What’s Next For Liam Williams?

So it’s time for another update. I’ve been a little bit inconsistent in my posting on this platform but that’s about to change. A few exciting things are coming in the Liam Williams camp, so here’s a bit of an update on what’s coming. 

I started my erotica podcast in January of this year as a way to put my stories out there in a different format, to a new audience. I’m been amazed to see how many people are out there listening to and enjoying my stories. I’m honestly staggered every time I look at my listener numbers. So thank you to each and every one of you that have listened and enjoyed it so far. Thanks especially to anyone that has shared it with your friends or sent through feedback on any of the episodes. If you do have any feedback, please get in touch. 

Now, what exactly is coming next. If you’ve read my ‘Who is Liam Williams?’ article you’ll have an idea about my progress from reader to hobby writer. Now starts the process of moving from hobby writer to indie author. Writing that sends a little shiver through me, to be honest. When I started writing and posting stuff on Literotica I honestly didn’t have any thoughts about publishing. But here we are. 

So here’s what’s in the pipeline. I have a bank of short stories sitting in my Google drive waiting to get out there. Over the next few months, there will be three main places where these will appear. Some will be exclusive to my Patreon patrons, more on that in a sec. Some will go up for free here on my website and through my podcast. Some of them, including some which are already a part of the podcast, are going to be reworked and extended and published as a series of ebooks. That’s the first of the big exciting parts for me. Publishing a series of short stories as ebooks makes me a real author now, don’t you think?

The next big step, the huge, almost daunting step, is the series of short novels I’ve been planning and drafting. This started with an idea I had for a novel way back in 2015 or so. That idea has morphed and extended and changed over the years and now looks set to be a series of eight novellas which I hope to start releasing in early 2022. 

A lot is coming and I’m working on a lot more. With all of this going on some things will look different. The podcast from here on out is going to change a bit. It will be released every fortnight. As well as featuring my stories that you enjoy I’ll also be including some stories from other writers as well as reviews of other erotic authors’ works. So not only will you get to enjoy some great short stories but you’ll learn about some great new authors that you might not have heard of. I’m really keen to bring these other authors to you.

The website is going to get an overhaul and redesign soon. It will feature stories more regularly as well as the reviews of other authors that are also on the podcast. So there’s be a lot of new stuff both for readers and for listeners. 

While all of this new and exciting stuff is happening for me the best way for you to keep up to date with it all is to sign up for my newsletter. This is 100% guaranteed to be spam-free. Each monthly newsletter will feature my latest short story or a preview of a larger work, an update on my writing progress and a review of a great work of erotic fiction for you to discover. Subscribers to the newsletter will also be able to access special offers to purchase my eBooks at different times throughout the year as well as the opportunity to preorder eBooks or get them on presale. Everyone that signs up to the newsletter automatically gets a free and exclusive short story as a thank you gift for subscribing. Sign up here.

I love connecting with the people who read my work and the newsletter is one way of doing that and making sure my fans are kept up to date. I’ve also set up my Patreon rewards with options that allow you to have a direct involvement in my writing process which I’m really excited about. The basic patron levels can get you discounts on my ebooks, or exclusive stories, either in written or audio form. The other levels allow you to get involved in my writing process. Some story drafts will be released early to patrons so they can have some input on the story. There’s also the opportunity to have a story commissioned, either your own experience or fantasy that I’ll create into a short story or the chance to feature as a character in one of my shorts. There are 6 different patronage options so if you’d like to support me and get some super cool bonuses and rewards head over and check it out here.

I’m excited to get into the next stage of my growth as an erotic author. I’d love to have you along for the journey, either as a patron or a lucky subscriber to the newsletter. A lot is coming. As always if you want to get in touch then please do so. The links to my socials are above or you can comment below.