Bator Stats: 2023 Edition

Bator Stats of 2023

It’s been a busy year for myself, for the podcast and for bators everywhere. But now the time has come to look back on 2023 as a bator. As I have done for the last couple of years, I set up the spreadsheet to track my bator stats over these 12 months. This year I stepped it up and set myself some specific goals to get a bit more motivation and work to become a better bator. I also worked to do a little more with it by getting a group together, from those bators in the Discord server, to track their data and share and compare. 

As I write this it’s the 28th of December so I don’t quite have the full data set but I wanted to get it out there before the end of 2023 so I can share it with you all and also because I’ll be putting together a group to join me in tracking in 2024, but more about that at the end. 

Now, fair warning, there’s a lot of number crunching that happened for this episode and there will be some stats thrown your way. If that’s not your style then I’m sorry. I’m a data nerd and a bator and this exercise is 100% a crossover of those two things.  

So, the categories for the goals of 2023 were orgasms, edging sessions, buddy sessions, length of session and new locations. 


My goal was to have 8 orgasms a week. I figured I could get in one a day, plus a bonus one at least once a week. A goal that seemed achievable, but also fun. I know I’m past the days of having three wanks a day like I did as a teenager. For many reasons, the first is I’m getting closer to 40 so recharge is a little slower. The second and third reasons have to do with time. Adults have far less free time than teenagers, especially those trying to build an erotic empire while working a day job, and now that I love a good edge session, finding time for 3-6 hours of bating a day is tough. So I figured one a day was doable and two on one of those days would be a fun little extra motivator. 

This goal I didn’t quite hit. At 8 orgasms a week, I would need to have had 416 for the year. What I managed was 317. Unfortunately in the 3 days between recording this and the year ending 99 orgasms are not going to occur so this is one that it’s fair to say I didn’t tick off. Now while I was aiming to increase the amount of orgasms by bating, I was also working to increase the amount of sex I had with partners. But still, if you add the 60 or so other guys that made me cum, I still came up short. 

Edging Sessions 

Now I put edging sessions as a separate category and aimed to have 6 of those a week. For this, I counted anything over an hour as an edging session. As I’ve said in the past, it doesn’t take me long to get to the edge so sometimes I counted a 45-minute session as an edge, if I knew I spent a lot of time playing around the point of no return in that session. The reason this number is less than the number of orgasms is that I knew there would be times when I just wanted to, or only had time to, knock a quick one off. These were often when lying in bed at night just before I went to sleep, or when I had 15 minutes to spare before heading out of the house between jobs. So I set the goal that the majority of my bate sessions would be long, but not all of them had to be. 

This was another goal that I didn’t hit. The number for the year was 312 and I came up short at 237. So I didn’t have enough long sessions this year in terms of the number of sessions I set out to have. But let’s look at these numbers in terms of the percentages. 237 of my 317 orgasms were in sessions over 45 minutes. That’s 74.7%. When you look at 312 as a percentage of 416 (the two goal numbers for the year) that’s 75%. So I’m gonna claim this as a win. The idea of that goal was that 75% of my orgasms would be from long sessions and even though I didn’t hit those targets in terms of numbers I got damn close to the right percentage. So yeah, I think I’ll take that as a win. But next year I’ll definitely look to increase those numbers and that percentage.

Bate Session Length

The length of session goal I set related to the average amount of time I spent on my dick each time I got into it. This included the quick ones and the edging sessions. So I set the goal at 60 minutes. That’s the minimum I would expect for it to be counted as an edge session but I knew I’d have many sessions longer than that but also several sessions considerably shorter than that. This is another one I will claim as a win on a technicality and stick with me for the maths on it. I set the goal to be 7 hours of wanking a week. 6 long sessions and 2 shorter sessions averaged out to be 7 hours. So that would be about an hour a day, so a total of 365 hours over a year. What I’ve had so far is 325 hours and 25 minutes. So not a win on pure numbers. However, if you take 325 hours and divide it by the 317 orgasms that I did have then the average time is 1 hour and 1 and a half minutes. So that’s over an hour per session so another technical win. 

Side Note: I always remember my high school maths teacher saying there are three types of mistruths, Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics and I definitely feel like I’m fudging the numbers here but they’re my bator stats and this is my bating so I’ll allow it. I’m trying to put a positive spin on things here. 

Buddy Sessions

In terms of buddy sessions, I set myself the goal of having 12 in the year. I thought one a month would be achievable, considering that many more bators had joined the Proud Bator community and I had a new bate podcast cohost who was a keen buddy bator as well. Keeping in mind the time and effort to organise, I figured an average of one a month was achievable. However, the organisation proved more difficult than I had thought and I realised throughout this year that buddy bating isn’t really at the top of my list. I had a lot more partnered penetrative sex this year than last and I think that took the place of potential buddy bate sessions. I ended up with five buddy bate sessions for the year. I think three of them were with Sean before a podcast recording session. So thanks to Sean for tipping my stats up. 

New Locations

The final goal was to do with new locations. I love bating in new places, some of them risky, some just for the fun of it and some of them just because I feel like adding that place to my list is fun. The list of places where I’ve let a load go is already considerable, in my opinion anyway, and so I set 10 new places as my goal for 2023. I considered the type of place as new more than the physical location. For example, a public bathroom is somewhere I’ve bated before, so I didn’t count the public toilet at one shopping centre as new if I’ve done it at the other shopping centre a couple of suburbs over. If I had counted the category more broadly and included each of those physical locations then maybe I would have gotten to 10. As it was I got two. Those were fun ones though. One was in the back of an Uber on my way home from a night out, something I’d been thinking about for a while. The other one was the London Jack Off Club. The first was a great achievement and the second a pretty good experience. I definitely intend on finding some new places to bate next year, if you want to share some suggestions with me please get in touch. 

Bator Life Wrapped

But that’s the wrap of my bates in 2023. I don’t care about Spotify Wrapped, but these are my stats for what’s more important in my world. 

Now as I mentioned at the start of the episode, I’m going to be getting a group together to track our bating in 2024. If you’d like to get in on it then there’s a sign up at the bottom of this post where you can get started. I’ve set the spreadsheet up for you with some help from our listener Jay, you just have to sign up to be a part of the fun and I’ll get you the sheet and the instructions. There are a couple of ways to do it, you can join a communal spreadsheet, or just keep your own stats. There will also be some regular emails from me to help you keep on top of your tracking and to share some stats from high achievers in the group. If you’d like to get involved then just sign up below and I’ll be in touch. 

If you’d like to share your stats from 2023 then hit me up as well, or share it in the Discord server which is linked in the episode description too. 

I hope you had a great time bating in 2023, I know I did. I’m glad I was a part of it in any small way that I was and I look forward to creating a lot more bator content for everyone in 2024. There’s plenty of great stuff to come.