Strangers On A Train – Part 1 – Gay Erotic Fiction

This gay erotic fiction story was inspired by a chat I had with a reader and follower. They hit me up on Instagram for a chat. If you’ve got any interesting chat you think might make a great story, feel free to hit me up.

Six months on the road. Six days a week. Stuart’s life had become much less exciting since he had left his army gig a year ago. It had taken a bit of adjusting but he had gotten used to it. The first thing that had struck him was the monotony. No day in the military was ever the same. Even boot camp, with all of its structure and training, was unpredictable, which Stuart knew now was part of the training. The days on deployment were as far from monotony as you could get. 

The second thing he had needed to adjust to, and the thing that he didn’t realize would be such a big deal, was the solitude. He had leaned towards describing it as loneliness but he realised that had a negative connotation. Truck driving was a solitary existence. You’d see people when you loaded and unloaded but that was about it. You’d keep in touch with your logistics team back in the office, depending on who was in the office that could be constant or occasional. It was the solitude compared to the military that was the biggest adjustment. Bootcamp was a barracks of 10 guys, training together, sleeping together, showering together. When deployed there was barely a moment alone. That was tough. It made it hard to switch off and have time to think. It made it even harder to take care of his more personal needs as well. Stuart had quickly lost count of the number of times he had been interrupted just as he thought he might have a moment alone with his cock in the barracks. 

There were times when he was deployed that he felt like his cock was always on the verge of rising to attention. The combination of the time away from his girlfriend, the lack of privacy to jerk off and the realisation that he enjoyed the open showers for more than just the camaraderie made it tough to calm his young horny urges. After a while, the guys had developed a mutual understanding. What you heard from another guy’s bunk after lights out was none of your business. Guys knew what they needed to do and so they let it happen. It was mostly unspoken. Except for one guy. Fernando. Confident, cocky and hung. He never shied away from his solo activities, occasionally starting them even before lights out. 

Stuart remembered one afternoon in particular. By sheer luck, his group had some unscheduled free time. Most guys spent that time playing cards or shooting hoops. That was great fun and all but Stuart had seen a rare opportunity for a bit of privacy, while everyone else was busy. He had snuck away from the group and headed to the sleeping quarters, only to walk in and be greeted by the sight of Fernando, naked on his bed stroking his cock.

“Oh shit bro, I’m sorry!” Stuart had stammered. He tried to turn and leave but was frozen by both the sight of Fernando’s massive piece in his hand, and by the fact that the stroking hadn’t stopped. 

“All good man. Don’t mind me. You need to get something?”

“Actually…” Stuart left his words hanging in the air.
Fernando grinned. “Had the same idea I had eh?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Well, pull up a pew. I just got a new vid sent to me.” Fernando lifted his phone and Stuart got a glimpse of the hot girl-on-girl action on the screen. 

“Shit. Uh…”

Stuart’s mind was spinning. He had heard of this stuff happening. Guys jerking off together. But up until recently had never thought about participating. Here was his chance. 

Stuart looked around for a chair he unbuckled his belt.

Fuck it. I came here to jerk off.

As he grabbed the chair and pulled it towards Fernando’s bed their actions were interrupted by a blaring announcement over the speaker system. Break time was over. His group was heading back out. 

“Shit!” Fernando exclaimed, quickly grabbing his trousers. “Every fucking time.”

That was the closest Stuart had gotten to any ‘bro’ action and the rest of his time in the forces had reverted to sneaky wanks in the bathroom or shuffling sheets at night. The occasional opportunity on a quiet posting had been taken as well. But it was overall a fairly hindered solosexual time. 

But that wasn’t an issue on the open roads. It was day two on the job when he had first fished his semi-erect penis from his jeans and let it hang loose, slowly allowing it to get harder as he drove up the highway. As he had become more comfortable with the rig he was driving the amount of time he spent with his fingers wrapped around his 6 inches increased. Now, half a year into the job he was an expert at knowing when he could drive one-handed and when he could edge himself as he drove. He also knew the best rest stops and roadside parking spots in which to stop to finish those edging sessions.

The need to unload on this drive today was strong. It was only day one of his six-day week and his cock was aching. His girlfriend was experiencing her ‘time of the month’ and so their usual Sunday night fuck fest hadn’t happened. He had been sent off this morning with a full sack and had spent the first 4 hours of his drive teasing himself with increasing intent. 

Fuck. I gotta finish. 

Stuart checked the time on his dashboard, doing some quick calculations to work out whether or not he had time to stop and bust this well overdue load. He did. The next calculation was to do with location. The East Watson roadside stop was two hours away. That was one of his favourites, more scenic roadside stops. But that wouldn’t work. The way his cock was throbbing right now if he waited two hours he’d be painting the dash. Stuart didn’t want to have to clean his cum out of the nooks and crannies around the steering wheel. Not again anyway. 

He spotted a sign for the next truck stop. Frampton Park. Such a fancy name for what was essentially a greasy burger joint with fuel pumps and showers. That would have to do. He could kill two birds with one stone too. Empty his nuts and fill up his guts. 

Stuart jammed his erect cock back into his pants. It was a tight fit but he hoped it would subdue it enough to be presentable as he entered the truck stop. He pulled off the side of the road, finding a free park and killing the engine. After grabbing his bag of toiletries, he jumped down from the cab and adjusted his cock. 

Damn this thing won’t take no for an answer.

After a glance down at his pants to ensure he wasn’t leading the way with his knob, Stuart walked towards the trucker’s entrance to the rest stop. He knew Frampton Park well and made a beeline for the showers. That was a much higher priority than the food. They had plenty of shower stalls. Not the open showers like some stops, or the communal setups he was used to in the army. The communal setups at the rest stops were different to his army days. There wasn’t as much in terms of quality viewing as there was back then but the openness was something he enjoyed. The privacy of the stalls was what he needed today though. 

The changing area was mostly empty, just a couple of older guys getting dressed after using the facilities. As usual, those older guys were less than subtle with their wandering eyes as Stuart undressed at his chosen locker. Thankfully his cock had decided to calm down slightly and so he wasn’t displaying himself in all his glory as he lowered his briefs. Stuart grabbed his towel and headed to a stall, choosing the stall in the corner to add a little more privacy for his much-needed wank. 

As soon as he stepped under the water his boner returned with a vengeance. Somehow it always knew what was about to happen. Stuart slowly stroked his length, enjoying the feeling of the warm water running down his body and the caress of his hand on his cock. 

As he passed his fingers over his now-exposed head a shudder surged through his body and Stuart couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. He froze, hoping the water had covered the sound of his pleasure. 

Stuart listened intently, hoping that no one knew what he was up to in here. He had a pretty good idea that more than just solo activity happened in these rest stops. He had suspected that there were times that more than one man was present in a shower stall. But he wasn’t looking for that at the moment. Not with the guys that had been hanging around the changing area today anyway. If there had been some of his army buddies around, maybe it would be different. Those were fun times. 

As he began to reminisce about some of the ‘antics’ of the barracks he began to stroke his cock again. As he fell deeper into the pleasure he heard the water start in the stall next to him. 


That would make it more difficult. 

He slowed his stroking, unsure of what to do next. He knew his cock wouldn’t let him leave the stall without achieving the original goal of this stop but the decision now was whether or not to keep it slow and quiet or just go for it. All dudes knew that other dudes jerked off. All drivers knew other drivers jerked off in these showers. Which route did Stuart want to take though?

The guy in the other shower decided for him. Stuart heard the unmistakable sounds of a hand full of shower gel, the sliding of lubed up skin and a sharp intake of breath. His cock twitched unexpectedly at the sudden knowledge that his neighbour was partaking in the activity he had just interrupted. Stuart began stroking with more intent now. He heard another heavy breath over the wall and replied quickly with a soft moan. 

Stuart knew he was close, he figured he had a headstart on his neighbour and tried to hold back as best as he could. But he felt his balls begin to tingle, his legs begin to shudder and his cock begin to throb. 

“Fuck yeah bro. Beat it.” 

A soft, gravelly voice came from the other side of the wall and Stuart froze again. He had been in this side-by-side shower situation before but had never interacted. As he wondered how to respond he saw a foot slide under the wall between stalls. He didn’t know much about this stuff but he knew what that mean.
Stuart’s cock twitched and he knew he was powerless to fight the urge. He quickly knelt down, hardly acknowledging the cold hard tiles on his knees. It felt like all of the sensations of his body were focused on his cock. He shuffled down slowly, his cock sliding against the wall before reaching the bottom and sliding beneath it. 


The reply from next door was appreciative. 

Stuart heard shuffling sounds and his cock was quickly enveloped by the slick hands of his neighbour. He moaned softly, the pleasure was so great and so unexpected that he found it hard to hide his enjoyment. 

As his cock was worked, rather well, by this stranger, Stuart felt the presence of the man’s cock against his thigh as he thrust it under the partition. 

His eyes widened as he watch the cock slide under the wall, and keep sliding. It was huge and drove an immediate response from Stuart who reached over and immediately gripped the uncut beast in his hand. He stroked hard and fast, knowing that he had a good head start on his neighbour and wanting to ensure they both shot hard and soon. 

The moaning increased from the other side of the wall as Stuart increased the pace on this new cock, the only other cock he had ever had in his hand. It seemed that his neighbour wasn’t shy. 

“Dude. That’s gonna make me nut soon,” the stranger grunted. 

The sudden knowledge that after all these years of fantasy he was about to get another guy off sent Stuart quickly over the edge. His cock swelled and he felt the surge of his orgasm shoot through his legs, pull his heavy balls up and the first shot of cum fired hard.

Stuart was unable to hold back his moans as the load he had been building up since he left for work this morning fired all over the man on the other side of the wall in front of him. His cock throbbed, shooting hard and fast. He shuddered with the power of his pleasure and leant forward, his head resting against the wall to keep himself up. 

Stuart panted as the last of his cum dribbled from his cock and as Stuart began to return to the real world from the high of his orgasm he realised he still had a monster cock in his hand that he was suddenly neglecting.

He resumed the stroking of his neighbour, adding a second hand to ensure complete coverage. It wasn’t long before his action elicited more moaning from his counterpart and the throbbing of the cock in Stuart’s hand indicated that he was close. 

The grunts increased in pace and volume and he knew this was it. 

“Shoot it bud,” Stuart said quietly, wanting to return the favour of encouragement.  

The stranger’s cock shook, shuddered and exploded. Sending a spray of hot cum all over Stuart’s body. Shot after shot continued to pump from the monster in his hands and Stuart felt every shot hit him somewhere on his naked form. 

As the cum finally slowed and the cock in Stuart’s hands began to wilt. 

“Fuck bro,” the other man spoke softly as he withdrew his member from Stuart’s side of the wall.

Catching his breath and slowly standing up, Stuart suddenly realised the awkward position he was in. It was highly likely that he would now leave the shower stall as his neighbour did. He would see who this mysterious man was and be confronted with the fact that they had just gotten off on each other’s actions. 

Stuart hastily rinsed the cum from his body, splashing some water on the floor to wash away the other evidence. He grabbed his towel and left the shower stall while he could still hear the water from the neighbouring cubicle. 

His heart still pounding with the thrill of what had just happened, Stuart walked quickly to his locker. He listened intently, wanting to be aware of when his neighbour was likely to join him in the changing area. There seemed to be a couple of showers running. Hopefully, Stuart would be able to pick which belonged to his well-hung neighbour before he decided whether he was going to avoid him or not.

As he pulled his clothes from the locker he heard the water shut off from one of the stalls and soon heard footsteps approaching. 

“Stuart Cassell?” A familiar voice came from behind him. 

Stuart spun to greet the voice and instantly recognised him. 

“Fuck! Nando? What are you doing here?” Stuart asked, forgetting that he wasn’t fully dressed and quickly embracing his old mate in a tight bro-hug. 

“I drive for MTP.” Nando hugged Stuart just as strongly. “Been doing it a year. You?”

“Dalton. Six months.”


Stuart stepped towards his locker.
“Like it?” Fernando asked, striding over to his own locker.

“Yeah. Bit different to the army days.”

“Walls between the showers for a start.” Fernando laughed, pulling his clothes from his. 

“At least these ones have good water pressure.”

“Yeah. They’re some of the best on my run.”

“Oh for sure.” Stuart continued to dress himself. 

A silent moment passed between the two men as they continued to get dressed. Stuart was quickly trying to process the timing of Fernando’s appearance in the changing area. 

I left the stall. The other jerker was still in. There’s still water running now. That could be him. But Fernando came in here not long after me. Maybe –

“I usually like the one on the end, but someone was in that so I took the one next door.” Fernando interrupted Stuart’s thoughts. 

“Oh yeah. That’s a good one.” Stuart’s heart skipped a beat. Was that the confirmation of Fernando’s presence?

“Best one to bust a nut in anyway.”

That’s it.

Stuart almost choked on his laughter. “You’re not wrong.”

“Hey. You should, uh, come round to my place for a, uh, beer sometime.” Fernando suggested, adjust his bulge in his work pants without any subtlety. 

“Yeah. That sounds great.” Stuart replied, conscious of his cock rising again. 

“Hit me up man.”

Fernando gave Stuart a strong, manly pat on the shoulder as he walked out of the change rooms. Leaving Stuart with the realisation that the object of his lustful barracks thoughts had just invited him over for what was definitely going to be more than just a beer. 

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