Masturbation Documentary Review: “Sticky: A (Self) Love Story – 2016”

As a bator, I think it’s unfortunate that I haven’t heard of this masturbation documentary sooner. After all, why wouldn’t I want to learn more about one of my favorite activities! And this show is just what the world needs.

One of the first of its kind, “Sticky: A (Self) Love Story” is a full-length documentary discussing the touchy subject of masturbation, earning positive reviews for its stance on sex education. Addressing truths, myths, and societal taboos of everyone’s favorite bedtime routine, “Sticky” asks the growing question “Why aren’t we talking about this?”

It looks at the view of masturbation through several aspects. The contradictory subjects of religion and politics, health and psychology, feminism and masculinity, exploration and self-discovery, the sex industry, the arts, and education; showing there clearly is a lack of consensus on the matter.

Once thought of as a symptom of mental illness, masturbation is now generally agreed to be normal and healthy and yet, still hangs on to the age-old myths that it is dirty, impure, and degrading. With interviews from several prominent advocates, “Sticky” maintains a comedic the mood of the subject while keeping it serious at the same time. Some of the most prominent stories in history are discussed. From US Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders firing for suggesting healthy masturbation be talked about with children and teenagers, to PeeWee Hermon’s arrest for masturbation inside an adult theater. And let’s not forget where Corn Flakes and Graham Crackers came from.

Regardless of how you feel about self-pleasure, I highly recommend this hour-long documentary that thoroughly shows where we’ve been and where we are. There is certainly more work to be done. Masturbation has certainly in the past and seemingly always will have its ebbs and flows. As Dr. Elders said, “we’ve tried ignorance for a very long time and it’s time we tried education.” I couldn’t agree more.