Cousin’s Christmas – Gay Bator Story

This gay bator story is purely fantasy. Any resemblance to my real cousin is purely coincidental… I promise…

“A voucher to…?” Todd asked as he opened his card, doing his best to seem excited and thankful

“That camping place you like,” I replied quickly.

“Oh. Great. Thanks cuz,” Todd shook my hand, his smile doing little to hide his disappointment. 

I pulled him in close for a hug, close enough to say quietly in his ear, “There’s more. Just can’t let Grandma see.”

I patted Todd’s back and took my seat again in the circle around the lounge room. The exchange of presents continued. A mix of hugs and kisses and squeals from the youngest generation of the family. 

It didn’t take long before the floor was covered in wrapping paper that was more interesting than the presents to the baby in the room. But with the presents done it was time for our traditional street cricket match. The Logan Test had been happening annual for close to 20 years now, ever since Todd had brought his new cricket set to Christmas lunch. He had talked us into playing, as the youngest cousin he got his way a lot. It wasn’t long until the competitiveness took over and it became a fast family tradition. 

“I’ll go and sort out the gear in the garage. Should be set up soon.” I quickly walked out of the kitchen, avoiding the dishes. “Todd, give me a hand.” I smiled at Todd and he quickly got up and followed, thankfully taking the hint. 

I walked hastily towards the garage, eager to show Todd the larger part of his gift. I also hoped the quick pace of my legs would avoid the blood rushing to my cock as it had every time I had thought about handing this present over. 

“What’s up cuz?” Todd asked, walking past the already prepared cricket equipment near the door.
“I know the camping voucher is lame. You probably own one of everything they stock anyway.” I opened a cupboard in the rear of the garage, reaching in and retrieving a non-descript box. “But I couldn’t present you this in front of the family.”

“What is it?” 

“Just open it. I figure you’ve heard me talk about them enough, and you’re old enough now, you should have one. Every guy should.”
Todd looked at me quizically as he began to open the box. I adjusted the bulge in my pants, hoping he wouldn’t notice the growth.

“Oh shit!” Todd burst out laughing. “You perv!”

“Nothing pervy about it mate. Everyone should have one. Mind you I didn’t tell the dude in the shop I was buying it for my cousin.” 

Todd removed the rest of the packing material and revealing the Fleshlight Ice I had purchased him.
“Is this the same as your one?” he asked. 

“Pretty much. I have the ass. I bought you the pussy.” 

“Well that makes sense.”

Todd turned the box over in his hands, grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t tell if that grin was excitement at receiving the gift or amusement that his cousin had bought him a sex toy. 

“It looks cool.” 

“You’re gonna have a great time. There’s even some lube in the box so you can use it as soon as you like.”

“As soon as I like eh?” 

I laughed, suddenly nervous but also throbbing in my pants. “Of course. No point giving it to you if you can’t use it ASAP.”

I turned my body slightly, doing my best to hide the fact that I was solid as a rock in my new pair of Christmas jeans. Todd and I had always been close, open with each other since we were kids. The one time that we had jerked off together in our teens was stuck in my memory to this day. Although the topic had never been off the table since that bonding experience, there had been no more action. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a small ulterior motive in sneaking him into the garage and gifting him a fake pussy. 

“How long do they think it’ll take you to find the cricket gear?” Todd looked up from the box and grinned, sliding his finger under the lid as he did so. 

“10 minutes.”

“You got yours?”

I quickly reached into the cupboard again and pulled out my own version of the toy, without the box, ready to deploy. 

“Whoever wins gets to bowl first?”

“You’re on!” my dick twitched in my pants as I pulled the tube of lube from the gift box. 

“Been a while eh?” Todd grinned as he removed his toy, taking off the lid and presenting it to me for lubrication. 

“Yeah. I think I won last time.” 

I know I won last time.

“You’re a bit older now though.” Todd unbuckled his belt and quickly removed his cock. 

“You’ve grown.” I said, not concerned about him knowing I’d just looked directly at what was not a rock hard uncut cock that must be close to 7”. 

“I’d hope so!” Todd smiled before slowly slide the lubed sleeve over his cock. 

I realised I had been caught watching and was already behind in the race. I whipped my pants down around my knees, revealing my 6” cut piece and lubed my fleshlight. Keeping half an eye on Todd’s actions as he bottomed out inside his new toy, I slide my own member in, sighing softly as the feeling enveloped me. 

“Feels good eh?” I asked. 

“Yeah. Now I know why you raved about it.”

Todd slowly slid the toy over himself a couple of times before turning to look at me. 

“Ready?” he asked.

“Oh yeah.”


I instantly picked up the pace of the toy sliding over my swollen cock, watching intently as Todd took a different approach. He held the toy still, sliding his thick dick in and out of the clear sleeve.

“Fuck. This is good.” Todd’s breathing increased and I knew this was going to be a short race.

I slammed the sleeve over my cock harder now but held myself back eager to see Todd achieve his orgasm before releasing myself. 

“You close?” Todd asked, his dick slamming into the toy.

“Yeah. I think you’ve got me though.” I couldn’t remove my eyes from the sight of my cousin fucking a pussy in front of me. Even though it was fake, I now knew what his actions were like. I congratulated myself on the decision to by the Ice model, the clear sleeve allowed me to see every inch of Todd sliding deep into the new gift. I realised I had stopped jerking myself, I was too distracted by the show.

“Fuck. I’m gonna -” Todd grunted and his body shook. He slammed in deep and his ass clenched as I watched the toy fill with his seed.

“Shit!” I exclaimed and, without moving my cock or the sleeve, my own seed flooded my Fleshlight, sending waves of pleasure through my body as I stood there watching Todd come down from his orgasm. 

“Cuz. That was incredible.” Todd began to slowly remove himself from the toy. I reached out and grabbed it. 

“Hold it up this way,” I tilted the toy. “Otherwise you’ll mess up my floor.”

I opened the cupboard and pointed to a towel I had laid out on one of the shelves. 

“You’re really prepared for this eh?”

“Not just for this. Since I moved back in at home this is where I do most of my stuff.” I slid my own toy off my cock and placed it on the shelf next to Todd’s. “Don’t take the wrong one home cuz.”

“Gotta clean it?”

“We can do that later. They’ll be getting sus out there on the pitch.”

“True. Maybe I’ll just add to it.” 

Todd laughed and slid his cock back into his jeans. I took one last glance at his ample member as he did and slid my own pants back up.

“Thanks cuz.” Todd patted me on the shoulder. “Best Christmas gift yet.”

“Any time.” 

I walked over to the door and grabbed the bag of cricket equipment. 

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