Barracks Buddies – straight to gay erotica

Sharing a room when you’re away is tough. Especially sharing with a hot guy when you’ve got your own guy back at home. Tonight, for Jake, something changes to make his time in the barracks much more fun in this straight to gay story.

Jake hated leaving his boyfriend every time he got deployed. Although he loved his military work, being away from his new man was tough. Having only recently discovered how much he enjoyed his company more than as a best friend, Michael had been an incredible source of both comfort and pleasure for Jake in the last year. This realisation had also allowed Jake to come out of his shell a little with the other guys in his unit so he’d gotten to know some of them a little better. Jake didn’t realise how much he had been holding back, and as such how much he had been missing out on.

This recent stint at home had been the longest time they had spent together since Jake had accepted himself and Michael had finally become his ‘boyfriend’, and that made it so much harder to leave and head off overseas again. Each time Jake left on deployment he dreaded it, with the thought always nagging at the back of his mind that there was no guarantee that he’d return. But this time it was harder, knowing how much he was leaving behind. He wasn’t quite ready to say he was in love with Michael but Jake knew there was more to it than the final realisation that he loved sucking dick.

“You alright buddy?” Jake’s roommate Eddie entered their small, shared room where Jake was sitting, still and obviously pensive, in the single chair between their beds.

“Yeah mate, just missing home,” Jake replied.

“Ah yeh, know the feeling. I just got off the phone with my girl back home. She’s missing me so bad this trip.”

“I know the feeling man, but I haven’t been able to call back home yet.”

Jake and Eddie had been roommates on deployment a couple of times now and while he got along with most of his unit he was starting to see Eddie as more of a friend. That happens when you share such a small space.

“I’m sure she’ll be missing it, dude. And not just your company,” Eddie laughed, laying back on his bed on the other side of the room.

“Yeah,” Jake agreed, adding his own, more nervous laughter.

Another opportunity to correct his roommate on the pronoun he used. It would be easy to say ‘he’ right? Or at least it should be. It’s just one word.

“Actually,” Jake paused. “He.”


“He,” Jake squeezed out the repeated word past the lump in his throat.

“Oh shit!” Eddie sat up. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Jake willed his heart rate to return to normal.

Eddie suddenly stood from the bed and, pulled Jake up from the chair, embraced him tightly.

“Dude?” Jake asked.

Eddie stood there quietly, holding him. Jake couldn’t help but relax in the strong arms of his roommate. They stood in silence for a moment before Eddie finally spoke.

“I’m the first one out here you’ve told right?”

“Yeah,” Jake replied quietly. “How did you know?”

“If someone else had known they would’ve ‘warned’ me about you when we got assigned our roomies.”


“So I know you needed this hug dude.”

Jake breathed a sigh of relief, allowing Eddie’s calmness to relax him further.

“So, we’re good?” Jake asked.

“Of course.”


“Certainly feels like you’re good,” Eddie shifted his body slightly and Jake realised quickly that his dick had responded to the hug in completely the opposite way to the rest of his body and it was now far from relaxed.

“Shit,” Jake’s heart began its increasing rhythm again. “It’s not you mate. It’s just you know…”

“Dude. It’s OK,” Eddie replied. “I get it.”

“Yeah. It’s been a while.”

Eddie stepped back from the hug.

“Happens to us all mate,” Eddie’s retreat revealed his own tent in his pants.

“Well, this is an unexpected turn.” Jake couldn’t help but laugh softly at the situation

“Yeah. Almost as unexpected as you coming out to me.”

“One minute you’re chilling in our room. Next minute we’re both well,” Jake gestured at their boners, “like this.” “Well, don’t get your hopes up. This isn’t for you,” Eddie said, smiling.

“Just been a while eh?”

“Well, yeah. You’ve been crowding the room lately mate. I haven’t had a chance to…you know?”

“Oh, shit dude. Why didn’t you say something?” Jake asked, sitting back on the chair now, making no effort to hide his stiffness.

“What should I say?” Eddie asked. “Hey Jake, take a 20-minute run. I need a bat.”

“Sounds silly when you put it that way.” Jake laughed.

“Normally I’d deal but my girl might have made some suggestive remarks on the phone earlier.” Eddie adjusted the bulge taking up most of the space in his trousers.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. A few details about what she’ll do with this when I get home.”

“Nice. She got skills?”

“Well, yeah. She does this thing with her hands, one top one bottom.” Eddie breathed out slowly, clearly reminiscing.

“My man is a pro. Works my skin like a master.”

“Dude, we can’t talk about this. I’m already aching here.” Eddie playfully swatted the straining tent.

“Just take care of it, man.”

“You’d like that eh?” Eddie raised an inquiring eyebrow.

“Well, that and you clearly need it. We both do. And it’s not really the time for me to go for a run right now.”

Eddie stood quietly for a moment, assessing his options. While he contemplated, Jake’s dick twitched. Although he was committed to

“Fuck it.” Eddie quickly shucked his pants and lay back on the bed.

Jake was mesmerised. Frozen not only by the fact that Eddie was about to jerk off in front of him but that his revelation was considerably larger than he expected.

Eddie didn’t waste any time and immediately began to work his cock, stroking with intent.

“Damn, how big is that thing?” Jake couldn’t help but show his appreciation.

“Uh, it goes alright.”

“Dude, you need both hands. Don’t be modest.” Jake’s boner was aching in his pants now.

“Alright, it’s about 9, man,” Eddie couldn’t but show his pride.

“No wonder she’s missing it.” Jake smiled appreciatively.

Eddie turned to Jake now.

“You joining me or what? I’m not just putting on a show here.”

“Oh. Uh. Yeah.” Jake hesitated slightly before removing his own pants and settling quickly into a rhythm. “Oh, so that’s what you meant by you man working your skin eh?” Eddie asked, clearly recognising that Jake wasn’t circumcised.

“Uh, yeah. Michael’s cut, but it didn’t take him long to get used to it.”

“Bet it took you longer to get used to his then eh?” Eddie seemed happy to continue chatting while they stroked.

“Yeah. In fact, I still have some learning to do.”

“I should get my girl to show you the trick she has.”

The casual conversation relaxed Jake enough to take a slightly risky step.

“Or just show me yourself,” he carefully suggested.

“Alright, I’ll try.” Eddie placed both hands on his cock now. “So with one hand she strokes the shaft and the other she like works the head.”

Eddie worked his cock slowly, twisting them occasionally and changing their position.

“I think I get it.” Jake was making the most of the opportunity to watch Eddie work his big cock.

“But like, it’s different when she does it. Maybe she gets a different angle.”

“It’s always better when someone does it right?” Jake’s cock twitched as he left the words hanging, hoping Eddie would get the subtle offer he had made.

“I mean, I don’t think I’m giving the best demonstration for you to take home am I?” Eddie asked, letting go of his now dripping cock.

“Not really. But I’ll get onto practising as soon as I can.”

Jake slowed his own stroking as the roommates fell silent for a moment. Both contemplated the next moves available from this point.

“But wouldn’t it be better if you had the skill down first to take home for Michael after so long?” Eddie looked over at Jake now.

“Probably. I mean, if I could, somehow.” Jake removed his hand from his cock completely now, aware that just the prospect of what they were suggesting was driving him closer to orgasm.

“If it’s gonna help you and your sex life, it’d be the right thing to do as a buddy is to let you practice right?” Eddie asked.

“Yeah. It’d be great to get a mate to help.”

Eddie stood up from his bed and walked towards Jake, his cock leading the way and looming even larger over Jake as he approached.

“Shuffle over.”

Jake quickly moved, taking a position that would allow him quick access to what Eddie was presenting. He knew he’d have to move fast before Eddie could change his mind.

Eddie lay next to Jake, his fit legs and throbbing cock now on full display and within arm’s reach of Jake. He admired the view of his roommate for a moment.

“Go for it dude.” Eddie shook Jake from his reverie.

“Uh. Sure.” Jake reached out and gripped Eddie’s cock in one hand, taking a moment to appreciate not only the length but the thickness. It wasn’t much thicker than Michael’s but it was definitely longer.

Eddie couldn’t help but sigh at Jake’s touch. It had been way too long since his cock had any attention other than his own hands.

“So one hand here.” Jake wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft. “And one here?” Jake slid his palm around the mushroom head.

Eddie gasped. “Yeah. That’s about right.”

Jake slowly stroked his hand up and down Eddie’s length feeling the hardness beneath the skin. He worked his other hand around the head, spreading the increasing amount of precum over it.

“Shit dude. You’re a fast learner.”

Eddie lay back and moaned softly as Jake stroked him slowly. Jake’s cock throbbed. He had admired Eddie’s body whenever he got the chance. Now it was out, on full display for him. Not only that but he was manhandling his enormous cock.

“Dude. Be careful…” Eddie interrupted.

“Oh shit. Pulling too hard?”

“Nah mate. I’m fucking close already. You’re good.”

Jake smiled up at Eddie, slowly stroking to keep him on edge. “I’ve had a little experience.”

“But mostly with a skin eh?”

“Yeah. Michael’s the only cut guy I’ve worked on.” Jake laughed. “Until now that is.”

“It’s, uh, heaps different with foreskin eh?” Eddie asked in between panting breaths.

“Yeah. More to work with.” Jake said, his own cock now screaming for attention.


“Michael picked it up pretty quick.”

Jake knew that Eddie was hooked now, he reached for his cock and began slowly stroking it, exaggerating the movement of his skin over his swollen head.

“I never have…”

“I didn’t think you would have.”

Eddie’s eyes locked onto Jake’s cock. He watched while Jake slowly stroked.

“Mind if I…?” Eddie asked tentatively. “For like comparison purposes?”

Jake’s cock throbbed at the suggestion, his precum leaking more freely now.

“Sure.” Jake shifted on the bed, positioning both of them on their sides, facing each other. He continued to stroke Eddie slowly, knowing that fuelling his horniness was also fuelling his curiosity.

The boys lay there, Eddie’s eyes remained locked onto Jake’s dripping cock. His hand lay flat between their bodies.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Jake said, reminding Eddie why they had changed positions.

Eddie laughed nervously before reaching out and taking Jake’s cock in his hand.

“You’re not doing so bad on size yourself dude.” Eddie was still trying to keep the conversation casual.

“It goes alright,” Jake sighed as Eddie lightly held his throbbing cock.

Jake’s let go of Eddie’s cock as his attention was captured by Eddie’s hand. He started slowly, working the skin over his head tentatively. Eddie was easing his way into the new action he had taken.

“It’s pretty wet,” Eddie remarked, sounding surprised.

“Yeah, the skin helps keep all the precum. Keeps it nice and slippery.” Jake was trying hard to remain casual about the whole thing and not completely give in to the pleasure and the incredible arousal of the situation.

“My last roomie must’ve been uncut then,” Eddie replied, smiling. “I heard a few wet sounds coming from his-.”

“Oh dude!” Jake suddenly exclaimed. “Hold up.”

“Shit dude. What did I do?” Eddie pulled his hand quickly off Jake’s cock.

“Just, um, don’t pull the skin too far down the shaft.”

“Sorry man.”

The boys lay in silence for a moment, naked on Jake’s bed. Jake was sure that the horny spell had been broken, that Eddie had realised how ‘gay’ this was and was now working out his escape plan. Jake’s cock began to wilt, realising the passing of this amazing opportunity.

“It’s kinda weird that our cocks feel so different man.” Eddie reached out and took Jake’s cock in hand again.

Jake sighed both in relief and pleasure. He let himself relax into the feeling of Eddie’s inexperienced hands. Eddie was taking the time to discover the differences between their cocks and Jake was going to let him. He knew that as soon as Eddie picked up the pace he wouldn’t last long.

“You good dude?” Eddie asked.

“Yeah, man. Just you know. This is a bit wild.”

“Yeah, it is.” Eddie laughed. “But it’s pretty horny too.”

Jake smiled, shifting slightly so he could stroke Eddie again. Knowing his roommate was getting into it removed any apprehension Jake had left. He picked up where he had left off before, keen to perfect the technique Eddie had taught him.

Eddie moaned, a shudder passing through his body and a throb through his cock.

“You wanna cum dude?” Jake asked, knowing he had Eddie right on the edge.


Eddie quickly let go of Jake’s cock and lay back. Jake stroked a little quicker on Eddie’s shaft and circled his head with his other hand. He knew it was the move that would finally send Eddie over the edge.

With barely a grunt from Eddie, his cock throbbed, shooting cum high, landing on his smooth, strong chest. Jake continued stroking, working Eddie through his orgasm.

As the last of Eddie’s load dribbled down Jake’s fingers he finally let go. Out of habit Jake licked his fingers and saw Eddie’s eyes widen.

“Oh!” Eddie blushed. “Sorry. Force of habit.”

“Nah that’s fine. My girl wants nothing to do with once it’s out there so that was kinda cool to see someone likes it. You always do that?”

“That’s usually my first move,” Jake lay back down, his hard cock dripping precum onto his belly. “Or I used it as lube if I need to finish off.”

“It’s good lube eh?” Eddie scooped some of his cum from his chest and reached over, gripping Jake’s dick in his hand.

“Oh dude.” Jake shuddered. “You don’t have to.”

“Yeah I do. You did me. We’re buddies. That’s fair.”

Eddie stroked Jake with purpose, the slickness of his own precum, mixed with Eddie’s cum enhanced the feeling and sent waves of pleasure quickly surging through Jake’s body.

Jake lay back, the pace of Eddie’s stroking made it clear that he intended to see this through to completion. Jake’s uncut dick throbbed in Eddie’s hand, he had really picked up the skill quite quickly.

“Fuck I’m close.”

“Do it bud. Let it out.”

Eddie’s other hand reached quickly down and tugged on Jake’s balls, triggering his climax, Jake couldn’t help but cry out as the ecstasy ran up his legs and through his body before his first shot fired hard. His head shot back and his eyes closed but he felt that shot plaster the underside of his chin.

“Fuck!” Jake moaned again as his cock continued to fire. His body shook as he felt shot after shot of hot cum land on his chest and abs.

“Dude!” Eddie was clearly impressed and slowed his pace as the last of Jake’s cum dribbled down his shaft. “Epic.”

“Had to match yours bud,” Jake managed through panting breaths.

“We need towels.” Eddie jumped up from the bed and grabbed their towels from the back of the door. He threw one at Jake before wiping himself down and sitting back on his own bed.

“Thanks bud.”

“This stays between us right?” Eddie asked, sliding his legs under his blankets.

“What happens in this room, stays in this room.”


Jake tossed his towel on the floor and reached over to turn off the lights. The boys lay back in silence for a few moments before Eddie spoke again.

“Hey bro,” he asked quietly. “Did I taste alright?”

Jake smiled in the dark. “Yeah bro.”

“Cool. I wanna make sure it’s OK for my girl you know? Did you, uh, sample enough?”

“Let’s discuss that tomorrow,” Jake said, turning over and quickly falling asleep before he allowed his cock to rise again with the thoughts his straight buddy had just put into his head.

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