Hot Tub Revelation – Gay Erotic Fiction

A hot tub on an enclosed deck, steaming.

I have a hot tub at home. I love it, both for its soothing effects and for the number of my mates that have been nude in it. This gay erotic story is a little fantasy of what could’ve been.

“Shit. You have a hot tub?” Caleb spotted the tub through the window, sitting on the deck.

“Yeah, mate. Didn’t the boys tell you?” Luis smiled as he handed Caleb a beer.

“Nah. I would’ve invited myself over sooner if I’d known.” Luis laughed and used his remote to turn the lights on in the tub, highlighting the waiting water.

“I also would’ve brought my swimmers with me.” Caleb sipped his beer, looking out the window.

“Dude, if you wanna get in. I won’t stop you.” Luis led the way out the door.

“Yeah? No swimmers eh?”

“If you want man.”

Luis took a deep breath, forcing himself to remain calm. He had been thinking about the possibility of getting in his new hot tub with one of his mates. The more he had thought about it, the more he had thought about it being in the nude. The more he thought about being nude with a mate, the more he had thought about Caleb and the rumours about his endowment.

Caleb helped himself to another beer.

“I mean, you could borrow a pair of mine if you wanted,” Luis offered, only in an effort to ensure that he didn’t seem too keen. He wasn’t sure how Caleb would react if he knew that Luis wanted to see if Caleb’s reputation was based on fact.

“I bet you wouldn’t wear them if I wasn’t here,” Caleb said.

“Well, no.”

“You shy?”

“Nah, mate. I’m not as fit as I used to be but-”

“None of us are, man.”

Luis shrugged his agreement.

“Alright then. Let’s go.” Caleb stepped out the door onto the deck, grabbing a towel from the pile by the door.

Luis took a moment to compose himself before walking towards the deck.

“Oh mate,” Caleb called back. “Grab a couple of beers?”

Luis turned on his heel and walked towards the fridge, giving himself more time to prepare for what was about to happen. By the time he approached the tub, Caleb was already settled in the water, his clothes piled up on the seat beside the tub. Luis realised he may have missed his opportunity at seeing Caleb’s revelation, now that he was submerged and the bubbles were churning the water.

“Coming in man?” Caleb asked.

“Yeah, mate. Just sorting your beers out.” Luis quickly disrobed, the precedent set by Caleb already.

“Man, this is the life eh?” Caleb sipped his beer. “Actually better without swimmers on I reckon.”

“I definitely enjoy it.”

The guys relaxed into the water, sitting quietly and enjoying their drinks.

“Got any more?” Caleb asked, shaking his empty can at Luis.

“Yeah, plenty.” Luis was ready to take this opportunity. “But I got these two so, your turn I reckon.”

Caleb paused a moment, realising what Luis had implied. “Alright. That’s fair.”

Caleb moved quickly, more quickly than Luis could and again he missed the view of his mate’s naked state. But he took the opportunity to change his seating position, he had a clear view of the door now and could see that Caleb hadn’t taken his towel inside with him.

Luis heard the door open and knew Caleb was about to return. He stepped onto the deck with a beer in each hand. But what drew Luis’s attention was the long, cut cock hanging halfway to Caleb’s knees.

“Mate I’m surprised the boys aren’t hanging out here more often. It’s a great-looking deck you’ve got.”

“Speak for yourself,” Luis said before he could stop himself.

Caleb stopped dead in his tracks. Luis panicked for only a moment before Caleb broke the tension, laughing heartily and resuming his walk towards the spa.

“I’ll pay that,” he said, passing Luis his beer and offering a fist bump.

“Sorry dude. It honestly caught me by surprise,” Luis explained nervously.

“Oh don’t even worry about it.” Caleb reentered the water. “I’d be surprised if you hadn’t already heard about it.”

“Well, the boys do talk.”

“Do they ever! I’ve lost count of the number of chicks that Jamie has scared away by talking about my big cock.”

“Not the best wingman eh?”

“Not at all. Most chicks hear the number 11 and are just a little intimidated.”

“11 inches?!” Luis couldn’t hide his surprise.

“Yeah mate. A bit ridiculous right?”

“Dude. I don’t know what to say.” Luis shifted his position slightly, hoping that the growth of his modest 6 inches was well hidden.

“Most blokes say ‘bullshit’ first up.”

“Well, based on what I’ve seen so far, I don’t doubt it’s big.” Caleb blushed slightly.

“And you’re right, Jamie won’t shut up about it.” Luis continued.

“Well, he’s copped the best view of it.”

“Oh yeah?” Luis’s confidence in discussing this topic was increasing as it became clear that Caleb was pretty open about it.

“Yeah. Pretty embarrassing actually. He walked in on me on a boys’ trip.” Caleb let those words hang and it took Luis a moment to realise what he was referring to.

Luis laughed. “Dude. That’s bad. What happened?”

“Well, at first he laughed at me. Thought it was hilarious that I was using two hands. Then he realised why I was using two.”

“Two hands mate,” Luis could only shake his head. “Shit.”

“I’m not trying to be showy about it mate. Sorry.”

“It’s all good.”

“I know I’m blessed.”

The conversation stalled there. Luis was unsure what to say next. He was curious about the impressive size of his mate’s cock, especially since that cock was only about a metre away from him, below the water. Caleb didn’t continue the topic. He knew that it made him seem arrogant about his size.

The silence was broken by Caleb’s phone ringing on the deck. Caleb quickly moved to the edge of the tub, stepping up to reach his phone. Luis got his best look yet at the big cut cock of his buddy, now hanging right next to him.

“Hey,” Caleb answered his phone.Luis tried hard not to stare at the long thick shaft that was now in full view. It was easily the biggest cock he had ever seen, so long that the head was mostly still under the water. Luis could only hear Caleb’s side of the phone conversation but knew that he was being called away. His heart sank, this view of Caleb was the best he was going to get tonight.

Caleb hung up the phone and sunk back into the water.

“Dude. That was one of my girls. I gotta go.”

“Yeah? You that whipped?” Luis tried his best to hide his disappointment with the expected buddy banter.

Caleb laughed. “Not quite whipped. But she’s made me an offer that’s hard to refuse. If you know what I mean.”

Luis did know what he meant and now he had an image to accompany the one of Caleb’s long swinging cock. Luis knew exactly what he would be doing as soon as Caleb left.

“So I’m out man. Excuse me.” Caleb stepped up onto the edge of the tub, bringing his cock into a fuller and closer view for Luis.

“Sorry man.” Luis moved to the side, willing his cock to go down before he had to step out of the water.

“We should do this again sometime man,” Caleb said as he dried himself, his cock swinging with the movement.

“Definitely,” Luis reluctantly turned away from the incredible sight on the deck, hoping that would cause the swelling of his own dick to reduce.

“I’ll go inside and get dressed bud. See you in there.”

Luis took a deep breath as Caleb reentered the house, taking a moment to contemplate his next step. Caleb certainly wasn’t shy about his gift but seeing that Luis had been turned on by it might be a bit confronting for him.

Luis reached over and switched off the hot tub lights. He slowly stepped out of the water, his dick now in a more presentable public state. It wasn’t fully soft and was unlikely to be until he managed to take care of himself after Caleb left. He dried himself quickly, eager to get into the house to farewell Caleb. Eager to wrap the towel around himself before his buddy noticed his still apparent arousal.

He finished drying and wrapped the towel around his body. Luis paused before reaching for the hot tub’s cover, thinking about the incredible endowment of his mate and the knowledge that within the next half an hour he would be putting that big thing to work on a lucky lady. He squatted down to lift the cover over the water, feeling the towel drop from his waist as he lifted. With his hands full he was unable to cover himself as he heard Caleb open the door. 

“Hey bro. I’m gonna head-”

Caleb stopped mid-sentence, spotting Luis holding the hot tub cover and spotting the erection that his wandering thoughts had caused.

“I’m gonna head off.” Caleb continued. “Enjoy the rest of your night man. I’ll message you later.”

Caleb smiled before turning back into the house and showing himself out.

Luis stood silent, stunned at the revelation that he had just made. Surely Caleb would know that he was the cause of Luis’s erection. He cursed himself for letting himself be so exposed.

He threw the cover over the tub, grabbed his towel and quickly tidied up the beer cans. Despite his annoyance, his cock was still demanding his attention. He walked into the bedroom and tossed his towel aside. Laying back on the bed, he gripped his cock in one hand and closed his eyes. The vision of Caleb’s long, cut member was strong in his mind. He saw it swinging as he dried himself. He saw it hanging beside him, too big to come out of the water.

Luis’s stroking was interrupted by his phone alerting him to a new message. He quickly reached over and saw it was from Caleb. His heart skipped a beat, both in arousal and in dread. Luis knew the message would be about his obvious attraction to his buddy and knew it would be bad. He opened the message anyway.

Dude. Don’t stress. You’re not the first to have that reaction. Enjoy yourself.

The message was accompanied by a winking face emoji and Luis released the breath he realised he had been holding. He quickly resumed his stroking, inspired further by the permission Caleb had just given him.

His phone pinged again. Luis eagerly picked it up while keeping one hand on his rigid cock. This one was a picture message. From Caleb. Luis’s cock twitched. He opened it quickly.

Caleb’s long, cut cock was fully hard, laying against his belly, reaching up past his navel. A large, pink head sat atop the thick, veiny shaft.

About to get to work. Was the accompanying text.

Luis’s cock twitched in his hand and he picked up the pace. Another picture came through as he held his phone.

A side angle showed Luis holding his cock with two hands, the head still fully exposed. Luis quickly realised that it wasn’t Caleb taking that shot. The girl he was with had. Which meant she knew he was sharing cock pics with his buddies.

“Fuuuuck,” Luis moaned loudly as his cock suddenly exploded, sending ropes of cum shooting up his body.

He dropped his phone onto the mattress as his body shuddered through one of the most intense orgasms of his life. He moaned heavily as more cum fired from his cock.

“Shit,” Luis panted as he lay back in the bliss of his orgasm, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Before he fully allowed himself to doze off his phone pinged one more time.

It was another message from Caleb. This one was accompanied by an assortment of emojis.

Hope to be back in the tub with you soon buddy.

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