Jock Dads Reminisce – bate buddy erotica

gym showers

After watching their sons compete in school swimming, two Dads swim some laps and reminisce in the locker room.

“Which one’s yours?” Felix asked.

“Lane 3. In the blue. Yours?” James replied.

“He’s doing well. Mine won the last backstroke race.”

“Congratulations. He looked good.”

“Thanks. It’s his first comp so he was nervous. Pretty proud of him.” Felix smiled. “But so glad he’s joined. I did swimming in school and loved it.”

“Me too,” James replied. “I still swim regularly. Coach lets me use the pool sometimes.”

“Nice. I was going to do a few laps at the Y after I dropped Alex home.”

“Oh, your boy is Alex?”


“Mine is Josh.”

“Oh right. Josh was Alex’s mentor.” Felix stuck his hand out to shake. “I’m Felix. Nice to meet the father of the boy who’s taken care of mine.”

James shook hands with Felix. “James. About time we met, considering your son is over at my place every day after school.”

“Oh is he?” Felix replied. “He told me he was studying.”

“Oh well,” James paused for a moment. “I’m sure they do some studying. They’re in a few of the same classes.”

“I hope so,” Felix replied, his brow furrowing.

“Don’t be too hard on him. I know I didn’t study when I hung out with my teammates back in the day.” James grinned, remembering some of the fun times he had had back when he was on the swim team.

“Yeah. I guess that’s true.” Felix matched James’s smile. “Surprised I made it through school.”

The men paused their conversation as they watched the boys step up onto the blocks. Felix glanced over at the seats where his son Alex sat. He was proud of how well he had adjusted to the new school. Being on the swim team really seemed to have helped him settle in and find his social group. To hear that he had clearly become good friends with Josh was in some ways relieving.

As the starter’s gun sounded all the attention was on the pool. Josh was the only boy representing their school in this final race and he was off to a good start. He watched with pride as his boy cheered with his new teammates. He stood amongst them, most of them still wearing just their speedos, cheering on their teammate.

James cheered loudly as Felix glanced back at the race to see that Josh had taken the lead. Looking back at his own son and the rest of the team, Felix saw a growing excitement as the race continued. Alex was on his feet cheering his new friend.

A sense of nostalgia passed over him as he thought back to his own days on the swim team and the camaraderie he felt with the group. He also remembered just how little time he had spent studying when they were hanging out together. He grinned again as he recalled the shenanigans they had regularly taken part in.

The cheering increased in intensity and Felix could tell that the race was nearly over. But, distracted by his nostalgia, Felix missed the end. Judging by the cheers from the team and the powerful applause from James sitting next to him, he guessed that Josh had won and, in doing so, had sealed the victory for their school.

Felix joined the applause of the rest of the crowd, enjoying the beaming smiles of his son and his teammates.

“Great result eh?” James turned to Felix.

“Yeah. Your boy got us the win. He’s a star.”

The two men stood and wandered down from the stands with the rest of the crowd. As they arrived poolside Josh and Alex came running up to them, both still in their speedos, towels slung over their shoulders.

Felix was surprised by Alex’s confidence. Six months ago, Alex insisted on wearing his gym shorts to swim at the beach near their house.

“Dad! We won!” Alex’s smile beamed up at his father.

“I saw. You did great,” Felix ruffled his son’s thick brown hair.

“Excellent final 50 Josh. That hard work has paid off,” James turned to his son and gave him a high five.

“Thanks, Dad.” Josh couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. “So, Freddy has invited us all over to his house tonight.”

“Oh yeah?” Felix asked.

“Yeah for a, uh…” Alex looked quickly at Josh.

“For a swim and a sleepover,” Josh grinned and playfully punched Alex’s shoulder.

“Yeah. That’s why we haven’t changed.” Alex turned back to his father. “Can I go, dad?”

“Can I Dad?” Alex echoed.

Felix and James couldn’t help but smile, caught up in the infectious teen energy of their sons.

“Sure. Just let me know when you want to be picked up,” Felix replied.

“Thanks, Dad!”

“Well, I guess I can’t say no now.” James grinned. “I’m hanging around to swim some laps of my own anyway. Enjoy your night boys. Want us to take your school bags home?”

“Yes please!” The boys said, almost in unison before running back towards the group of boys waiting by the door.

James waved at the adult amongst the crowd of teen swimmers, Felix assumed that was Freddy’s father.

The “what have I gotten myself in for” look that replied to James’s wave confirmed it.

“Poor guy,” Felix said.

“He’s got the house for it. The boys will have the pool and the bottom level to themselves to tear around in until they’re sleepy enough to head upstairs. He’s basically got a whole parents’ retreat he can close himself off in,” James explained.

“Lucky guy. I remember my parents used to get so sick of us boys.”

“Or we’d have to be super quiet. Which wasn’t always easy,” James laughed.

The men walked slowly towards the locker room while the rest of the crowd cleared out of the building.

“You swimming some laps now?” Felix asked.

“Yeah. I kinda trade-off with the coach. He lets me swim some laps and I lock up after.” James explained.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.”

The men entered the locker rooms, the mix of chlorine and teenage body spray was familiar to both of them.

“It hasn’t changed at all since I swam here as a kid,” James said as he placed his bag on the bench and removed his shirt.

“Looks pretty similar to mine.” Felix quickly stripped and changed into his swimming gear.

Neither men hid themselves as they changed. They were certainly used to changing or being nude in locker rooms. Felix couldn’t help but glance at James as he slid his speedos up his legs, but he didn’t get much of a glimpse of what his new buddy was packing before James grabbed his towel and began his exit.

The men headed out to the pool, eager to get their exercise in. Each of them took their own lane and began their laps. Felix was glad for the freedom to swim in a pool that wasn’t filled with a mix of slow old women and dawdling unfit men. He did his best to try and keep pace with James but it was clear that the other man was in much better form than Felix.

After about 20 minutes of steady swimming, Felix pulled himself up out of the pool. James followed not long after.

“Man, that was so much better than the Y that’s for sure. A whole lane to myself.” Felix wrapped his towel around his waist and headed back toward the locker room.

Felix took a quick look towards the shower room as they entered. “I used to dread these showers back in the day.”

“Little shy were you?” James laughed.

“Weren’t we all at first?”

“Yeah. You get used to it pretty quickly. Everyone’s got their dick out.”

“True.” Felix hung his towel on a hook and proceeded to slide his wet speedos down his legs.

“Not shy now I guess.” James followed suit.

“It’s been a long time since I was shy about a locker room. We’ve all got ‘em.” Felix laughed, nodding at

James’ now exposed penis.

“True. But those early days were so daunting. And we had so much less control. I remember the first time someone got wood on our team.”

“Oh yeah?” If James was going to bring it up, Felix wasn’t going to hold his curiosity back too far.

“Yeah. At first, it was the worst thing in the world. But you know they say boners are contagious.” James picked a showerhead and turned it on, stepping under the water and facing Felix.

“Our captain just led the way,” Felix added, picking his own showerhead that was close enough for conversation, but not too close as to indicate interest. “He said, ‘Boys, it’s going to happen, we don’t need to hide it.’ That blew my little mind.”

“How long before someone busted a nut in your team’s showers?” James diverted his gaze as he asked.

“Third session. Captain led the charge there as well.” Felix found himself following this line of conversation with surprising ease.

“I guess teen boys just can’t wait eh?”

James and Felix stood silent for a moment each of them quietly remembering their own times on the team.

“I don’t think I’ve grown out of that too much to be honest,” James admitted.

“Still regularly at it?”

“Oh yeah. Actually…” James paused. “Nah never mind.”

“What? Dude, no judgement here.”

“Well, OK. Being here reminds me of those days and I quite often finish my swim the same way,” James let those words hang in the air.

“Dude!” Felix laughed. “You’ve wanked in your old high school showers?”

James turned his face away, but not before Felix noticed the red flush that had spread across his cheeks.

“That’s actually awesome,” Felix continued.

James quickly looked back at Felix. “Yeah?”

Felix was unable to stop his cock from rising. “Yeah. I mean. I thought it was fun at the Y. Here there’s the nostalgia too.”

“I mean, that’s it exactly. It’s like my cock remembers. The dares, the races, the fun. And then.” James looked down at his now fully erect, 7” cut cock.

“Sounds like our teams were very similar.” Felix took his own, 6” uncut cock in hand and stroked slowly, knowing now that James was a worthy buddy for this activity.

Neither of the men spoke as they both started stroking. It had been a long time since either of them had beat off with a buddy but it was clear that they were enjoying reliving the experience.

“Dude, did you guys have races too?” James asked, slowly working the length of his cock.

“Yeah, we did. I won so many.”

“Challenge accepted.” James stepped towards Felix and picked up the pace on his dick.

Felix immediately followed suit, stroking hard and fast as he watched James work himself closer and closer to orgasm.

Both men stood, transfixed on each other’s cock, the sound of their running showers echoing off the tiled walls as they watched each other quickly stroking.

“Fuck,” Felix moaned, a surge of pleasure coursing through his body, indicating that he wasn’t far from cumming.

“Close?” James asked, picking up the pace on his cock again.

“Yeah. I think I’ve got you.” Felix reached down and tugged his low-hanging balls, knowing the extra trigger that would send him over the edge.

“Shiiiiiit,” James’s long drawn-out response was a clear indication he wasn’t far behind, but he knew he was beaten.

Felix tensed his legs and raised himself up on his toes, another trick to ensure he reached his orgasm. With a few furious strokes, his cock throbbed. He moaned deeply as he felt the cum surge through his cock. He didn’t hesitate to let loose, facing James and firing his load all over the tiles between them. He panted and gasped as the intense pleasure swept through his body.

“Fuck yeah bud!” James spread his legs and jerked hard. Felix watched as his body tensed and he held the base of his cock. With a long grunt, the first shot fired from James and soared across the space between them, landing squarely between Felix’s feet.

“Fuuuuuck!” James groaned again as his cum continued to fire, the rest mixing with Felix’s load between them on the tiles.

As his orgasm subsided James slowly squeezed the last of the cum from his wilting cock and Felix felt the last drop fall from his head.

“We better get these boys’ bags eh?” James said eventually.

Felix laughed and quickly rinsed himself off under the water, splashing some over their combined piles of jizz to remove the evidence. Once the floor looked suitable, they both walked from the shower and quickly dressed. They grabbed their own bags and quickly retrieved their sons’ bags from the lockers.

James smiled as they walked out of the locker room. “I wonder if the boys are enjoying their night as much as their dads?”

“If they’re anything like us at that age. You can bet they are.” Felix replied, realising the quick bond of a new friendship.

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