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Here’s a gay erotic first time short story that’s soon going to become a part of the novel I’m working on. I hope you enjoy this. If you’re keen to know when the novel is coming, make sure you sign up to my newsletter for all of the updates.

Patrick and Tom sat next to each other on the couch, a beer in their hands. They had spent a lazy day in Patrick’s bungalow behind his parents’ house. This was the first beer of the day after slowly recovering from their outing the night before. The boys had both turned 18 in the same week and now were finally legally allowed to drink and hit the clubs. Last weekend had been their joint birthday party, which had needed a similar day of recovery, this weekend was their first weekend out on the town. Last night, Friday night, was Patrick’s choice of venue and Tom got to choose where they were headed Saturday night. 

The boys had been friends since they were in primary school together. Patrick was the first person that Tom had come out to a couple of years before. Patrick was, of course, fully supportive of his best mate’s revelation but a part of him had initially thought that Tom was, ‘making a move’. But they had talked at length about Tom’s sexuality and Patrick had allowed his mate to get everything he needed off his chest. It had quickly become apparent to the straight one of the pair that Tom wasn’t trying to change the level of their friendship but had needed a friend to talk to. A friend that was supportive enough to allow Tom to be his true self. 

Patrick could sense the relief in his friend after he had told him about his sexuality and that had been a major factor in strengthening their friendship even further. Patrick had worked hard to remain open to the details Tom wished to share and he had learnt a lot. 

“Last night was so good,” Patrick said.

“Yeah, it was. Great to finally get out to some bars.” Tom agreed.

“Can you believe I got that girl’s phone number?”

“Man I’m not surprised at all. You know I reckon you undersell yourself bad.”

Tom had spent the last two years since coming out to Patrick trying to convince his oldest friend that he was more attractive than he gave himself credit for. He wasn’t doing it to try and get into his pants, although since he had found out what was hidden in Patrick’s pants Tom couldn’t deny that he would relish the opportunity, he was just trying to build up his friend’s confidence. Getting a girl’s phone number last night would have done wonders for his confidence as well. 

Patrick laughed. “Yeah OK. I reckon I’ll invite her out for a drink next week.”

“Just tidy this place up if you think you wanna bring her back here,” Tom said, kicking one of the many items of clothing on the floor. 

“Sneak her in the side gate you reckon?” 

“Just don’t let your mum catch you!”

The boys laughed, the conversation and banter flowing easily between them as always. 

“You looking forward to tonight mate?” Patrick asked as he stood up to get the next beer. “Your first gay club.”

“Yeah, I think it’ll be great.”

“We might get you more than a phone number,” Patrick laughed.

“Finally!” Tom joked. 

Tom had gotten used to the fact that he was a virgin while his best friend wasn’t. It was simply a matter of options. Tom was the only gay guy at their school. Patrick had a lot more to choose from. But now that they were 18, both single, with a bit of cash and plans to find an apartment together, Tom knew that was going to change. 

“Better get ready.” Tom stood up and moved towards the pile of clothes he had brought for the weekend with Patrick. 

“You going commando again?” Patrick asked as he removed his t-shirt.

Despite the difference in their sexuality, the boys weren’t shy around each other and often got changed together in preparation for the parties they had attended during high school. Patrick knew of Tom’s penchant for heading out without underwear and Tom was the one that convinced Patrick that wearing tighter jeans showed off his natural assets.

“Yeah I think I will,” Tom stripped his pants, revealing a thick, cut cock. “Easier access you know?”

The boys laughed and continued dressing, neither flinching at the displays of nudity. They drank another beer as they got ready, ensuring they were well lubricated before heading out to tonight’s gay bar. 

If getting a girl’s phone number last night hadn’t lifted Patrick’s self-esteem then surely tonight would. Since they’d entered Smith’s, the gay club closest to Patrick’s house, there had been eyes following them everywhere. A much larger percentage of those eyes focusing on Patrick’s broad shoulders and tightly packed jeans than Tom’s slender physique. 

“This place is packed!” Tom had to shout to Patrick in order to be heard over the noise of the music and the crowd. 

“I think there must be space out the back,” Patrick suggested. “I’ve seen quite a few guys wander that way.”

The guys wandered past the bar and the dance floor and found a bench seat against the wall. They sat down and surveyed the new surroundings of the rear section of the venue. 

“It’s heaps darker back here isn’t it?” Patrick asked. 

“Sure is. Where do you think that door leads?” Tom added as his eyes wandered along the back wall. 

“No idea.”

The door to which Tom was referring was black with no signage on it. It was tucked away in the corner of the back wall. It wasn’t labelled as the bathrooms and, judging by the patrons heading in and out wasn’t a staff-only area of the club. 

The guys finished their drinks and sat in silence for a while. Conversing over this level of noise was too difficult. Patrick knew that Tom’s eyes were wandering, assessing the guys coming in and out of that mystery door.

“Hey boys. How are you doing tonight?” 

A tall well-dressed guy, probably in his mid-20s sat down next to Tom, close enough to make it clear he had some interest in the pair. 

“Good thanks,” Tom responded. 

Patrick just smiled in response, knowing he’d have to yell in order for the stranger to hear him past his friend. 

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Patrick said to Tom. As he moved to stand up from the bench he nudged Tom closer to the new man knowing that this new acquaintance was just his mate’s type. 

“I’m Nick.”


“I haven’t seen you here before.”

Patrick walked away from his mate towards the bathroom, avoiding eye contact with a couple of dodgy looking older guys. Tom had passed on stories of what he had heard about these gay club toilets and, as accepting as he was of his mate’s sexuality, he wasn’t keen to give anyone any hints that he wanted to be followed. 

Patrick walked into the bathroom and up to the trough. He tried to find a spot where he wasn’t standing next to anyone but that proved difficult. He stood next to a tall, dark-haired bloke and pulled his cock out. 

“Nice,” the voice to Patrick’s right was low and gruff. 

Patrick flinched for a second, knowing full well that his neighbour had spied the cock in his hand and was offering his appraisal. 

“Uh, thanks,” Patrick quickly finished and zipped up, unsure of how to deal with the unexpected and unwanted advance. He wasn’t offended but didn’t want to give this dude any false hope. As he thought about it he was actually kind of flattered. He’d heard from Tom that he had a decent sized dick but it kind of felt good to have that confirmed by someone who wasn’t just a mate trying to lift his spirits. 

As he left the bathroom he saw that Tom was following his new acquaintance, Nick, towards the mystery black door. He caught Tom’s eye and Tom paused. Patrick waved him away, winking and pointing towards the door. He gave Tom a thumbs up and mouthed words of encouragement to him across the crowded area. Tom smiled back and followed Nick through the door. Patrick altered his course towards the bar to buy himself another drink and enjoy the shamelessly cheesy pop music the DJ was playing. 

Patrick drank two more beers and was hit on by at least six random guys by the time he started to think about how long his mate had been behind the mystery door. He was pretty sure he knew what was going on back there but it had been a while. A bit longer than he thought he would have taken himself to get that particular activity completed. 

He wandered towards the back of the venue to check, in case Tom had come out and was looking for him. Patrick saw the door and watched as a couple of guys entered and a different guy or two wandered out. One of those leaving was zipping his fly as he exited, confirming the purpose of that enclosed space. 

Patrick checked his watch. It had been close to an hour that his mate had been back there. Should he check what was going on? He didn’t want to cock block Tom, but he also wanted to make sure that nothing was happening that his inexperienced counterpart was unable to extract himself from. 

The black door swung open and Patrick saw Nick come through the door. Patrick breathed a sigh of relief, expecting his mate to follow Nick from the darkness beyond. No one came behind and before Patrick could catch Nick’s attention he had turned and taken the nearest exit from the building. 

Shit. That was it. The guy Tom had entered with had left without him. Surely that wasn’t the way things were meant to work. Patrick took a deep breath, put his empty beer bottle on a nearby table and, summoning all of his courage, walked up to the door and pulled it open. 

The room on the other side of the door was pitch black and smelled vaguely like his bungalow did the week after his cousin had given him those hacked logins for the paid porn sites. A stale mixture of sweat and cum, covered with a hopeful spray of air freshener and surface cleaner. That confirmed to Patrick what this room was intended for, the moaning coming from the blackness helped confirm it as well.

Patrick ventured slowly into the space, allowing his eyes time to adjust. He needed to be able to see where he was going. He didn’t want to bump into some action he wasn’t keen on joining. He heard moans and as he turned a corner saw one of the dudes that had hit on him at the bar on his knees. The cock in his mouth belonged to the guy who’d stood next to him at the urinal. The guy getting his cock sucked beckoned him over but Patrick quickly turned and decided on another dark passageway to wander down. 

As Patrick turned another corner what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. His best friend and closest mate was bent over, sucking a dick that looked like it was big enough to feature in a porn scene. The thick cock was pumping into Tom’s open mouth, tom eagerly moaning with each entry.

Patrick was unable to move. He knew he shouldn’t watch but he was frozen, his eyes fixated on his mate’s stretched jaw.

He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t interrupt and it would be painfully awkward if Tom saw him watching. Patrick started to turn away prepared to head back to the bar for another drink. The new angle of his body brought the rest of Tom’s body into focus and Patrick quickly realised the reason Tom was bent at the waist and not on his knees like the guy he’d seen earlier.

Tom was getting fucked from behind by a huge muscular guy, the type of guy you’d see posing in the mirrors at the gym. Patrick’s jaw dropped as he realised that his best friend wasn’t just sucking dick he was also being fucked by his first dick. But maybe this was his second. It had been an hour and Patrick didn’t know what Nick had done back here. 

Patrick was fixated on the sight before him. He’d always known Tom was a horny guy. He’d heard him jerking off at enough sleepovers to know that. But he never imagined him in such a sexual way as the scene in front of him was presenting. 

Tom was bent at the waist, his body shaking with each thrust from the stud ramming his ass. He had his hands on the hips of the other guy, holding himself up so that he could suck the big cock presented to him. Fuck, Patrick thought, all that porn Tom had watched had paid off. It really looked like he knew what he was doing. 

The guy getting sucked suddenly pulled out of Tom’s mouth and Tom quickly lifted his face. The guy stroked his cock hard and, grunting deep and low, fired a huge load into Tom’s face. Tom moaned and quickly licked his lips. 

That must’ve set the muscle stud off because the pace on Tom’s ass increased. Tom grunted as his ass was pounded by the big guy behind him. His arms now free from the hips of his oral partner Patrick watched as Tom reached down to stroke his own cock. 

If Patrick wasn’t already in shock this last detail was the final straw. Patrick noticed for the first time that Tom was hung! What was now in Tom’s hand had to be at least 9 inches of thick, cut cock. Not fair!

Tom moaned and grunted as the top behind him slammed his full length into him, burying his cock and, Patrick assumed, shooting his load of cum inside his previously virginal friend. Tom jerked himself hard and sprayed his own load over the floor beneath him. 

Patrick was still unable to tear his eyes away from what he was seeing in front of him. His best mate, a kid he’d grown up with, had had his virginity pounded away and his face covered in cum, right in front of his eyes. 

Patrick watched as the top pulled his cock from Tom’s ass and they both straightened up. Tom picked up his clothes and Patrick realised he needed to move before Tom spotted him. He turned but his path was blocked by another threesome taking place. He decided to just back into the wall and hope Tom would pass him without noticing. 

“Mate. You’re blocking the shower door.” 

Patrick whipped his head round to see Tom standing right in front of him, cum dripping from his face and the widest grin he’d ever seen plastered on his face.

“Fuck. Sorry mate.” Patrick stepped aside, unable to stop himself from glancing down at what was still a considerably swollen cock between his best friend’s legs.

“Don’t apologise,” Tom opened the door. 

“I uh, kinda hoped you wouldn’t know I was here,” Patrick stammered.

“Mate, if I cared about who saw me I wouldn’t be getting spit-roasted at a nightclub.”

Tom walked past Patrick into the cubicle. 

“See you at the bar?” Tom asked.

“Sure. I’ll get you a beer.”

Patrick squeezed past the threesome blocking the hallway and managed to find his way back out into the main part of the nightclub. 

He released the breath he realised he had been holding, slowed his heart rate and walked to the bar. 

Before long Tom appeared next to him. 

“Enjoy the show?” he asked. 

“Fuck mate. What a way to get your first time.”

“Yeah. I think I’ll be back here.”

“You won’t need me next time though.” Patrick laughed.

The boys sat and drank their beers, knowing that their already close friendship had taken another step.

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