In The Gym Shower – A Gay Cruising Story

attractive man in gym shower

My Proud Bators co-host Sean told me about a gay cruising tip that I had no idea about! This new knowledge inspired this story. Enjoy.

I don’t normally shower at the gym. I usually run home so there’s no point washing off the sweat from the workout session if I’m just going to sweat again running home. But today I’m going straight from the gym to work so I grab my towel and head towards the shower stalls.

I remember the little cruising tip that my mate gave me.

Hang your towel over the door and leave it unlocked and it’s an open invitation.

After catching the eyes of a couple of the guys in the gym, I decide to test out that advice. I walk into the stall and hang my towel, jamming it somewhat into the corner so the door doesn’t fly open.

Within a minute of me turning the water on, I see a foot appear under the door. I reach out and tug the towel, letting the door open slightly. The other man steps quickly in. It isn’t one of the guys that I’d spied during my workout, but he’s hot nonetheless. Hot enough for this kind of risky encounter. I’m already naked but he isn’t. He whips off the singlet that he’s been training in and slides his shorts down his legs. It’s clear that I’m not the only one that’s already aroused by the situation. His cock is starting to swell as soon as the shorts get down to his knees. It’s a nice meaty uncut piece of dark meat hanging below a full bush. My own cock is already standing straight up. 5 and 1/2 inches of thick, cut dick that’s been unfortunately neglected for the past few days.

The need in both of us is clear as he steps towards me. I reach behind him and lock the door. As much as I’m feeling like a little bit of public play today, I don’t want the whole of the gym to see what’s going on inside this cubicle. He reaches out without any hesitation and grabs my cock. Realising that my cut member needs a little bit of assistance, he reaches over to the soap dispenser. He squirts it a few times into his hand and then returns to my rigid dick. I copy his actions and reach out, grabbing his cock and sliding the foreskin back to expose the swollen head. A soft sigh escapes his lips. He’s clearly trying to keep quiet.

Our bodies are pressed together and while I stroke his cock slowly, he’s picking up the pace. That change of speed reminds me that we’re in a public situation. There are two people in one shower at the gym on a busy Thursday morning.

His other hand reaches out now and goes straight for my left nipple. I guide his hand lower knowing that while most guys get off with their nipples, mine are practically useless. It’s that spot just beneath my balls that I want him to go for. Before he gets there though he grabs my other hand and places it on his balls as well.

We shift our bodies slightly, using them to shield the water from my cock, allowing my soaped-up member to remain slick in his hand. I can hear the shuffling of feet outside and someone steps into the cubicle next to us. Thankfully the water turns on straight away, giving us a little bit more coverage as the slick sounds of our stroking increase with the heightened pace of our movements. He tugs my balls slightly and I can’t help but gasp. I lift my left leg a little bit, hoping his finger will find the spot that I’m craving.

Mirroring his actions, I give his balls a light tug and a light twist. I feel his cock throb in response. It’s so easy jerking off other guys. They clearly give you an indication of what they want.

I tug a little harder and his dick starts leaking over my fingers. I know he’s close. Every guy’s horny after a workout. Just some of us are brave enough to do something about it straight away.

He lets go of my cock but only to add more soap to his fist. He quickly returns, concentrating on my head now. He runs his slick hand over my ridge and a shudder of pleasure runs through me. I know it’s not going to take me long to cum. But I need him to hit that spot that will send me over the edge.

I decide to remove any subtlety from my attempts. While his right hand works my cock, I grab his left, I slide it down past my balls and as I open my legs slightly he gets the idea. His fingers finally press that spot just beneath my sack as his fingers crossed over my ridge again. I feel the first tingle of the orgasm start to spread from my feet up through my legs.

I look directly into his eyes. My eyes widen and he can tell I’m close to my climax. I pause on his cock for a moment, allowing the pleasure to overtake me.

He strokes more quickly, stepping even closer and gripping my cock harder. He presses his hard cock into my thigh as he works mine in his hands. He wraps his other fist around my balls and presses two knuckles into that magical spot and that sends me over the edge. With one more press from his fingers and a couple more fast strokes of his fist, my cock erupts, shooting my seed all over the wall of the shower. Two days worth of cum fires hard and fast and I pant and gasp my way through my orgasm as I watch it drip down the tile wall. I put my forearm in my mouth to stop myself from moaning out loud as the last of my climax ripples through my body.

I look up at him and he smiles. Proud of his work. I take a second to recover before gripping his cock again, grabbing his balls and holding them tightly.

His hardness returns quickly and I stroke fast watching the foreskin slide over his slick head, now dripping with every stroke. He leans forward, his head resting on my shoulder and as his legs tense he raises himself up onto his toes. With one deep gasp and a barely audible grunt his load fires, painting my stomach and dripping down into my own trimmed bush. His body shakes against me as the rest of his orgasm courses through his body. He fires just as hard and just as much as I do and I wonder if he had to wait as long before his orgasm as I had.

As the last of his cum dribbles over my fingers and drips onto the tiled floor, we both start to relax. We smile at each other with silent admiration and silent pride at the quick risky loads we both just released.

I rinse his cum off my body and he splashes some water over the wall to get rid of my evidence. I grab my towel and quickly dry off. Looking around, I realise he forgot to bring in his towel so I offer him mine. Hopefully it’s not too wet and he can dry himself enough before he redresses.

After a quick rinse, he turns the water off and takes the towel from me. Without the sound of the water, we can hear the faint noises from the rest of the changing rooms and are reminded by those sounds that there’s a guy in the shower stall next to us. My dick twitches a little bit at the idea that I just got a handjob while another man unsuspectingly showered just over the wall.

Once he dresses, my partner-in-crime nods towards the door indicating that he should leave first. I nod and take my towel back from his hands. He unlocks the door and opens it looking out through the crack. Obviously seeing that no one is around he darts out quickly. I reach out and lock the door again. It’s always the hardest part of these encounters making sure no one sees two people come out of the one cubicle.

I listen more intently now to try and work out if anyone is walking past. This time, with my hearing a little bit sharpened, I hear faint smacking sounds from next door. Clearly, the other guy was as horny as we were. I wonder if he knew what we were up to. I wonder if he wanted to join in.

Maybe I should shower after the gym more often.

I hope you enjoyed this gay cruising story.
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Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay