needed to use the bathroom badly. As a man who lived alone, I didn’t usually lament not having an ensuite bathroom but now I did. To get to the toilet I’d need to walk through the back of the lounge room. 

The need was pressing and while I heard the moans of the ladies on Devin’s screen increasing I doubted I would be able to wait until his climax and inevitable sleep to relieve myself. 

I crossed my legs, hoping in vain that that would aid to delay the need. I tried to focus on the hot situation going on metres from my door. Neither distracted me, nor my bladder. I had to do it. I had to make a sneaky run for it. 

I stood up and quickly slid a pair of shorts over my briefs. I opened the door a crack, just enough to get a glimpse of the couch on which Devin was lying. I could see the top of his head and the light emitting from the screen that was playing the porn I could hear. As I opened the door a little more I could see his shoulder, moving ever so slightly, but rhythmically nonetheless. There was now no denying exactly what he was doing. My cock twitched in my briefs.

My mind screamed at me to stop watching and my bladder screamed at me to get to the bathroom. I gripped the door handle again and began opening it slowly, hoping to reduce the chances of any noise. 


I froze, knowing that Devin must’ve heard the door’s movement. But the noises didn’t stop. The shoulder movements didn’t stop. As I stood still, listening intently, I heard a soft moan from the lounge room. Damn, he was really getting into it. 

I opened the door the rest of the way, more quickly now so that any further noises were out of the way. Thankfully the door didn’t squeak again. 

I stepped out into the room, taking a right turn towards the bathroom. Walking slowly, close to the wall, my eyes stayed locked on the couch. My ears focused on the heavy breathing from my temporary housemate. If I just stepped a little closer to the couch I knew the angle would work in my favour. Whether or not I was going to risk it, I hadn’t decided. 

Two more steps along the wall and I heard another moan from the couch. I noticed those slight shoulder movements becoming more pronounced now. Without fully realising it, I took my next two steps forward, towards the couch. 

I wasn’t wrong, the angle was perfect. From where I stood I looked straight down Devin’s body. It was a body I had seen before, but many years ago. I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who had let themselves ‘settle’ physically. What wasn’t settled was what was in his hand. 

For the second time tonight, I froze on the spot, this time I was frozen by the sight of Devin’s hard cock being stroked right in front of me.

Before I could fully take in what was happening in front of me Devin moaned, loudly and deeply and I watched in awe as his cock erupted right in front of me. The thick uncut piece in his hand shot and shot hard, spraying cum over the towel that was laid over his belly while he continued to moan. 

My cock throbbed in my briefs as I watched my old friend orgasm. I could tell by the shaking of his body that his climax was intense and much needed. 

As Devin settled down, his body relaxed into the couch. His heavy breathing continued as he recovered. 

“Thanks, bud. I knew you wouldn’t mind,” Devin suddenly said as he folded up the towel from his body and placed it and his iPad beside the couch. 

I stood in shock at the knowledge that Devin had been aware of my presence. 

“See you in the morning mate.” Devin pulled up the blanket and rolled away from me. 

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