Review – Cole Got Cucked Hard by Jack Hornwood – Cuckold Erotica

jack hornwood

I’ve never really been into the cuck kink or cuckold erotica. I’m not sure why. The power division never really sat well with me. But in reading Jack Hornwood’s first novella Cole Got Cucked Hard, I definitely gained a better understanding of what goes on in the cuck world. 

Kenneth is an insatiable slut bottom, Cole is a lovely caring top. They’re in a relationship but Cole doesn’t know the true nature of Kenneth’s activities. There’s a lot of action for Kenneth behind Cole’s back and that secrecy is definitely something I enjoyed experiencing vicariously through the power bottom. But once Cole makes the discovery of Kenneth’s extra-curricular activities is when the situation gets even hotter.

Hornwood writes each chapter from a different perspective, alternating between Kenneth and Cole. This means we get to know both characters and Hornwood does well to set up and portray two very different men. He changes voices well, it was always clear whose chapter I was reading and how each character was feeling at the time. I felt for Cole as his mind processed the actions of his previously committed boyfriend. But when Cole is on all fours getting rammed by a muscle stud I was right there with him. There were a few moments where I was torn between seeing Kenneth as a nasty boyfriend for his treatment of Cole, but through the development of their relationship, I quickly realised the inner workings of what was developing for them.

There’s plenty of action in the book, Kenneth is unstoppable. The action is well described and although it isn’t always highly detailed it’s really the situation that you’re getting off on. It’s a hot situation too. Although I’m not that kinky when it comes to my jerk off material it’s a pretty good indication of the power of erotic fiction that it took me a few sessions to finish a novella that isn’t that long. I mean, why start Part Five when you just blew a load at the end of Part Four?

Hornwood’s language is simple throughout, not just in the sex scenes, and that makes it an easy read which makes for a quick page-turner. If you’re after an action-packed short read then you won’t be disappointed. The characters are believable without being ordinary. The sex is hot without being extreme. The situation is what you’re reading it for and it’s set up excellently. You’ll feel some things about Cole, and about Kenneth, but if you’re anything like me the main thing you’ll be feeling is your hard cock in your hand. It was a great introduction to cuckold erotica for me and I’ll definitely be heading back to read more of Hornwood’s work.

Jack Hornwood’s first novella Cole Got Cucked Hard is available from Amazon